Is Inequality a Problem to Be Solved?

Is Inequality a Problem to Be Solved?

oh my god what am i doing is inequality
a problem to be solved hi welcome to just thinking out loud my
name is Desiree in the world there is inequality between nations and within
nations between states between different age cohorts between individuals in a
classroom between individuals within a family this can be in biological
differences in phenotypes how far one lies on the spectrum of personality
traits the background one comes from in terms of wealth or a person’s in needs
or cultivated athletic or creative abilities if there were no inequality we
wouldn’t have bar and pie charts at least not very interested once in the
cuts we wouldn’t have sports competitions to go crazy over or dance
competitions to enjoy there would be no bell curves in fact I’m not sure that
the world would be a very interesting place to live in at all if there were no
variation the trees would look the same all the earth around the world would be
the same color I think fundamentally I can’t even imagine a universe coming
into being without different degrees of different things arranging themselves in
different ways I bring this up because people seem to be content with this
realization but not when it comes to human beings this is either denied in
sensitive topics or the logical conclusion that this would result in
different outcomes based on what trait is needed to succeed in a certain field
is also denied or we are okay with this theoretically but not how it plays out
in real life I am NOT saying that this cannot be changed or should not be
worked on it is important to talk about this because this is the hierarchy that
we are involved in and we are not objective about it so people conclude
that it is only a result of greedy human nature that inequality exists but even
if all things were equal if there were no corruption no barriers to overcome in
anyone’s life or all people had the same level of difficulty in upbringing there
would still be inequality because that is life and nature and nature is
absolutely full of competition but we don’t like what this results in people
are most focused on inequality of income and wealth
this is what people seem to really care about I base this on when I typed
inequality into the Google search bar what is most popular other than strict
definitions in the search results I found the website inequality org it’s
working to help and economic inequality in the United States and abroad
inequality is often placed in the context of a challenge or something to
battle the evil dragon in human nature and society that needs to be slain the
first thing I would take from this is that people really don’t like living in
societies where there is great inequality that is why so many people
want to end it I would suppose charities wouldn’t exist if not and I’ve heard the
accusation of so you want poor people to starve repeated often or something along
those lines and I think people wouldn’t make those words if it weren’t just to
wounds the ego or sense of compassion of the persons who do care so I think it’s
an okay assumption that people don’t like inequality I don’t know if that
also applies to people at the higher end of income brackets or those who have a
lots of wealth I can just assume that people do care I would assume that there
are people who are not comfortable with kin equality who exist in all income
brackets this could be also a sense of altruism and compassion or a fear of
social unrest when there is too much inequality or the belief that everyone
has the same level of contribution to society just on the basis of an innate
sense of self-worth so they all deserve the same things I will not argue against
that but I will argue against the position that this means that
individuals who are better off oh it to others to make sure they end up at the
same place in life and especially against the conclusion that it is okay
to force others to do this even if you could say there are reasons to make it
happen I would make a distinction between those
who cannot take care of themselves and those who can but people require
resources to exist we feed on things we are expensive and those who make a lot
of money I personally think can help others but I still don’t think others
should be forced to subsidize the existence of other people I am going to
have to make the statement many times that I am a big
of charity I was involved in charity throughout high school in Jamaica in a
big way I have had others help me before when I needed it what I needed it this
is not a polemic on the less-fortunate or those in need of help I just think
that people are unwilling to face the reality of how fundamental inequality is
to existence I see nothing wrong with trying to change it to make it better
for others if that is what you would like to see but I think equality may not
be possible in terms of outcomes and I disagree with certain methods of trying
to get there see you as we are all born with varying levels of talents and
treats and we cannot control our initial circumstances one can say that certain
people or groups are not deserving after income and wealth but how is it possible
for us to tease apart who is lucky and who works hard who was simply
predisposed to a certain gift her skill due to genes or environment or who made
certain decisions that led them down a path that others didn’t can we say that
no matter what or variant rates levels of productivity or talents we are each
unique and contributing equally to the whole I don’t think we can every part is
important but persons are rewarded based on how much value they are providing to
others I am NOT saying that human life isn’t a value in and of itself but when
it comes to the interaction with others especially those we don’t consider kin
or a part of our in-group this is what persons do in general both persons
well-off and those who are not they exchange their value how can someone
decide how much is the limit to the amount of wealth someone can earn from
an economic standpoint in a free market society people are rewarded based on how
productive they are or their income directly correlates to how much they are
producing or how much value they are providing to others so I don’t think we
can talk about deserving and the rearranging of funds particularly those
handed over voluntarily if we can establish that inequality is inevitable
but most people are uncomfortable with that inequality and it could possibly be
reduced the next question is how can it be mitigated I think
people can get involved in charity but I think the best way is to encourage the
development of skills and abilities that will result in people not needing the
help of others in desperate situations people may need immediate help but
long-term solutions are the best bet and those are the ones that go to the root
of the problem repairing the leak in the boat rather than continually bailing the
water out and part of me thinks that struggle is important to this to have
persons figure out how to utilize their own resources as well as teaching them
and allowing them to solve the problems themselves I also think this is
important to be done on an individual level and that goes out to the group
level in families first and then communities or people you actually
interact with I think the remote viewing of problems on a societal level is
trying to make sense of things that are very complex and sometimes enabling
situations rather than actually helping the people and helping to end it by
leaving people alone to be independent human beings it could be that I just
don’t understand but I think I do based on my own life and the people around me
I don’t think I know the best way to solve our nation’s problems at least not
yet maybe one day I will become quite arrogant I really hope not my stance on
the topic of inequality is that if the ends can even be reached which is
questionable of equality the ends do not justify the means I don’t think it’s
right to force someone to give away their wealth
you can try to persuade them I think if you want to have a society that gets
along with each other it’s important to cultivate a sense of unity and care for
others this does not have to show up only in the face of a common threat but
are you doing the opposite if you are forcing this on others it robs people of
the chance to actively participate in their own morality to a large degree
this doesn’t stop people from doing more but it does limit them acting on their
own behalf this is because of the removal of choice well then you say that
this leaves others with less means or talents to the mercy of everyone
to find jobs for example but I don’t think that one should have control over
another person’s life and pass on what they choose to do just because something
makes us feel really uncomfortable I think if you want to help but there will
be many people who want to help I do think that then people will be ok this
is more important to me than forcing others to be what you’re the people who
would force it ideal version of good looks like that’s what I have to say
initially on inequality thank you for watching as usual or listening if you
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haven’t heard this from me before and it’s still quite relevant look what I
have a new shirt that I’m going to wear all the time

