Is It Normal To Want To Be Alone? (Viewer Mail)

Is It Normal To Want To Be Alone? (Viewer Mail)

in an attempt to have a slightly quicker
turnaround on letters they said that he likes you any time each week to feature
one so this week we have a message came to us on our face to face his butt dot
com slash two x university from cc chen she says i’ve been on the t one g watching
rampage you are still a question yes confirms
that lot of people have the innate desire to
create bear errors in the isolated from people i was reading robert frost’s poetry for
couple for class and notices recruiting many of his poems also i noticed this in many of my peers
and my personal life as well as strangers why do you think this is or you guys like me and find that you
want to be around people now for attention or something but like you like having people around
you and you like interactions and said the isolated and alone sizzling issues
that i was watching a video should watch it because what you think uh… i think i’ve personally have a
little bit of an exciting oftentimes i really fat officers social situations
and i loved being around people other times i just a really want to be
by myself on and this house in a long time and i think that a lot of people
kind of go both ways now obviously there are some and people who are just more introverted
just kind of by nature uh… but i can’t think that this is
kind of just like means lot body address days iraq’s
i think that the more you stay at home and the more you feel like you want to
put yourself the more you’re going to continue feeling like you want to stick
with yourself because of an egg it’s hard to get that motivation to try and
meet people could already have that that social group and that that tendency in
that just that practice in and vigil behavior of being around people uh…
and andrew on the flip side of that they’re just social butterflies who
can’t be alone i think it’s going to do but i think it’s it’s very healthy to be
socially active and two learned how to interact with your peers
and and have friends and it’s also helping to not feel like you can’t be a lot has happened to
be ok with yourself and to be okay with being alone what happened world for my own personal experience
lately since i left college i would have to say that uh… i’ve made this a surprise some
viewers but because you know i’m on air quite a bit over the course of a week
ago hours of just talking about all sorts of topics talking talking talking by the time i’m still in being on the air uh… in talking about lol these dozens
of topics every week i would very much value my alone time
like i want to go home to be with my dog maybe talk to my roomates a little bit and just be alone and grades are not what happens though a lot
of time i’m on skype with friends you know from across the country were
playing online games and things like that there is some sort of social
interaction but it’s not face-to-face but i think that everybody and this this changes over the
course you’re likely of a certain amount of necessary alone time to unwind to think about the things are going on
your life has your life becomes more complicated and perhaps more stressful as you on your career and so i know that i personally value
that now back when i was in college that wasn’t
the case that i had you know it’s consequent volleyball and i was a waiter
assisting people constantly band-like i think that it’s natural to go through new ups and downs in terms of how much
alone time out of social time you need of course your life but it’s interesting that while she’s on
cultures thinking about this and certainly something that that poets including robert frost have
obviously considered and but i think that it’ll get all the
pens and that means that as you said you should try to balance it out because it for me it feels natural to want to be
alone but but maybe it is just what you said like a a psychological problem to
me is law militia force myself to go out i think alpha societal thing to happen
cc i’m guessing that you probably live within the united states an and you can get a lot of other
countries especially in in europe this from my own personal experience and maybe try next year we just have the
desire for personal based other countries don’t have and that creates a
lot of you know a lot of time exactly where
they follow these uh… refugees from africa is the united
states and so they were completely you know impoverished had nothing at
hand and any kind of those days they get fed up with jobs and they get set up
with uh… department mrs national geographic follow them over the course
of four years on and so you think it would just be
thrilled because now they have and food they have a home n_b_a_ just are kind of sat and and
almost on the verge of tears because they’re like i don’t have any community here calmly and and how at
home were always around each other always helping each other here you just
keep so much to yourselves and they’re like you know i solomon
crying on the back nobody helped her nobody asks you what
was wrong and that’s just not how that’s just not how he would do it in my
community yet and so i think it’s an interesting notice in different cultures healing europe into stings are just so
much more closely that and this is hard scarce physical space ’cause enact in
that pic people are often times more close at ten
oh yeah uh… req what do you think about all this i think it it’s personally i_c_c_ i think it’s personal preference but i
think that you know what my dad said he doesn’t want to talk to see some of the
and important and and fail reversing that part of it
looked a so that you pretty much insinuated so look here’s a pic it’s all personal
preference like verge on some days maybe no one in rome for some days maybe who
want to go out and have a drink with the rest of us after the show in nyc talk
about what happened and it’s all personal preference however when it
starts to become like what was it like that i guess and basically what i’m trying to
say is when one swings in favor of the other a little more liquid alone twenty
for a long time over like getting invited out a few times and then just
turning it down to just want to be alone and that’s maybe what you should start
reassessing what’s going on there but overall i mean
they kids it seems like it’s all personal preference here and yet guys were little and at the risk
of going too long i it’s funny that just recently i talked to a friend and
something like this to yourself this is social differences between personal space in america versus abroad being inside of inside of america’s
major differences so when i moved from connecticut to texas i have a friend enclave he’s from alabama so women
walking around and i had this thing where defined out just walking i don’t want strangers to come up to me
and talk to me and so when that would happen to be
legit just go away but they don’t understand why you plug and just try to
get one building to another building you know the stock lately he would always
react like wiring like that lake well what i did just trying to be friendly and so then he finishes up that you too
he he gets a but the fellowship in new hampshire and just like last week he said he knows
that but i did it now like people are very much like anybody
he can’t make people there because they always recognizes my granddaughter pakistan and or maybe a slight movement actually
needed invest money like that but employees you know it’s like i said hi a
lot of places in the midwest if walker when you pass indian states it’s just this is how it got down here and i would
not how it it’s like if you’re a walking in it a little different way where i went out which is like a deadbeat talented south
of l_a_ and people are a little like i think more laid back and friendly and
now i can’t highland there what many but if you are in hollywood boulevard uh… you’re anything tired of waiting
anyone’s anybody talking abt their practicum any other crisis cameo
seriously don’t talk to defense of all the more often it was a great uh… the question re
letter from cc track if you have a disturbing trend analysis and peaceful
priyanka united with the latest that has been
tram atlantic while the limited

