Jonathan Pie’s Rant On Cultural Appropriation

Jonathan Pie’s Rant On Cultural Appropriation

Ah, fuck me, OK. Cultural appropriation. Another example of utter lefty
fuckin’ lunacy, OK? Cultural appropriation
is this idea that, if you are inspired by or
borrow from another’s culture, that is, in effect,
an act of stealing and is therefore an offensive act.
It’s a difficult one to get your head around
cos it’s so fucking demented. So I’ll give you a few examples. I’ll give you a couple
of examples, all right? Students Union of East Anglia
recently went around confiscating sombrero hats
that had been given out at a fresher’s fair
by a local Mexican restaurant and they confiscated the hats
because they said the hats represented discriminatory
and stereotypical imagery. HE EXHALES SHARPLY It’s…it’s a promotion for tacos,
you daft *****. Grow up! Fucking grow up. A recent art exhibition in Canada
was cancelled because the artist, who was white, had been highly
influenced by indigenous paintings. OK, the whole thing was cancelled
and one art critic said that the paintings were
an act of cultural genocide. Cultural genocide! I’m sorry, if you don’t know
the difference between the act of painting a picture and the act
of systematically murdering millions you have no right to be
discussing either subject. You need to go home,
lock the fucking door read a fucking book! Starting with 1984. But I guess this is the most
sort of pertinent example, for me, of the horror that
is cultural appropriation. Again on university campuses,
this time mainly in America but there are quite a few
examples of this. White students who have dreadlocks have been targeted
for “racist behaviour”. OK, now, if you think
I’m talking bullshit here, go home tonight
and Google Little Mix. For most of you, it’ll be the first
time you’ve ever fucking done it. But a week ago a member of
Little Mix was forced to apologise because she was wearing dreadlocks
and she was forced to apologise cos apparently her
wearing dreadlocks was offensive to black people. Here’s my question –
which black people? Trevor McDonald, Idris Elba,
the black one out of S Club? You don’t get to decide what
black people are offended by! How fucking patronising is that? “Oh, it’s cultural appropriation. “Oh, it’s stealing
from other cultures.” So is eating sushi. So is dancing the Macarena. So is shopping at Ikea. So is putting your back out
attempting the Kama Sutra. It’s all fucking
cultural appropriation. We all steal the best bits
from other cultures, and the Macarena. You know, surely… Surely life is about
opening yourself up to the world, not shutting it out. Take this to its natural conclusion,
it’s the end of art. The end of fiction. No writer will
ever be able to write about anything but their own personal experiences. Every book’ll have to be
a fucking autobiography. We know how tedious they are. Segregated restaurants –
Italian for Italians, Mexican for Mexicans. What are we left with,
fucking Greggs? “Cheese and onion pasty, please. “Cheese and onion pasty, please.
Chicken tikka slice, please.” Fuck off, you racist! Is it cultural appropriation
if I listen to Donna Summer? Should I be discouraged
from listening to UB40? The answer to that is obviously yes,
but for a host of different reasons. Segregated concerts – Lionel Richie
and Jay Z for the blacks, fuckin…Adele and fucking
Coldplay for the whites. Although Adele will no longer be
able to perform because she’s too highly influenced by MOBO, which of
course makes her a fucking racist. That sound you can hear is the sound
of Martin Luther King spinning in his grave as his dream
of a white and black kids playing together, being judged by
the content of their character, not the colour of their skin, is being pissed on by well-meaning
liberals. Fucking grow up! CHEERING Next up… Fuck that! Fuck that! APPLAUSE I barely got out alive with
mansplaining. Fuck that! No fucking way! Look, erm… I don’t mean to
offend anyone, by the way, erm…

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie’s Rant On Cultural Appropriation

  1. Every free nation must be culturally appropriating Greece by having democracy
    And Britain for having a Magnum Carter no one above the law policy and USA for separation of faith and state and Australia and New Zealand for having Referendums to give the people power over governments – not to mention giving women the right to vote and not to mention white westerners for trying to stop and ban slavery world wide

  2. I've always taken assimilation of other cultures like dreadlocks on white people for instance as admiration.

  3. Girl in my school was suspended because she's white and she (As a joke) said she was gonna dress up as Moana for Halloween.