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

35 thoughts on “Is Inequality a Problem to Be Solved?

  1. Alright Desi-Rae. Loving your vids. Have you done an interview with James Lindsey or peter begosian ye? (The ppl who did the hoax grievance studies papers)

  2. Have you ever tried to reached out to the bigger YouTubers to increase your platform. Really feel that more people need to see this channel

  3. The Hollywood leftists have been promising to address "income inequality" for so long, they had to rename it, from when they used to call it "equal opportunity".

  4. Growing up in South Africa, I saw people destroying their own means of income in order to vilify those that have more than them. Granted there were massive gaps in income and education; However, even people living in townships were seen as wealthy by those less fortunate than them. I am always amazed when I see rich soy boys in the States complaining about inequality and income. They do not realize that just being in the United States, regardless of their income, already makes them wealthier than most people in the world. The same people from the South African townships see the poor in America as wealthy elites. I find it difficult to take arguments about wealth inequality seriously in the States. People who usually complain about equality are usually willfully ignorant about their status in a global society.

  5. Nature is cruel – in that it doesn't care how many of a species die. It uses inequality of some sort to select for the future (the survivability of those most able to adapt to the changing environment). It's not up to us to go against nature; eugenics is wrong. But interference is also potentially wrong.

  6. One thing is certain when you look at history. Man creates more problems when he tries to “solve” them. The solution is to stop looking at man as the savior. It comes full circle.

  7. If a charity has money to spend on the poorest country in the world they could possibly fix the problem of poverty permanently by paying the smartest women to have more children and paying the women with the lowest level of intelligence to have fewer. That's assuming that there is a correlation between general intelligence and poverty.

