100 thoughts on “Is There Mexican Culture in Canada? (Winnipeg, Canada Vlog)

  1. Hey amigos! If you haven't heard, I'm back in Canada for a short visit home. I'll be back in Mexico very soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this look at Winnipeg, my hometown. Want me to do more vlogs while I'm back in Canada? What would you like to see? Leave a comment 🙂

  2. Me gustaría ir á Winnipeg a poner la primera línea de peseros y vender toques eléctricos afuera de los bares. 😁

  3. Yes, I would definitely like to see another video about Winnipeg. When I visit different cities, I like to check out the library. That's just my two cents.

  4. Viva México! Viva Veracruz! You must to go 😀 again a great video. Enjoy your family and friends, we wait you 😋

  5. Aahhahhah you're back in winnipeg?!! I love you're videos and that you bring life to the dull city of winnipeg!

  6. I got a cavity just from watching you eat that cotton candy burrito! Lol… well you just got a small taste of Veracruz, maybe you should go visit soon! And yes, I would love to see more of Winnipeg, home of the Jets! (Go Ducks!)

  7. Dan maybe you don't know but mexico has a shoe company call Calsados Canada (Canada shoes). There all over mexico since the 60's till todays is the biggest shoe company since more than 50 years. Just some extra info.

  8. OMG!!! First time I comment in your channel, and it's because it almost made me cry… I'm a mexican and I lived in Winnipeg for a while. I used to live 2 squares away from the legislative building that you showed first… so nice, so many recalls, and it was a happy time. It's a shame it's not winter yet, you could've showed to people the iceskating red river trail, but instead you can show the regular walking trail, the forks, the trendy Osborne village, the indoor walkway circuit, a hot summer day at a Winnipeg Lake beach (to be honest I think they're better than a mexican beach: nice weather, no saltwater and nice sand)… and last but not least, the famous Winnipeg Mosquitoes…

  9. My brother actually used to live in Thompson, which is quite close to Winnipeg. He went there at least twice while he was an exchange student to two conferences/events.

  10. O been in Canada many times I love Canada it's so beautiful there is only one thing I don't like is too cold

  11. As I always tell you, Dan, you're a great "communicator", you always know how to communicate the escence or spirit of a place. Of course, show us how is Winnipeg… For sure, you´re not only show how is your hometown, you're going to make us vibrate with the charm of your city!

  12. It wouldn’t be Canada without a cup of Tim Hortons in your hand! Looking forward to watching the Winnipeg tour!

  13. I am from Veracruz. That music genre wich was performed is called "Son Jarocho", it is the regional music of the state. One of the things that i love about it is that the lyrics are full of references about history and typical myths. I don´t know why, but tourists seem to like this genre so much. In my city (Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz) you can see a lot of people from another countries inside the culture of Son Jarocho. I truly reccomend to investigate about some songs and its meanings.
    P.S. I love your work, bro. Keep doing this.

  14. Oh wow, I thought Winnipeg was a small town. I see the city has high rise buildings. Lots of love from Houston, Texas, USA

  15. So cool ! Must be nice to be home.. the tough part for me in NYC compared to Mexico is I can't find good Mexican food here.. i don't even try much anymore. Enjoy your time with your family

  16. Come to Vancouver for the el grito celebration and a Mexican pop up mercado on Sept. 15th. We went last year and it was a blast! Thanks to Trump, there are more Mexican students and young people here than ever.

  17. Each time I hear the name of that city I think of A Very Potter Musical: "Cuter than a guinea pig, I wanna take you up to Winnipeg, that's in Canada!". Hahaha, it was my first time ever hearing that word.
    Yes! Videos! I want to get to know a little bit of your hometown C:

  18. Me siento orgullosa poder ver un pedacito de nuestro México en tu país. Disfruta de tu familia y esperamos ansiosos tú regreso. 😘

  19. I love your videos of Oaxaca :’v in your videos i can see the beautiful things of my state :’3 i want find you here :’v

  20. Pescado a la veracruzana is not really from Veracruz, they have it in Spain, Portugal and even Brazil. Olives are not originally from Mexico. So I don't get why veracruzana.