  4. Radio, antibiotics , electricity , the motor car ,the internal combustion engine, the spinning Jenny, , telephones, ……if you are non European please do not use any of these devices as they are invented by Europeans and therefore not available to be used by non Europeans. Let’s see how they deal with that

  5. Well , not only Britain, but the entire West appropriated China's and India's knowledge, inventions as their own.
    Wealth and resources too. Or the West to this day would not be rich to afford toilet paper.

  6. Okay then, let's not allow Blacks, Asians, Mexicans to do/wear/ or appropriate European cultural things. How dumb is that? Good Lord

  7. As a black person I find the concept of 'cultural appropriation' itself infuriatingly insulting.

    Who the F*CK decided to make themselves the arbiter of what I am and am not offended by?!!

    You're welcome to every part of my culture. It's cool as f and that's not me being biased because I'm a snobby North London vegan cyclist who studies Theravada Buddhism and who uses Received Pronunciation … But Jamaican food is the best tasting food on the planet and proper Reggae music amazing.

    I loved 'Informer' by Snow, Vanilla Ice was actually a decent rapper, I knew Eminem would be a game-changer and I wasn't at all bothered when I found out Rick Astley was white. Plus, half the classic Jungle tunes were made by white people as anyone who went raving in the early 90's knows.

    As far as looks, in this day and age, it's pure aesthetics. Black people want to be lighter, white people want to be darker … Crack on, I say.

  8. if by well meaning liberals you mean people trying to destroy the careers and lives of others in order to make a power play for themselves, well ok

  9. depends on what you mean by cultural appropriation. it is true that there is nothing wrong with a white artist being inspired by, say, native american paintings. a white supremacist might actually argue that the problem is the "dilution" of a "superior white culture" (or some such bollocks). but belittling sacred elements of a culture by selling replicas of war bonnets en masse can be incredibly offensive (I'm looking at you, exeter chiefs). i think the latter should be frowned upon. once again, it is the intention that matters

  10. When it comes to banning hats, obviously that's offensive, infuriating and ridiculous but at least it's laughable. When it comes to censorship of art, that's when it ventures into realms of the profane and the obscene.

  11. YouTube algorithm sucks videos I search for don't pop up any more and all the new suggestions are swk bullshit

  12. 'Cultural Appropriation' is about shoving neo-Marxist oppression narrative down white people's throats until they feel guilty enough to redistribute all their shit to groups A, B and C.

    You're welcome.

  13. It's my experience that if you dress in another people's traditional clothing, the near universal reaction is flattery. I'm Scottish and if I saw foreigners dressed in a kilt, I'd want to shake their hands buy them a drink!

  14. White people just need your own culture I mean if you had a culture and a picture of cheese for example was something from that culture and people racist to white people had cheese pictures on there shirts then white people would be pissed that hes taking from your culture but still disrespecting thats the simplest way I could try with you white people but you see no wrong in your actions and everything you do is acceptable

  15. "Well meaning liberals"
    As much as this may surprise you the only well meaning liberals that I met (I met lots of liberals) are severely stupid
    The other 99% are not well meaning, they're that to serve themselves and to do whatever they please, or yo feel better about themselves
    The closest they got to well meaning was when the bullshit is so embraced and ingrained in their head they're basically in a state of severe denial

    Which kinda brings us back to the severely stupid category

  16. i think cultural appropriation isn't completely invalid, for example wearing Native American head dresses as a costume, but when it comes to not being able to wear hoop earrings that's when I start to question what is going on

  17. i"Borrowing or being inspired by other cultures", it's the key to ending racism and ethno superiority by understanding each other, the world can unite as one. Personally I'd go one step further and actively encourage to mix up other cultures to your heart's content.

  18. When Japanese business men wear a suit and tie – when an African drives a car – when a South American plays football – are they committing the heinous crime of cultural appropriation ?

  19. Dreadlocks came from the Minoan civilization. They were the precursors to the Ancient Greeks, so European white. Anyone not Minoan has "culturally appropriated" them.