  8. Very well spoken. In my opinion, absolute equality is rubbish. We would get nowhere without the stimulus of a chance to get further by effort and using your talents. On the other hand, a sane society has to control their extremes. Charity at the lower end and restrictions where the robbing by bankers and the like gets too much, are mandatory for me.

  9. Thank you dear.. This really needed to be broken down. I've never been articulate enough to make people understand that equality is something that doesn't exist, organically. Even on the most bizarre planet that you can imagine, it is not feasible.

  10. Keep up the good work! And I'm not sure if you've already taken a look at Thomas Sowell and his books, but I highly recommend them as he is a great authority on issues like this and presents everything in a very clear way.

  11. The problem with using Google is it will route (bring) one onto their liberal ideology "playing field". The liberal ideology is like water against a sandy beach. It's always wearing down the beach. By using Google, You went into "their" playing field and played "their" game (so to speak). Try ; ) does not use the same algorithms and includes all the results found in Google, BUT ranks the results according to what people are actually searching for (clicking on) as opposed to where Google wants to "steer" people. Anyway I digress. What about human laziness? What about birth defects both physical but more importantly mentally? Life is not fair or perfect. We agree on this whole heartedly. Things break, get cold, fall, and slow down. Animals kill to survive. All animals including humans. The thing that separates us from all the other animals on this planet is…we create. The better one is able to create is the NUMBER ONE indicator of that person or entities prosperity level. Anyone can shoot a basketball, but to create a new move that no one knows is what propels someone above the others. So what does a human create? I mean the end, end, end goal of all human creations. Lies. Money. We create achievements, items, and products… promote either of the first two things I mentioned.

  12. This topic is something I find very interesting and also a sort of mine field as often what I say can come across as … uh … insensitive. 🙂

    One of the things that really pisses me off is class-baiting people who make blanket comments disparaging the rich in the same way I don’t think kindly of people who make blanket disparaging comments about an entire race of people. There are people who are convinced that simply being wealthy is bad and that anyone who has wealth only obtained it by screwing over others to get it. And that wealthy people are evil misers that sit around cackling evilly whilst counting their money, or riding in limos conspiring against humanity. (Hollywood loves to paint wealthy business people as corrupt.)

    To the contrary wealthy people I’ve known personally are actually quite giving and generous and honest and have a lot of integrity.

    The sad reality is that the life we currently experience is actually the sum total of our world view, our personal beliefs — and the ways we believe we are personally limited, and especially our personal habits. Also, the degree in which we take complete responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives. If you ever look outside of yourself for someone to blame, you will never be a success.

    Frankly people who lack impulse control and are incapable of sacrificing today for a better future will find themselves always financially limited. People that believe they are victims of others or circumstances will never be successful.

    The facts are that in the USA trillions of dollars have been poured into “fighting poverty” and we actually have very, VERY little to show for it.

    In the freest country in the world with the most opportunity to go from rags to riches and STILL we have people in poverty. 60K people living in tents on streets just in LA alone. That reality is, there is not enough money in the world to fix this.

    There is a phenomenon in which very broke people — who typically do something so foolish as to buy lottery tickets with the little money they get (I call it the stupid tax) — have lightening strike and they actually win millions of dollars. It is not the exception but instead the rule that these people will be more broke than they ever were and will have lost it all in 5-7 years. How can this be? They’ll tell you that evil people tricked them out of their wealth. But the truth is these people didn’t deserve that wealth and even though they had managed to miraculously sidestep the usual process of gaining wealth, all the lessons that wealthy people normally learn in developing wealth are missing and so these instant millionaires have no skills in managing and maintaining their wealth and it is soon lost.

    15 years ago I decided I was going to do whatever it took to learn how to earn a living 100% from the Internet. I spent a fair bit on my self-education and made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time/money but eventually figured it out. I now enjoy a lifestyle that few can. There are many people who make much more money than me, however, but often they spend their days working very many hours to do so. I mean corporate CEO’s make many millions but they actually work their asses off in very stressful situations to do so. From my view they have sacrificed so much and deserve every penny they get. This is the opposite of what the typical class-baiting politician like Bernie will say when he suggests CEO’s are over paid. This is what you’d expect to hear from someone who has never even owned or even ran a small business.