  21. Hola.
    I am a Turkish boy and I live in The Netherlands, Europe.
    All I know is that in Latin American countries and North-America has a Mexican culture too because the countries are close and ofcourse in any part in the world where people are interested has a Mexican culture too.
    All I like about the Mexican culture is that Mexican people are friendly and social and the culture itself.

    And ofcourse in general Mexican people looks like Turkish people too.😃👍


    Say Hola To Chihuahua.

  22. Hello Dan glad to see you having a good times in Winnipeg Canada and enjoying the Mexican treats as well Verecruzanos Bailes Mexicanos The New Travel Channel keeps on the best level up there with others awesome Youtubers enjoy with Family, and yes i missed Tim Hortons good coffee and clam chowder soup!

  23. I like Canada i need to visit Winnipeg i lived 5 years in Alberta calgary as a matter of fact my wife Colombian Canadian Citizen is still in Calgary her last year there she is moving here to Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Beaches Mexico next Year, Dan come to Puerto Vallarta Beaches in the beautiful State of Jalisco and just 40 minutes to Nuevo Vallarta on the State of Nayarit The Riviera Nayarit Bay of banderas one of the biggest Bays in The world is a must visit The New Travel Channel my recomendation take care have good travels journey!

  24. What a contrast to Mexico City!! Did everyone leave town? Big buildings, but hardly any people visible. Hope you had a good visit home, but I imagine you’ll be happy to get back to Mexico.

  25. Haha, I left Mexico City for Winnipeg and I have the exact same feelings you described. You got used to my city, I got used to yours.

  26. Ha, the dance was very impressive. The guys at 07:50 nailed it! Wait – why don't we have any footage of you dancing La Bamba? Haha. Cotton Candy Burrito ? Instant diabetes! 😀

  27. Winterpig! Or so I heard from some Calgarians back in 2009 when I lived there for a while. Loooooove Canada! Probably my second favorite country in the world… 🙁

  28. Glad you choose to make a video ! Video was great ! Folklorama happens in cities all across the country. When a people share their rich culture with others….we all get richer in the process. I hope when Mexican people see this, the realize how much Canadians LOVE MEXICO !

  29. Literally nothing to do with the theme of the video but i could listen to playing god by paramore in the background while you guys were eating the cotton candy burrito and i just really felt the need to say that lmao

  30. Yo quiero conocer Canadá es un país hermoso y uno de los países multiculturales más importantes que hay en el Mundo, alguien inviteme por favor.

  31. Canadá! Uno de mis paises favoritos!! I lived in Ontario for 4 months… And It is beautiful! The people very nice and polite! Thank you SO much for showing us a different side of this country!!!

  32. "Dicen que dando lástima, se logra conseguir el amor. Si yo entre lágrimas te enseñara que sufro, que me dueles, algo, tal vez, podría.
    Pero quiero decírtelo: Yo no voy a llorar ni a lamentarme. Como nadie sabrá que me has querido, nadie sabrá que me dejaste." – Rubén Bonifaz Nuño

  33. Come on Bro!!! You need to try Birria Tatemada(Soft broiled meet on their juice) at Las 9 Esquinas (9 Corners) In Guadalajara, Jalisco.

  34. Candy burrito it is not sugary enough. You better try the guava and macadamia ate roll. That's something else guys.

  35. The food and program its about Veracruz my home state. Veracruz the jewel in the crown. 100% proud to be Mexican and 200% proud to be from Veracruz !!! Jarocho power.

  36. it seems like most mexican-canadians have their roots in mexico city/df? or maybe that's just entertainers

  37. No mames i will be at you small home town city this weekend driving from north Dakota my first time in canada

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