Indonesia: Culture Basics

Indonesia: Culture Basics

okay so right now I’m heading towards an Indonesian event my friend told me that there’s gonna be food there’s gonna be a lot of events going on so it is going to be a great opportunity to learn more about the Indonesian culture so stay tuned so hi my name is Stanley I’m a sophomore at UC Berkeley and you are in Nusantara 2017 so what we do here is sell indonesian food we try to expose people to the cultural event we have in Jakarta so you can see all of like we sell a lot of t-shirts there a lot of food except where Nasi Uduk all the other goods stuff people miss back at home i love indonesia so I think a place you should visit in Indonesia is Raja Ampat. Okay. it’s like a place where you can go diving it’s pretty hard to get there you have to go to like a propeller. Hi I’m Adeline where are you from Jakarta. Nice, so can you share to me some of some of your culture yeah sure so like in Indonesia we really emphasize on family unity so a lot of times all families would encourage eatin together like waiting for everybody to come to the dinner table and just being able to spend time for once like during dinner and talking about how your day was and I think I’ll take part about the culture is how we really respect the elderly and like the hierarchy of age so then there’s like specifics on name that we have to address like the older sister older brother like her older sisters “titi” and for the older brothers “koko” awesome so what’s the name I’m Adele what are you okay where are you from? Jakarta, Indonesia. Okay, so do you something all your culture. Of course! What do you want to know? Anything any do you want to share was your culture well growing up in Jakarta. It’s been one of I guess I’m biased it’s like my favorite place lot so something about Jakarta that i love is that everyone’s really friendly there everywhere you go it always find someone to talk to you for the ballet anybody’s Indonesia for me it depends if they have one of our favorite food my favorite food is Lily you get to smoke and not so important for me good like I called it I wanted a baby the food of our nation eat it when you stop you did like a 3am every went out for breakfast you need to get over the hideout repeat it for everything so what an onion ok so today we’re going to talk about Indonesia and I brought my friend here hey what’s your name hi I’m SI Ricky and where are you from and where your parents room ok so i’m originally from jakarta in ethical city of indonesia and both of my parents they also from the same series didn’t nama saya Rinaldo alright so where are you from and where your parents from yeah so emergency from Jakarta Indonesia but my parents my mom she’s from Mossad which is so personal Asia and my dad is from manado which was a perfect major but I’m half chinese half of an agent because my grand grandparents were from China and in with Indonesia so Ricky could you tell me and some things I should know about the magenta color introduction yeah sure like Indonesia is actually quite a big country like we are the fourth largest population in the world over like many people surprise that when I told them that we have like 250 million people living in Indonesia and we are also the largest like architecture nation in the world we have more than like thirteen thousand islands and Valley is actually only one of the IRS every house oh and we are also the second largest democracy the world like you can imagine like we have more than like 20 party’s political factors do this very much oh so yeah you should be able like 20 different forces or so this me that there’s a lot of diversity right yes s’okay talking about the diversity of aluminum sure so Indonesia is like a very diverse country so from for example from acne cities we have more than like three hundred any CD’s so if you go to different regions in Indonesia like you can meet with different people coming from different ethnicities like if you go to Bali or if you go to action for example yeah we also have people from different religious yes Indonesia is the largest Muslim country like I think ninety percent of people are Muslim but other than like mostly people we also have a Christian we have booties we have Catholics and to do so yeah it’s a very bestest country how do how would you describe is an Asian culture or something the big thing about the new nation winner like I would say one distinct thing about innovation culture that we like to stick together i didnay just like for me when moving into berkeley like it was so easy for me to like find a group of friends because there are like many other mages here and like firstly just like to just stick together so like I found like a family of friends here i will say that it’s still quiet like a traditional like a society of the phone country like traditional values like the family interviews are still very strong and the second one I will say that select the Indonesians like they are very like family-oriented okay so yeah it’s very common than for example during the their ramen and make the Muslim fastest like people they will go back to their flight family home of origin submit and gather with the latest family so what was explained to me about the economy Tunisia is so big so the errors like what economy sure like Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia it’s like a very big market so we can imagine like with 250 million cases like you could have this like a very big market not only about that but Indonesia is like a country that has like like a splendid natural resources like oil mining so yeah and the location of Indonesia is also a very very good so we are in the between the Pacific Ocean and in the ocean so we can play as a half if I go to Indonesia where’s a place that I should visit yeah so lots of people would say that you should read about you because because it’s like very beautiful and stuff like I feel like people should avoid probably because filled with tourists and so like not like it’s very dirty it’s a ricotta so you’ll really enjoy like so you know like the environment that’s violent and like tranquility so like definitely out recommend of long book which actually nearby to Bali but like not that many people know about lombok offers the same as value lighten the beaches are very clean and the good thing about mom book is up it’s not so good to hear so you can enjoy your own silence and like you can just pass him your family and the boy you like background noise yep yogyakarta so yogyakarta is located in Central Java so you can see one of the largest Buddhist temple you see the world you can so it’s called chandigarh window borobudur temple and then another popular definition if you like diving you should go to minado or a jam pot so used to live in this place called Papua so in Papua there’s another like place called by jhumpa rajappan means for kings so it’s a very famous destination if you especially if you like typing so you might go to Tunisia what’s the food don’t you try the first food that you should try specially massive pileup and as he finally can find it everywhere like on the side of the street in malls which which is like a nicer you know like grindr feel like definitely on the side of the road um try not to bottom maximum it’s just like these two lots of dishes on the table you can choose any dish you want and they’ll charge you based on what you eat and like the food is like there’s chicken curry chicken there’s like different car you don’t like it again curry I think this one is more it’s not that thick it’s like more liquid legs it’s also pretty good and there’s also like veggies so it’s like mostly food with lots of spices basically ok people usually eat up with their hands oh yeah all that’s damning and like another thing that you should try is s if we like on the side of the roads and not in the ball because I in the malls like most of the restaurants are expensive as like it’s not really like indonesian foods like asian fusion like jasmine it’s like most of the food that came from like other countries like you know franchise restaurants and different regions have like different specialties so one of my favorites is kind of pattern put so padding is one of the great ginseng indonesia so they have like one of they should have is different now so it’s disappear like a momentous piece and another thing is some chicken satay yeah so it’s basically like a like a barbecue chicken on it is really good and people also like five wise elimination sideways yeah but we have a lot of foods that you should hi

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