  20. Now here’s a white guy , a beneficiary of a century of imperialist theft rape and pillage to tell us his very objective very non biased perspective on cultural appropriation —

  21. The people who are part of the sjw/woke culture need to be chased back into the dark places in which they crawled out of

  22. I better not catch anyone not white wearing a suit, that's our clothing! Even if Idris Elba looks so dashing in one! (Yes I see the irony of saying that while my picuture and name are ripped from DBZ)

  23. As with racial hatred, "cultural appropriation" only exists when it's nasty white man doing it. All the other races have a free pass.

  24. Our Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was accused of that, when he went in India, because him and his family were wearing the traditional clothing of that country by solidarity… even though most Indian people don’t wear it anymore! But worse he was accused of racism when they found some very old pictures of him disguised with a brown or black face for different costume events… (there were 3 different events) he even had to excuse himself for doing so, (remember that it was way back in time), because it’s viewed as racism… But can you please find me one example of racists people or even white supremest… that ever coloured/painted their faces in black? No, because there are racists, they would never do that! So can someone tell me where’s the racism in that exemple? If you wear other countries traditional clothing it’s because you like the traditions of that country, if you paint your face in black, it’s because you don’t mind what others will think, because you’re not racist… why do they turn everything around like that? LMFAO as if racist people would paint their faces black or brown! Hahahahha

  25. It’s a victim mentality and an extreme case of grown men and women going “MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE! YOU CANNOT HAVE THIS!”

  26. My 2 best friends are different races and it’s never mattered until now. My buddy Tariq is Arabian and my Friend Daniel is white and I’m Native American.

    The diversity of my friends never mattered until now for some reason. Back in like 2005 it felt like racism was gone but now for some reason the spit light is on it again

  27. Funny how these people go on about integration one minute and then want to divide us all into distinct tribes again. Totally contradictory – humans have always learned from one another.
    So, given that the internet was developed in the USA and the World Wide Web is a British invention, anyone watching this who is not American or a Brit please log off now and go back to your abacus.

  28. I like drawing Samurais from time to time cause I think they look cool but I'm not Japanese. Am I evil or something now?


  30. I just want to know why it gets him so mad. I mean it’s all true and dare I say amusing but not necessary. To be honest though any political conversation gets heated.

  31. Well meaning Liberals? where?, At least where I am at in the USA, they've caused more damage in the last almost 12 years than the current seated US Political nightmare, we know what the far right will do, but the far left (liberals) have jumped on and off of everything that they and they alone think offensive, that other democrats have walked away from their own party, good people are turning their backs instead of fighting as they/we/I are afraid to even burp for fear of offending someone with what has been called breath rape….

  32. Every culture takes inspiration from others and there really is no "original" culture. Hence you cannot really culturally appropriate

  33. Sometimes his scripts feel a little like they're trying to be balanced, like he has to have a go at something liberal or left wing because he's had a go so much at other conservative or right wing beliefs.

  34. Dreads are one of the oldest hair styles in the world, you put some kind of dirt and paste in your hair so that it stays concealed some you don’t have to clean it as often.

  35. "You don't get to decide what black people are offended by!"
    FUCKIN THANK YOU!!! Can't stand that shit because it's so patronizing! I'm not a goddamn child incapable of emoting.

  36. What Jonathan Pie doesn't understand is the difference between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation. Europeans using Arabic numbering system? Exchange. Europeans murdering Aboriginal people in Australia and then replicating and selling their art in fancy galleries? Appropriation. Eating a taco? Fine. Inventing a Nation so that white people can get a spot on an Indigenous writing programme? Appropriation. Perhaps Jonathan Pie should stop stoking the right with his straw man arguments. And notice the way he talks about "us" – "What are we left with? Greggs?" – he's talking to white people only here. I think that speaks volumes.

  37. I guess the liberals would think North Korea is perfect as there is no such thing as cultural appropriation. They take that very seriously if someone displays a liking to anything else outside North Korea. I’d like the glib liberals or giberals to there for a few months to visit and live with the locals

  38. The sad thing is that JP is actually taking the piss out of audience and those who rally against cultural appropriation ( which is a genuine phenomenom).
    they are
    applauding him because they feel genuinely feel victimised and think that ‘Jonathan’ is on their side. They are too stupid to understand the underlying message. Lol

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