100 thoughts on “Islamist Militants on Israel’s Doorstep: The War Next Door (Full Length)

  1. I dont belive this 💩 they maybe helped 2 or 3 fighters so that doesn't mean they are good Israel is shit country they should be bombed

  2. It seems that the Israeli doctors are the only ones in the Middle East that honor their Hippocrates oath…! That is the essence of an advanced and deep cultural heritage. it's called Judaism!

  3. great report, showed enough to expose the truth without upsetting his host, A real journalist, well done.

  4. I'm assuming the comments aren't anything like Syria's war, and that they are completely civil and people are not accusing each other of supporting extremists in any way.

  5. that's true journalism's unlike most one sided media propaganda who video only depicts Syrian army killing it's own people but turned a blind eye to wickedness of isis and other Islamist groups kidnapping murdering raping Christian's Muslims yazidi men women and children in Syria

  6. And that's why they invited the journalists to show the world how much they love Syrians. A fake and planted story.

  7. Terrorist will not dare to mess with Israel. Israel have the best anti terrorist units!

  8. Notice how vague he is that they're Syrian fighters as of they are government but Israel won't help Syrian army they only that the Al Qaeda

  9. Look at that man how the Israeli people treating people. If that was an Arab he would have chopped the Israeli head off. You see the difference between Arabs and the Israeli people. The Arabs needs to learn this kindness and spread it to the hate the others have. God Bless Israel

  10. And yet isis hasn't been responsible for ONE attack on Israel! Perhaps that is because Israel has been caught red handed funding them!

  11. What is WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE…!!! ARE THEY JUST WLL CRAZY…Killing kids and teachers at schools…!!! Why can't girls go to school??? That is about the dumbest thing I have EVER HEARD…!! Their covered from top to bottom WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT…??? I guess their BLOOD…!!! Do you know how STUPID it sounds that you guys are destroying schools..??? That's pretty dam low…ZNo God I know wiukd EVER S AS Y TO DO THIS…YOU GUYS ARE JUST MAKING ALL THIS S*** up…as you go along…!!! It dosen't say as anything about what your doin…no where…!!! So actually you are going AGAINST God's teachings…cuz no where is -HE saying killing kids and the innocent is ok and that's what He commands…what do you think we are STUPID…?? All of you need to be put in check by GOD…!!!

  12. Probably Mossad. Kind of funny how these 'jihadists' that have flooded into Syria have struck out at France and all the way around the planet in Indonesia, but have never touched Israel.

  13. I am not religious. I am socially liberal and economically conservative… I stand with Israel.
    They should protect themselves by any means necessary.

  14. The Syrians would have beheaded any captured Israeli soldier on the spot. Shows the difference between the Israelis and the Islamic lunatic nations that surround Israel.

  15. This guy's comments on how unpredictable middle East has become and changing. Israelis giving medical care had nothing to do with anything but humanitarian care and he didn't acknowledge that. What a asshole.

  16. Tje married lady says “ hel al el el ha Ela lel lelah !??these pppl have like 12 vowels and three consonants

  17. The Israelis helping Syrian terrorists?well of course…would they help Syrian government soldiers as well?i don’t think so…

  18. The syrian revolution was an Israeli backed terror plot and these rebels are American terrorists and Alqaaidah dogs all to make Islam look bad!!! Evil dirty kharijites

  19. What this proves is that Yeshua is the only God and allah is not. They are not one and the same. If in doubt look at the korans equivalent of revelations, you will see that we the Christians will meet the Muslims in the final battle of Armageddon so who do you think allah is ?
    It's certainly not Jesus Christ.
    Their religion teaches death of all who aren't Muslims. Our religion teaches CARE FOR ALL AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AND TURN THE OTHER CHEEK.

  20. The nation of Israel will be protected till the Lord returns GOD BLESS THE NATION OF ISRAEL AMERICA LOVES ISRAEL 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸

  21. Words to Any country in the world…I'm not a Jew,I'm a namesake Christian..we share the same God with Israel…They are God's chosen country,land and people,no wonder……It's in the Bible…read it…it's prophesied….Believe me,u might invade Israel or fool ISRAEL in one way or another to occupy them..when The true Messiah comes…it's over..They are God's people

  22. Israel has every right to retaliate because there surrounded by enemies who want to run them into the sea, but I admire Israel helping the rebels they do have the best hospitals in the world and let's hope Syria gets United and become allies with Israel

  23. Radical jushi terrorist organisation break UN regulations more than 50. Now this terrorist organisations start killing enosent Palestinian public again and again. So world leaders need to clean this terrorist organisations in the world. 👹🇮🇱👹🇮🇱👹👹🇮🇱👹👹🇮🇱👹👹🇮🇱🇮🇱👹🇮🇱🇮🇱👹👹👹🌍👀🌍👀🌍🌍👀👀👀🌍🌍👀🌍👀👀

  24. This zone of recklessness is manifesting from the outer asteroid belt, due to the fear of powerful Poseidon, aka Neptune.

    Bodies there in unstable orbits are in dangerous territory.

  25. Not true those wounded Syrians are from the Qaeda fighters who Israeli army are helping them against the real Syrian army south Syria, because the enemy of your enemy is your friend

  26. Israel are the ONLY civilised culture in the entire Middle East! Islam is a PESTILENCE!
    Muslims hate EACH OTHER even more than they hate non Muslims! The notion that Islam is a “religion of peace” is so ridiculous it’s beyond belief how anyone with more than two brain cells could claim it.

  27. Who are these evil bastards trying to fool, that terrorist who said nusra 'are not that bad' is a slimebag, Nusra are a terrorist organisation backed and supported by the west, the evil israel fixes these parasites up to encourage them to carry on their activities, israel wants Syria to fall, simple. This 'reporter' is a blinkered fool.

  28. This reporter is "ASTOUNDED" that Israelis would be giving medical aid to their enemy.
    Where has this idiot been for the last 50 years. Israelis have been the only decent humanitarian people in that region for ever.
    God bless the Israelis.

  29. 🇮🇱, help the rebels, start a pro rebel military intervention against Assad, such as airstrikes against the Syrian Army, ground troops in 🇸🇾, etc

  30. The Golan Heights that lawfully belong to Syria and were forcefully occupied, taken from Syria,. Just by coincidence the Golan Heights are full of Oil!

  31. Israël maakt Palestijnen niet eng voor God, niet jouw land Palestina voor de profeet Mozes is een klein land Israël

  32. Oh gee News Flash Israeli soldiers are human. Quietly received treatment "…. They rescued the white hats, Can you see Gazans treating them? Not without a lot of media and a bent that Israel had done it. Maybe if Gaza would stop lobbing missiles they would be prosperous.,

  33. Israelis helping Muslims?? They must only be doing this for the television. Right after the Vice crew left they hit the area with airstrikes.

  34. This one deed doesn’t just cancel out what they’re doing to women and children in Gaza and other places. They’ve occupied an entire region…can you blame Palestinians for fighting for their land that they’ve been forced out of? I have several Jewish friends and they’re all against the Israeli government and are passionately against these occupations and inhuman treatment of Palestinians.

  35. "This is the fallout from the most violent war in the world today."
    Two guys in an ambulance? Things could be worse.

  36. One may wonder, since ISIS is right on the border, they’ve not attacked Israel. Not even once. Or is it because ISIS is set up Israel itself? To creat chaos in Arab lands. I would not be surprised.

  37. @3:36 fought a war with Syria for control of this area… wow that’s a revision of history if I’ve ever seen one

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