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Is It Normal To Want To Be Alone? (Viewer Mail)

  1. I believe it's just the culture here. It isn't that negative, it's just very different compared to many other countries.

  2. I had a roommate from Spain a while back. He would CONSTANTLY be in my bedroom around me, literally, from when I woke up till when I went to sleep. I seriously almost went insane on him and by he time he moved back to Spain I really disliked him. He would also constantly try and buy things in my room from me…

    "I really like this Bean Bag, can I have it? $20!"

  3. I get drained being around people all the time. I like my alone time a lot. And I sometimes I have to hear the dumb things my classmates say and then I go back under my rock.

  4. OMFG MY ROOMMATE. ALWAYS IN THE ROOM. I've had to deal with that all year. It's almost over. 2 more weeks :'(

  5. I very much enjoy spending time alone in my cabin in Montana. I have plenty of time to reflect and build bombs and such.

  6. yeah, and all extroverts are narcissistic and shallow.

    don' t stereotype others if you don't like being stereotyped.

  7. I wouldn't go so far as to say the USA is completely homogeneous, but it's certainly more homogeneous than Europe. Scotland and Norway's culture is very different to Greek and Italian, and Spain's culture is very different to Russia's etc.
    I'd say it's a much more varied and complicated patchwork.

  8. californians are assholes. ive lived here my whole life been to other places while in the navy and by far california is the worst place for a sense of community.

  9. It's all a matter of where you get your energy from. I'm happiest and most productive when I'm alone. It's that energy that I build up that carries me through social situations. When I get invited to places, I have to prepare myself mentally to be around social butterflies who are going to incessantly ask me why I'm not talking. These themes appear in literature so much because many of the world's most inspiring artists were/are introverts or they suffer from some sort of social anxiety or both.

