Jameela Jamil Presents Taylor Swift With Woman of the Decade Award | Women In Music

Jameela Jamil Presents Taylor Swift With Woman of the Decade Award | Women In Music

– Here to present that
award, is Jameela Jamil, a universally adored actress
and a committed activist who fights for acceptance and inclusivity. Her “I Weigh” movement is so inspiring. She encourages women to weigh themselves by who they are, what they do, rather than the number on the scale. So let’s give a very warm welcome to Jameela Jamil. (cheers and applause) – How are you? I’m a bit taller than
I was supposed to be. Okay, oh Jesus, okay. So, 10 years ago, tonight’s honoree released “Speak Now” which was
hailed right from its release as a defining album of the new decade. She had already released two other albums and was already a superstar. In fact, for “Fearless,”
Taylor Swift had become the youngest solo artist to win Album of the
Year in Grammy history. But this third release
established the authority and grace that we know and
love in Taylor Swift today. Taylor wrote all of the
songs in “Speak Now” herself, a reaction to criticism
that she hadn’t written some of her previous hits, I mean, she was like, 12. With that album, she
proved, without a doubt, her ability as a songwriter
and her refusal to be silenced. Now, here we are, a decade later. Taylor Swift has won more
American Music Awards than any other artist, ever. She’s won 10 Country
Music Awards, 10 Grammys. Her Grammy for “1989”
made her the first woman to win Album of the Year
twice, for her own albums. She’s– (cheers and applause) Yeah, it’s not bad. (applause) She’s revolutionized
how we, artists, actors, and public figures of any kind,
use social media to interact with fans and as of this fall, all of her albums have gone platinum. It’s good. (cheers and applause) And while she moved
effortlessly between genres, she’s still kept a foothold
in country air waves at a time when women are
grossly underrepresented in country radio. She’s taken on powerful men, and quietly, steadily, held her own. Sometimes, not that quietly. She fights for musician’s rights. She advocates for the LGBTQ community, vocally, and with
substantial philanthropy. She never, ever, misses an opportunity to call out horrendous gender
inequality in this industry. In short, Taylor Swift has become someone who looks the industry
and the world in the eye and demands that she, and
the rest of us artists, deserve the right to make
the art that we are making. (applause) So it’s been quite the decade. I’m exhausted just reading that out. It’s a lot.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

86 thoughts on “Jameela Jamil Presents Taylor Swift With Woman of the Decade Award | Women In Music

  1. Happy 30th Taylor. Your success, inspiration, and impact to we Seifties and everyone else is phenomenal. Keep on slaying & be the amazing Artist of the Decade that you are ❤️🎙️

  2. I haven't been this upset since my good friend Taylor was rudely upstaged by my good friend Kanye for defending my best friend Beyonce.

  3. So proud of her…her transformation as a teen to woman is just so inspirational. I love her so much. Proud to be swiftie. Love from Nepal🦄

  4. Taylor’s face was priceless after she mentioned that Taylor has more AMAs than any other artist ever! Makes me 🥺🥺

  5. Jameela, Microphones have amazing technology, you actually don't need to be anywhere near the top of the microphone for it to hear you, hahaha 😂😂

  6. 1:32 “Taylor Swift has won more American music awards than any other artist ever…she’s won ten country music awards, ten Grammys…”
    1:35 Taylor: 😐😐😐 (cause she knows it’s trueee)

  7. The Taylor Swift speech as she accepted Woman Of The Decade was just… I have no words. The woman artist of the decade introduced herself to the room honoring here & spilled ALL the tea. Such eloquence & humility. A powerhouse. Here’s to an even better decade.

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