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  1. Im black but i really want to travel to korea one day but i've heard of alot of stories of black people being stared at or treated different in Korea.

  2. I know that Korea and China are different but a lot of the culture shook things you mentioned are the same that shocked me when I came to China 😂😂

  3. you made a culture shock spitting in korea video in 2013. lord i sound stalkerish…but i swear. i just love your vids. i cant wait to get better at conversational korean and go to visit

  4. thank you for sharing your stories, i find them super interesting. I'm trying to learn everything i can about Korean culture and this is definitely different from what i am used to

  5. I like it that kids grow up to be independent at a young age. I remember when I was young I always went somewhere alone or with friends even at that age. I went to school alone, my parents only showed me the way once. We knew what to do when something seemed strange. We made some rules, like beeing home at a particular time, to not follow random strangers, and if something seems not right inform someone nearby and ask for help. Until now it always worked really good! 😀 I grew up in Germany but unfortunately I guess that changed by now.

    We do have that spitting thing here as well but mainly only those wannabe cool guys (who are not cool at all) do it.

    With the bill thing we do it differently actually, among friends most of the time we pay just what each of us ordered. I like both ways but if the other person is paying for me I feel pressured not to have so much expensive food 😀

  6. Is drinking and smoking and puking etc all that uncommon in public in America? I'm from the UK and the things you're shocked about in Korea are pretty commonplace here too. Maybe i'm misinterpreting things but that's definitely interesting…

  7. hmmm..why do i love just watching you talk than listening to what u r saying..haha..this girl is just so cute😊😊😊

  8. can confirm, didn't smoke, joined the military, Now smoking. I am stationed in Korea right now and there are a lot of people who smoke

  9. I live in the US and I eat at a particular Chinese buffet frequently. The owners of the buffet let their young children (who are maybe around eight and ten years old?) play in the parking lot with no supervision! I pull up to eat there a couple times each week and their kids are just casually running around playing tag or doing other kid things in front of or behind the buffet. The restaurant is attached to other shops so the area is fairly crowded with people coming and going. I guess this is Chinese culture too or maybe not? I just find it very interesting because of course American parents tend to worry like crazy about their kids. I remember getting a horrible spanking when I was little just for running ahead of my mom in a parking lot.

  10. Her- They didn't hold me door!

  11. I find you videos amazing and helpfull, cuz I plan to visit South Koreea and I like to know more about it before I go!!

  12. i think that the food paying thing is very common in all east asian countries. on of my best friends moved to cali from china a 3 years ago and when we went out to eat, she was like ill pay and i was like oh ya sure, ill pay you back my share. she was literally like WTH IS THIS IM HEARING. WHAT IS THIS CONCEPT OF PAYING BACK. it was pretty adorable

  13. Whoa I'm so shook about how safe is it for kids there 😮 Here's it's like Stranger Danger, always stay beside your parents so they can see you at all times haha. Because sadly, it's so dangerous here :/ I couldn't image having so much freedom when I was a kid

  14. Bahaha Megan, you're so funny! This one✌️vs this one👌lol!
    Just subscribed, so obviously I'm binge watching your vids

  15. I'm not shocked by either sides because we have every except the vomit thing because we don't drink at all

  16. sometimes I hate the splitting up the bill thing in western countries, i think it‘s nice if friends pay for each other!

  17. America is so paranoid with their kids…if I’m walking in the park and little kid falls I can pick them up and they can go back to play with their friends

  18. Kids are treated like that where I come from as well. It was suchhhh a culture shock for me when I saw that in West you could not touch people's kid, or pet their hair a little for example and such. Especially men, I think they don't even dare to look at a child for 'too long'.
    I didn't even know what a pedo was back then! I'm sure many people in Asia don't know either.

  19. My friends want to travel so it's my job to educate them on south Korea and Japan and teach them Japanese and Korean.

  20. 5:48 that’s the same in NYC. Like 6 year olds go from the Bronx all the way downtown alone. And a car is useless at times. Just get a metro card.

  21. This video popped up in my suggestions and although I've followed you for quite some time, I didn't remember it. Anywho, that part where you said if you find a man worthy enough you would introduce us to him had me cheesin. Found him and married him, yassss! So happy for you ♥️

  22. Truth be told sounds like the United States in the 70's and 80"s …The good old days …..lol…I grew up when you used to could smoke on planes and movie theaters…..lol…#70'sBaby

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