  10. I hate social obligations, the only people I like being around is my family, other than that, I can't stand people in general. I hate having to make insignificant small-talk with people I don't even like, and I hate that people try to tell me that I have to become more extroverted or make friends. I don't like being social, I like being alone, introversion is just as normal as extroversion.

  11. Because people in Norway are generally introverted. They are. No kidding. I didn't believe it at first. But it's true.

  12. Culture varies just as much in the U.S. as anywhere else. That includes Europe. Culture has overarching themes but it is not uniform.

  13. i want to go to the woods and see/talk to no one, just bring my books and music, an maybe some art supplies and just do whatever i want with my days

  14. Listening to music while in a group is anti social, it´s not about talking as much as everyone else, but when in a group you should be available to other people. Sitting there with your I-Pod is basically just flipping everyone off.

  15. I'm really introverted. I'd rather go out with a few close friends than a big crowd.

  16. NO! dont listen to your emotions, i can tell you are a learned man, a scholar, A THINKER, HoN>LoL……true balance, true skill, true TEAMWORK, lol is for solo players, hon is for people with a team……join us 🙂

  17. I'm Turkish and I hadn't even heard of "personal space" until I went to an American highschool. We were in drama class and the teacher said we were going to work on "popping our bubble" or letting people into our personal space and the whole thing seemed really funny because in Turkey we have none. We are very touchy feely I guess. And Turkish people are very extroverted I've noticed. It's perceived as a serious abnormality when someone keeps to themselves which is hard for me because im both.

  18. you are anti-social if you listen to your music when with a group of people. most people would consider that very rude.

  19. I think both extremes are unhealthy. Never seeking communication with others isn't healthy and having a mental breakdown if you're left alone in a room isn't healthy either. The reclusive behavior is what gets talked about more than the obsessive need to be around others and I don't think that's the way it should be.

  20. I have friends, and I feel like I should always want to be with people, but I'm much more comfortable by myself.

  21. no its not if you look at evolution introverted people were abandoned by the group and died extroverted people mad friends and thrived its not normal to not want to be social ever.

  22. Why would they die just because they're not part of a group? They would adapt and fend for themselves. If anything, they would be the ones leaving the group, not the group leaving them, because they'd prefer it that way. Introversion is likely just as common as extroversion, you just don't see us as much because we choose not to be around people like you.

  23. they wouldve died off because we were prey animals and they wouldve been picked off be flys by the first hungry animal to see them

  24. Despite your seemingly uneducated beliefs, many animals (including humans) are perfectly capable of surviving alone and taking care of themselves. Clearly our introverted ancestors did not all die off, because the trait still exists.. in high numbers, I might add.

  25. Personality types everyone -__- It's like Rick is saying Introverts have mental issues or something. Introverts just value their alone time a lot and get reenergized by it more compared to being around people which is sometimes exhausting for them. Try taking MBTI tests. It's very helpful.

  26. Whu do some people view introversion as being negative? I'm introverted, but that doesn't mean I'm antisocial. I'm just more comfortable socializing in smaller groups and I nees time alone to essentially recharge.

  27. I have Asperger syndrome. It is high function autism. It is exhausting to understand people. Also, I have problem sorting information. So, being alone is relaxing.

  28. Lately i have this massive urge to move to Alaska and live in the wilderness. I'm from Ireland and hate this country and the people in it. I've never met one honest person in my life. The only thing keeping me here is my two sons who live with my ex but staying here is getting me down real bad. Everyday all i think about is living the life of a mountain man away from everyone and everything in Alaska.

  29. I would dare to say that USA has a culture of lonileness and even in communities you never see people out side trying to make their neighbors their friends. That is why immigrants tend to make their own little communities to keep them selves from the seclusion Americans like to live in.

  30. I'm not alone because I'm demotivated to meet to people, I'm just flat out not interested in friendship.

    But then again, I'm not "normal", I do have a personality disorder.