    Anyway, I have encountered people who have become friends and as often happens they’ll say, “Wow! I love your lifestyle, can you teach me how to do what you do.” This is typically how it goes. You might think that what they’re saying is they would like me to mentor them, but they would take the action and do all the work — and they may actually believe this to be the case. But invariably it inevitably actually means “Can you do it for me and let me enjoy the benefits of your work.” Imagine if Trump (before he became POTUS) offered to help you to become a real estate mogul. You say “hell yeah!” and you proceed to call him every day to ask him questions like how to fill out a loan doc. That would be idiocy. But that is what it is like when I offer to help people. I’ll look over what they want to accomplish and give them very important guidance to help them to succeed and then they’ll get tripped up on the most trivial things. To get where I am I literally banged my head against problems daily until I figured them out. I was driven to succeed. Invariably the people I try to help do not have this drive and eventually I’ll check in on them and they’ll give me a litany of excuses.

    The truth is, if you want to create success/wealth in life — whatever that means to you — you will already be in the process of doing that before any sort of mentor appears.

    I have since learned not to waste my time trying to “push a rope”. You cannot force people to be ambitious and most people talk a good game but are quite short on action.

    Bottom line, people in America who live in poverty are not poor because they lack money, they are poor because of the way they think and the bad decisions they’ve made and continue to make. You can’t fix this with a welfare check. Often you cannot even fix this with a free “education”. How many young kids with degrees are now working in Starbucks.

    I agree that charities are actually the most effective way to deal with poverty, but the reality is not all charities are effective. While charities in general do ease people's temporary suffering, it is the charities connected to churches that will have the most impact as the real reason they are effective is that they actually work directly with people to help them change their belief systems and become the types of people to move out of poverty. If a charity helps people take personal responsibility, overcome addictions, and actually learn to serve others and stop thinking about themselves so much, then the will have a very positive impact. Churches often do this. (Churches that haven't been overrun with SJW idealism do anyway. Unfortunately there are some churches that actually have become enablers because the leaders are socialists themselves.)

    As usual, I love your videos, Desi-rae

  13. So you are unprincipled and think that a welfare state should be there, because "there are people who can't care for themselves"?

  14. I think people can rise out of poverty on their own efforts. By acquiring skills that enable them make a decent living on their own. You can't beg or food stamp your way to success. That is temporal means to address a desperate situation but it will not be a permanent sustainable solution.
    Among nations it is the same. The successful countries became so on their own efforts. I have not seen a country that received charity loans and foreign aid and through that they transitioned from poor to middle income to wealthy. There are no examples. Successful countries become so by commandeering their human and natural resources in specific ways.
    No amount of aid to poor countries will change them. It rather creates a dependency syndrome and entrenches the failed system because guess what the leadership doesn't have to do anything because Santa will bring more aid money. This is actually harmful to these countries. Rich countries need to get rid of their savior complex and survivors guilt.

  15. Inequality isn't even an issue, for starters! People being upset about it is a problem. Hell, even equality of opportunities isn't a problem.
    Logically, for the great good of whole society people should have at least some income, and at least good opportunities for success.

  16. The only thing that guarantees equality is Socialism. History reveals that Socialism eventually makes everyone equally dead.

  17. It is no more right to steal somebody's money to solve inequality in wealth than it is to steal somebody's kidney to solve inequality in health

  18. So, don't be angry at the world or those who have it better than you. Just keep on improving no matter how hopeless life is for most people on this planet . Don't think of those who tried and failed and never amounted to much or gained anything to pass on to their children. Just to make those who have more than others feel better.

  19. Here's something else: Forced redistribution takes resources from the wealthy, but also replaces charity (or even the social pressure to choose charity) with resentment.
    It actually puts rich people at odds against the government and the poor. It socially distances the wealthy from the poor, creating class tribalism.
    Like parents who rob their brightest children of risks and responsibilities, the social services government is retarding the morals of their most productive constituents.

  20. 1:20 you're right the universe literally would not have formed if it was completely homogeneous, without an inconsistent dispersion of energy nothing would have ever coalesced and there would be no matter, no planets, no stars, and definitely no us.

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