ISIS Leaves Behind Children No One Wants (HBO)

ISIS Leaves Behind Children No One Wants (HBO)

Eight months into the campaign to retake Mosul, Iraqi forces now have ISIS surrounded in the Old City. But the battle’s hardly over: the fighters still have women and children— and the United Nations says
they’re using them as human shields. But in the Libyan port city of Sirte— which was the Islamic State’s main
stronghold outside of Iraq and Syria— a generation of widows and orphans
speak to the brutality to come. Seb Walker reports. — These women are among dozens
of so-called “ISIS brides,” held captive by the terror group
during their final days inside Sirte. — They’re under investigation by Libyan authorities, and are being held inside an air force base
on the outskirts of Misrata. — They all hail from different countries, and tell different stories about how they ended up there. Some of the women claim they simply
followed their husbands to Libya, with no knowledge they would end up joining ISIS. — But others, like 18-year-old Ala’a um Omair, appear to have more deliberate ties to ISIS. — Ala’a left Egypt to live under a stricter
form of Islam with her aunt in Sirte, and there she was married to an ISIS fighter. She says she tried to leave, but ISIS shot at her. — Whatever their reasons for being in Sirte, these women that when ISIS
started to lose its grip on the city, they were used as collateral
to slow down Libyan forces. — I mean, what do you tell your children
about their fathers? — Nuseiba um Yaqeen’s children
now live with her in-laws in Tripoli. But some women’s children live in the prison with them. Across town, there’s a group of children
with no parents at all— all of them fathered by ISIS fighters,
some as young as 6-months-old. — Hello, Mariam! — Libya’s Red Crescent wasn’t set up
to take charge of these children, but they converted their headquarters
into a makeshift orphanage after these girls and boys were rescued from Sirte. — What happened to her foot? — Is it painful for you? — Medical staff her say when these 32 children arrived, many of them suffered from disease
or dehydration, broken bones or burns. But it’s their mental health that’s the biggest concern. — Abdessalam? And your brother? — Bilal. Can you remember what happened? — How long have you been in this place? — Abdessalam and Bilal were rescued
from the collapsed house during the operation to retake Sirte, along with 5-year-old Mohammed, who lost his arm after it was crushed in the collapse. When Mohammed arrived, he needed 24-hour care and psychological treatment. He wouldn’t speak for weeks,
and still barely utters a word. But his bond with Abdessalam is clear. The boys take care of each other— a new family to replace the ones they lost. — Do you remember your father? Do you miss him? — When is the last time that you saw your parents? How do people here feel about them? I mean, are these children stigmatized
because they are children of ISIS? — What does the future hold for them? — These children have no
documents or identification— a stateless generation founded under the caliphate. Now, with nowhere to go.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  2. its a lie isis used muslims as human shield rather its the shias militias and US their allies who took sunni womens and childern as human shields and raped sunni women by shias and nato army guarding them

  3. This babiies are so beautiful, these ideal refugees to me, i would take my home and love them and teach them Gods love thru Christ, God bless.these.babies

  4. Rehabilitation is need for this children and women.I feel sad for them.these children need proper caring rather these children will be a threat after 15 years


  6. hell seen videos of kids this age shooting prisoners so why not put them in a grave? same thing you would do with a rabid animal

  7. It’s very sad because their parents did some horrible stuff I won’t be surprised if their parents did a lot of beheading people torturing raping women everything and it was just an assent half of them probably weren’t even born yet and now they got to suffer because of the parents and now there’s no one to love them all the trauma and add innocent age😢😢😢😢

  8. Wow. What an awful thing to hear… to realize… to cope with… "I don't think they will have a bright future". God bless this man putting his life on the line to give these children the love and lives they deserve EVEN knowing this bitter future ahead of them.

  9. At one point in these countries there was peace, does anyone realise how easy it is for this to become your situation…… ?
    Despite religion
    Despite nationality
    These are people
    I'm appalled by some of the comments here
    I sincerely wish for those kids to find some happiness eventually

  10. women and children being used as shield, ISIS you guys are just pure evil i think the islam you guys have are for the devils itself you bastards. i feel sorry for the women and children.

  11. People hate isis (i do too). but alot of people dont realize that this chaos is because the US fucked around in the middle east. They armed terror groups until 911 when they switched sides. But they had already armed enough too let terror groups like Al Quaida and ISIS to take control. If NATO and usa stopped them in the beginning, this would have never happened

  12. Are there no morals in journalism? The kids are broken yet you push and pester! Leave them be; they've clearly been through enough!!!