  31. The bible does not say anything bad about preferring to be alone. If anything it can actually be a GIFT of God. Introverts have less problems with life with others. Fewer friends = fewer cases of GOSSIP behind my back. And fewer problems with ACCIDENTALLY saying something the wrong way and offending someone and causing a shit load for me to deal with.. I DON'T NEED that shit… I like it better if I choose a few friends CAREFULLY rather than having SHIT loads of FAKE friends 

  32. I prefer being alone or with the company of animals vs other people. I don't care too much for people. Animals don't judge you, and they're always happy to see you. Can't say the same for people.

  33. I plan on being alone, I don't trust people. I will be my best friend because after all I know myself better then anyone ever could. I'm not a animal person so I don't want animals in my house unless its on tv. Right now I live with my mom so I can deal with living with 3 cats ad 1 dog. I'm 23 and never had a job, been very sheltered so when I get a job I picture me going to work and talking to people but then going home and doing my own thing. I never had a boyfriend and I knew something was different about me and I realized I am a aromantic/asxual so I have no interest in being with anyone anyway. So in the in the end and when I get my life together I will be by myself and loving the freedom I have not dealing with other people.

  34. Lisa, Europe isn't that bad…………try Morocco, they virtually have no personal space there (my brother in law is morrocean).

    I'm from germany where we do place quite some value on having personal space, but if you'll look at Finnland or the other nordic countries, they value their personal space even more.
    In Finnland most fins have this roughly 1.5 metre bubble around them which you should stay out of, or you'll be crowding them.
    Probably has to do with how sparsely the country is populated.
    So if a fin let's you stand right next to you, you can be sure that he likes your company! 😉

    Edit: BTW in germany it also differs from region to region, the one where my mother is from Baden, is very open and we tend to talk to people, sometimes have some really deep ones with people we don't even know, that's how Badenians roll.
    The Swabians on the other hand, the Baden's next door neighbours, are very solitary, very much closed company people.
    And that's just two peoples from the South of germany.
    Oh and no the Bavarians are not the typical germans, in fact they are rather different, so much that we usually joke about Bavaria being Vorderösterreich.*
    *something like lower austria, as Bavaria and some other regions were generally associated more with the Habsburg Monarchy and are culturally more like Austria than the rest of germany.

    @Le Enderman Same here, I'm better with animals than with people, everything animals do they do for a reason, you can't quite say that about people.

    However, never place any plant in my care, I'll tend to forget them as they don't talk to me. 😉

  35. I love being alone. I purposely ignore my friend's text messages and I make excuses whenever someone invites me to a party or event.

  36. Europe is a big and very diverse place. In the southern countries people are very outgoing, even more so than in the U.S. but here, in central Europe, we generally feel like Americans have no appreciation for privacy whatsoever. In fact during my stay in the U.S. I was considered weird for keeping to myself “so much.” 

  37. I'm so glad no one said anything about John mentioning a black friend as being racist.Any other type of video and the hate comments would be un-real

  38. It becomes a problem when your loneliness isn't by choice, but because you can't make contact with people around you. Some people might not even conciously know that they lack interhuman contacts.

    What I hate around here (Holland) is the lack of a community where people are interested in the lives of others. We all live on secluded islands of ourselves. Relationships with other human beings are something that you choose and not a given because you happen to live in the same area. On the plus side, you may shape your life with people that you think that give your life more meaning. But it also makes it hard to feel responsible or empathic towards people that might not entirely fit in otherwise.

  39. I prefer to be alone, but that's my personal preference, I'm not saying I never want to be around people, it just tires me out quickly.

  40. What does motivation have to do with wanting to be alone? I don't want to be alone because I was hurt/betrayed or anything, its more in my nature. I hate large groups of people and going to school everyday is enough to make me feel exhausted for hours. I could be perfectly at home in a house in the woods with no human contact for weeks (A bit of a hermit I am rather proud to say – I don't find anything wrong with it) and I can be a crazy cat lady with 15 cats.

