#InequalityIs Laura Callanan on inequality and art

#InequalityIs  Laura Callanan on inequality and art

The art experience turns
on your intuition. It connects you
to storytelling; it connects you
to your family, to your community, and in that way artists can tap into the power of empathy and channel it
for policy change, and important solutions, and community cohesion in a way that
other approaches just never will. Inequality is a
structured divide that separates a group of people from the resources
and opportunities that they need to achieve
their full potential. There are a lot of artists who care about the same sorts of topics that other social entrepreneurs are working on. Artists who are trying
to strengthen communities and make them healthier. Artists who are
stewarding the environment. Artists who want to reform our criminal justice system. But they’re often
on a little island all by themselves separated from
the other robust universe that’s
developed between impact investors
and social entreprenuers. So the future will be one where we build the bridge and artists are connected to these other folks who share their same goals. The world is facing complex and dynamic problems. We need to be resilient. And what that requires is an ability to respond, to improvise, and to create in-the-moment, and those are
the types of skills that artists can bring. If we can tap into that, it’s a powerful force for
making change in the world, and it’s a powerful force for creating jobs and economic
growth and opportunity for everybody.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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