  13. Bless those children! They are the only GOOD that isis left behind. Raise them up right, to love and care for others. Good will always triumph over evil!!

  14. Even terrorist were innocent children themselves once and these children will become terrorist again- cycle of Islam.

  15. I'm watching this documentary and I'm crying 🙁 I'm mother of three – they aslepp safe and sound in their rooms.They loved and protected,with right to education,health care,food and freedom.. every child deserve that
    Why is so unfair..they innocent little souls they should be now in safe homes with living families 🙁

  16. These people are Africans just like how they shit on Blacks in the U.S they shit on Africa spread fear in my people and corruption

  17. for the religious people who think god is great he know everything and if his willing is to give so bad life for this kid, then i can say this god is piece of shit

  18. Sad but they have to stop thinking and believeing and thinking that God is gonna do something he won't do shit he made people just to make them suffer like does children hope they have a great life in the future ohh yeah let me just make something called human make them suffer of a really cruel shit world and then kill them all one day like the dinosaurs like it's so bullshit am not saying there religious is bad it's actually great and it's about peace but I personally don't believe in God that's the problem

  19. My Heart goes out to These Little People .For they are only Very Young Children , They are the Innocent 1's All Children Belong to GOD

  20. How much nurture and love does a child need? What happens if these innocent children grow up abused, neglected and ostracized because of who they come from?

  21. I have an idea why not take care of these children and adopt them in western countries.
    Away from this insane religion!

  22. These children's innocent and cute Allah give these childrens better future. I hate isis they're not Muslims even they're not humans.
    From Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰

  23. Some of them are trained to kill..and those who miss their fathers' will seek reveng!! What a sad with world

  24. These kids are indeed heartbreaking. It really isn't their fault… but one worries when they are teenagers, they will feel angry..and then what…

  25. Give the job to Donald trump, he yesterdat said thar ge got rid of the caliphat by his own words let him solve that problem together with Benjamin Netanyahu

  26. What u Americans did with this beautiful country how can u do this , did you saw that houses front of sea in starting off this video , if there was no war imagine how that place will look alike the houses sea view childrens , women's ,, families peace etc etc etc
    You bloody carworld carworld coward you bloody Americans coward's , even you Americans fight cowardly.

  27. What stopid questions you bloody American asking these little boys these little childrens u bloody American one side ur bloody military hit them and make them homeless and on the other side u bastard come and act alike u feel sad for them for these children han yes , but I tell you something u all Americans are bastards , I feel sad for you people that what will happen with you in the End in this world and even on the judgment day . Get ready for it bastards sssss holes

  28. Live Al Assad! Greetings from Europe. Eliminate the extremist fundamentalist ideology CRIMINAL, Hang children and widows of ISIS

  29. Some children as young as 12 were very intimidating when used in ISIS propoganda videos, holding a rifle and with a hatred filled determined look, this wasn't acting as they told us they were coming for us. Poor children are probably mostly dead now, or reaching out for their daily food allowance in a Kurdish camp or an Iranian film. They'll have learned young not to underestimate even the most undesirable and despised opponent.

  30. It's uncanny listening to the woman moan about.the unpleasant sides of being defeated. Did they go there, marry ISIS fighters just because they thought it was going to be a cakewalk? . Your beat, accept it and smile for the camera, so in years to come any descendants can learn from your expression, the hopelessness of war.

  31. Surely Allah, or any god would say that as a father the most important thing you should do is love and protect your children. Or am i wrong and these so called gods believe it is better you fight these wars, so your innocent children suffer for the rest of there lives. Religion sucks!

  32. Isis fighters hiding behind their women and children? What cowards. As for the ordeal of these Isis brides I can only say they brought that on themselves. No sympathy needed here.

  33. You cant blame the children for what their fathers did, they are the only ones in this world that are innocent honestly that kid with the missing arm really got me his eyes have a sad hurt and scared look, a person should never loose his humanity even in war. women, the elderly and children should never be touched unless the women picked up a gun and fought then she looses that right and would become fertilizer just like ISIS but kids under no circumstances is it ok to mistreat or harm a child.

  34. This is just one of the very dark darksided ugly faces of religion. Shure, the non religious people of this planets are no saints either.. a pretty shitty sad planet to live on realy.. i'm going to watch some "faith in mankind restored" video's on youtube now 🙁

  35. If an Extra terrestrial met a Muslim and decided to blow up the earth before they had a chance to infect the universe, Could you really blame it?

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