  41. I personally hate human contact and actively avoid it, however no matter what I do people continuously try to force me to into social events or get me to socialize. Which just ticks me off.

    I personally will consider it a personal victory in my life to never get more than 5 feet near another person for the rest of my lifetime

  42. I literally feel anxious when I think about being around people, for the most part I can put on a fake talkative personality but inside I just want the interaction to be over. I'd rather stay at home and my only human interaction be with the shows I watch. Other people just take too much effort in my opinion. Also most of my friends live in different states because I moved around a lot so not interacting with them often is easy lol.

  43. Stupid answer, she did not ask about you if you like to be alone or not.
    Some people just like to give the stupid answer without even thinking about the question.

  44. What about when you just want to be alone everyday. When your out you just want to stay away from everyone. You think that everyone is staring at you even tho there not. You start to make up excuse to avoid going out with friends when they want you to, it's not them it's just people all together. Is that normal?? Is it normal to feel this way? All I want to do is curdle up in bed and watch anime all day long. It's what I reach for every day. I try be more active but I got nothing else to do. Is that normal to avoide people all together??

  45. Most people were huge dicks to me all my life and I prefer being alone and just wanting most people gone. Who's with me? Nobody, Just me? Ok.

  46. I love to be alone. I don't know why my parents find it strange. I am asexual and find no interest in having a relationship. I always have fantasies of living in a nice shed out in the countryside and a job as a camera security guard without having to deal with customers.

  47. I choose to be quit most of the days i isolate myself from people and rather stay to myself even in big social groups where everyone is being happy and social friendly i set walls between them and myself i simply don't find interest in people other than myself and the people i choose to interact with including my loved ones

  48. humans are basically fucked. You can have friends of 20 years, but then if you don't fit their world anymore, you get dropped. Sometimes it subtle, but sometimes it sharp, and then you get it, they don't want you around anymore. I have found solitude a great healer, if you focus on what your about, and not what those old friendships where about. Anyone that feels the need to have friends all the time, then that is a problem, not being alone. Misanthropy, i thinks I have it.

  49. my friend couldnt understand me when I wanted to be alone and she dont want me to be with other people and its really annoying that I want to break our friendship especially when she talks about other people and I think shes a bit toxic

  50. Who are these two, and why should we value there opinion. STOP letting others tell u what is right or wrong, if u like to be alone great

  51. I lived with my parents for 38 years of my life taking care of them until they both passed away. When I was still living with my parents I always thought living alone would be scary. But it’s actually the opposite. It’s awesome living alone. I never had the opportunity to live alone because I didn’t want to stick my parents into an old folks home. When they both passed away it felt like my world came to an end. I didn’t want to live anymore. Life wasn’t worth living anymore. That’s how bad it was for me. I spoke to a lot of people to get my feelings out and as time went by it started to heal my pain away slowly. Nowadays I live alone at the same house I grew up in. My parents house is now mine own. I’ve been living alone now for 8 years. I’m 46 years old now and have no plans on getting a roommate or having a girlfriend. I’ve never married or had kids. I’m still single and I still love it. The first half of my life I lived with my parents and now the second half of my life whatever is still left of it I want to live alone. Living alone is not as scary as some people say it is. I want to live alone forever. The dating, getting married and having kids chapter of my life will stay closed forever. Even though I’m 4 years away from being 50. I’m not ready for that lifestyle. The book will stay closed on that chapter of my life forever. Coming home to an empty house after work is awesome. There’s no problems, no headaches, no worries, no bullshit, no nothing. Everybody is life is different.

  52. I was a very social and extroverted person but after bad experiences with people, I decided to change and spend time alone. in the beginning was hard, but nowadays I don't care to have friends anymore or being around people, I learned to be alone and I don't regret this decision as I feel happier.

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