Japanese Culture Festival | Vlog | Ep#3 | NUML University Islamabad | 2019!!!

Japanese Culture Festival | Vlog | Ep#3 | NUML University Islamabad | 2019!!!

Yo what’s up Youtube, welcome back to my channel. & today is the Matters/situation is like of Japanese. Because there is an event going on in my university. &…… You may have seen some cinematic in the start & will watch next. & Enjoy the vlog, until next time, Peace!!! Yo what’s up guys! Matters/Situation is like Japanese. & Today an event was going on in university. It is not ended yet, will start again after the break of half an hour or hour. We have a Japanese boy with us He was lost in Japan, now founded in “Rawalpindi” (City of Pakistan) Bro ” ching pong, ching pong ,ching pong” Bro there is something else other then ching pong salaam ( سلام‎) to the people who are watching the vlog. assalamu alaikum.( ‏ السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم) You have learned this from Japan? We are Muslim Japanese. tablighi jamaat (تبلیغی جماعت) came in Japan, to me. here come the ghori… We are staying/protesting in Japan as well, against government. Saluteeeeeeeeeee!!!! Why don’t you bring force from Japan? Absolutely, we have said our youth to join us in our protest Tell the youth to wear these kind of clothes in their stay/protest. So that their stay/protest become successful It is an easy dress… Tell us more about it & its specialty Easy to get in, easy to get out…. Can we judge the flow of air in these clothes? How will you stop the cold in these clothes?? To stop the cold, we’ll have to hug & sleep with someone… Tell us more specialty of it…. no, what are you doing?? Tell us more about it… You know, in our Pakistan, either you wear shalwar kameez or you do some western dressing What are you hiding there?? show us So guys, you may have enjoyed Matters/situation & I am hopeful that in next vlog, Matters/ Situation will be heavy Take care of yourself until next time Peace!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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