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If you’ve come to see who we have available for adoption hang out real quick and we’ll be right back ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages Welcome back to another edition of adoptable pets weekly video We’re getting close to Christmas So I just wanted to remind everyone that We still have a little bit of money in the pay it forward program. So I’m not gonna say 100% of all the Cather sponsored Because we don’t have enough money in there however currently we still have about the 1st or the next 5 Cats that are chose will be sponsored Somewhere from the cat crib they’re specifically marked as sponsored and a couple or just first-come first-serve so this is a good time to remind you of our pay it forward program that if you’re wanting to Donate towards the adoption fees. You can come down here and specifically tell us that you want your money to go towards the adoption fees which help get these guys and girls out of here and into loving caring homes So there’s only one place that you can get all these guys and girls that slot in animal welfare 2104 Southwest 6th Street We’ll see you down here So if transition Into a dog adoption role this is called a row Which is our main adoption row and today you’re going to be lucky because We have B row open as well, which is our usually pre surgery And that is full of adoptable x’ as well, so I’m going to show you all So I’m doing this video a little bit and I know And They’ve already ate we’re already been open And use our like begin at just before we open It seems like I’m being pulled in several different directions all This one’s like no fall, let us be quiet so I can fly Hi hi woody doing Silly You’re such a good girl someone’s gonna come fall in love with ya somebody’s gonna fall in love with you, huh And if you remember the other video this was the one that was lying on its back legs straight up We have such great dogs such great cows right now you force gonna have to come take a look So right in the middle put small dogs right now we have this one Is why we’re still trying to put some weight on so If you take this one He’s a pretty cool little dog though So now we’re on B row You Tear up your toy their toy Stuffing my dogs do that And I always someone was asked about if we get Heinz in well Okay, and then this is actually surgery row which is filled with adoptable x’ as well, yeah You don’t like my phone Come on let him see you don’t see you And of course everyone’s asking And we have tons of puppies right now so if you’re looking at puppies grab this one this group and we have the group up out of a room and All you have to do is come down here and take a look Remember areas only one place that you can find them all and that’s what animal welfare 21:04 South Wessex. We will see you down here If you’ve come to watch see who we have up available for adoption We’ll see you down it’s gonna do a test test One two test test one two test test one to test three to four three two one

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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