Jake Foreman: Building better futures

Jake Foreman: Building better futures

(bright instrumental music) – Being a Native American
living in New Mexico has a lot of challenges, but
also a lot of opportunities. My name’s Jake. I’m a program manager at New
Mexico Community Capital. Because of the stereotypes,
growing up I felt ashamed of my Shawnee identity. So for me, I want to flip the
script for Native Americans. Are you ready to go to work with Daddy? The goal of New Mexico
Community Capital is to strengthen Native
American entrepreneurs. When we’re stronger as a
community, we all grow. So that’s why I created the financial and business basics course. When I was building the program, I knew I wanted to teach digital skills. When you learn digital skills, you could progress your career, you could expand your business,
you could change your life. Well, is that saved in your drive? Cool, good job. When I found the applied digital
skills program from Google, I was like, “This is exactly
what I was looking for.” It’s free, it’s easy to
use, and it’s something that you could do at your own pace. – It’s really simple. It’s very user-friendly. I like that it’s a one-stop shop. And so it makes it really accessible. – This is so exciting to
be a part of a program that really impacts real people. – Pottery is actually
a dying art nowadays, and we want to help revive it. Using the digital skills,
we created a catalog. It shows what we create
from start to finish. – With all the help that
we got from this class, we’re planning on
opening another location. It’s growing. (laughing) – Yes. – Digital literacy allows
us to decide for ourselves what our future can be. With activated, engaged learners, we’ll see these communities build and grow and thrive in the 21st century. And that makes me proud. (bright instrumental music)

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