Kronos Culture of Inspiration and Caring for our Customers

Kronos Culture of Inspiration and Caring for our Customers

If we can recruit great people and we
can retain great people we’re going to produce better products
and deliver better services which is going to have a direct impact on our
customers. The old software days of buying a piece of software and install it on your
computer and maintaining it yourself. Those days are gone.
Now the solution is in the cloud. It’s not just “Here is the software and
go off with it”. We deliver our software and we deliver the service with it. They’re with us basically forever. If we’re going to enter into long-term relationship like that you need to make sure that not only the products are
great but the people are great too. It’s not just buying the product. You’re
buying the services and that us. They are buying 4,000 employees that we have
behind them. It’s all about the relationship. Who you want to work with and why do you
want to work with them. Are they hiring the right people? Are they doing the
right things in the community? Are their employees happy? You want those people to
be competent, knowledgeable and dedicated to the customers. I really, really enjoy
working with my customers. I’m there to help them make their lives easier. We talk to you. We teach you. We give
you that confidence. We encourage you. We end up becoming friends with
customers as well so we want to support them as best as we can. It’s a partnership that’s not quite a
family bond. I don’t want to get too cheesy but it’s close. When Kronos hires, they think about the
people they’re putting in place and how we’ll work as a team. We all share very
similar characteristics. People that are happy to be here. Positivity breeds positivity. It’s so
comfortable and it’s easy to get along with friendly people who want to work. The people here, they’re not just coworkers. I truly care about the people that I
work with. We have like this little family ambiance that I really enjoy. We’re friends. We hang out in work, outside of work. The friendships I’ve made at Kronos make it so special. We get to learn so much. We get to
interact with so many people who are really skilled. We really look for the best. Across-the-board they’re they’re very bright individuals. People with a bit of
imagination. We’re part of something bigger than just what we do. It makes me feel excited to work on things that are new in my field. So thankfully that you want to
actually do something that’s gonna have an impact. It comes back to that passion thing. That the product itself is a really good product. It’s amazing when you see how many
people actually use Kronos. It’s impacting quite about 40 million users. We cannot deliver great service without having great people. So we’re a better partner to our
customers because we have great people here. I originally picked Kronos because of
the reviews that they had on Glassdoor. The feedback that Kronos is getting is
fantastic. I feel valued as an employee. If you have great work the company’s a success. We don’t care just about your work life, we care about the whole person. And managers know
that if they don’t take care of their employees, they’re gonna have to answer
to a CEO who does. I’m actually one of those boomerang employees. I came back to Kronos. When you’ve seen other companies
you really see the difference. People just love being here. I just feel really happy and really fulfilled. When a company treats your employees well, it
will attract a better quality of person. People that will go the extra mile. Really good people have choices where they can work. We work hard to have them
feel like this is the place they want to be part of. As a customer you want to
interact with somebody who’s going to listen to you. Who’s smart? Who’s going to find solutions for you,
right? By getting the best on it. That’s what we’re providing. When you call
Kronos, you’re going to meet with people that are invested in your success. I’m going to stay as long as I need to ensure that I get it done. You’re not going to get left hanging. Not on my watch. It makes you proud to see the amount
of effort that we put just to make sure that we get something of a
higher-quality. It’s one of the best decisions to take this role that I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to see what more Kronos has to offer me. I have added to Kronos but Kronos has added a lot to me. So I I see myself like a better person that I work at a company like this.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

23 thoughts on “Kronos Culture of Inspiration and Caring for our Customers

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  7. I would love to be a part of Kronos. Glad to see that this company not only values the customers but the employees as well. I hope I hear from you soon!

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