“Income Inequality is GOOD!” says CNBC

“Income Inequality is GOOD!” says CNBC

when all of polish by the establishment media the establishment in uh… a
washington uh… billionaire is like a computer
soon and their fix the debt program there sponsorship of uh…
simpson bowls and c_n_b_c_ ways in in this is just
distressed precious my god for the six thousand people watch
the embassy on a daily basis is to make themselves feel good about uh… their own unbridled greed and their own righteousness as job
makers in the world job create or us creators to have my we’ll take a day but owing to my thunder to get this logs and this piece in c_n_b_c_ from last week
income inequality has been on the rise for three decades in the united states
according to the congressional budget office with the gap between the haves
and the have-nots currently at its widest point since nineteen sixty seven but as democrats and republicans wrangle
over fiscal fairness in taxation some experts argue that income
inequality is not such a bad thing they even go as far as saying america’s
economy functions on the base of the and then who do they quote expert why of course i think it’s quite obvious rick sent our
own rick santorum said last february that
income inequality was part of the fabric of american society an end long should
it be set that’s the first expert a speech from his uh… republican
presidential campaign this is such a piece of garbage this
uh… piece i came billiad the next code is from jared bernstein senior fellow at
the center on budget and policy priorities and he says though the issue of our high levels of
income inequality will be fun center in this debate there very much in the
background by anything else you’ve read of jerry
burstein suggest that he believes this is a real problem for our economy so he’s not one of the experts then they quote the nineteen seventy five work equality
inefficient the big trade off the harvard economists arthur or
couldn’t ochen argue that in the quality was the price
to be paid for efficient comic that of course was thirty years ago before we had this explosion of income inequality in this country thomas gather at the next expert to get
a quote for this piece assistant vice president the saint louis
federal reserve road twenty ten that income inequality in the u_s_ was not so
bad now towards this experts not arguing
that income inequality is good just that we it’s a little bit exaggerated and the reason why it’s exaggerated through our u_s_ uh… senses numbers is
because statistics do not include the non cash resources received by lower
income households such as the tens of billions of dollars
in subsidies for housing food and medical care and the tax payments made by wealthier
households the fun these transfers in other words you should know that nobody’s getting
billions of dollars for their own home now that’s over the course of millions
of people so he’s saying that two hundred dollars
that people get a month to buy food that’s not factored in and if you factor in that two hundred
uh… dollars a month you’re talking about a whole twenty four hundred dollars a year and the gap between someone who has
hundreds of millions of dollars and someone who has let’s say twenty thousand dollars a year in income that’s a whole different equation when
you add that twenty four hundred dollars could you imagine the person who’s like well i mean a family living office
fifteen grand that’s one thing but now they see the full numbers it’s amie
sixteen grams that’s not happening at our world waited sent off-site really
misleading and then the only other expert they said was edward cullen rather sooner or
quoted a former partner at asset management
firm bain capital argue that inequality was actually good
for economic growth in his book unintended consequences everything you’ve been told about the
economy is wrong so this is an enormous piece of garbage
uh… i don’t know if it is a reported piece
or a an opinion piece but either way pretty
thin gruel to try convince people that they’ve got
a pretty well they just don’t appreciate it

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on ““Income Inequality is GOOD!” says CNBC

  1. because many of those who are in the higher income bracket did not get their on their own merit but by the actions of their predecessors.

  2. Productivity is up 5x from what it was in the 70s yet wages remain stagnant. Incompetent executives and board members bomb their companies all the time but rake in billions of dollars.

    Who's really earning here?

  3. All your numbers are complete bullshit. 86% of millionaires were self-made and not born wealthy according to a 2012 Fidelity Survey. Also, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the upper TEN percent, not one percent, earn 45% of the total income. Not only aren't your numbers close, not only aren't they in the same ballpark, but they're not even the same sport.

  4. I'm taking a look at the 2011 fiscal year budget right now. Only 19% of the budget goes toward defense, while 20% goes to Social Security and 23% goes to Medicare/Medicaid. So nearly half of the budget goes toward the "big three" welfare programs alone. And yes, Social Security is a welfare program – it's on the general operating fund.

  5. Yeah- I going to totally trust a white male paid hack from the fucking Enterprise Institute.

    One of many useless "think Tanks" PAID to make shit up, gloss it over, put lipstick and sell it.

    Shut up white boy.

  6. "Do we get a fair share of the stolen goods…"
    You've got to be kidding! How is this even remotely relevant to what I said>

  7. No. You're delusional.
    I don't think I said poor people have $200 shoes and other such things.
    "Actual poor people can't afford new shoes."
    Right. Actual poor people are very different from those considered poor when compared to millionaires.
    "They can only afford the cheap food you find at McDonald's."
    Lies. McDonald's is NOT cheap. It is cheaper to by actual groceries every weak than it is to eat at McDonald's every day. Delusional.

  8. "…being judgmental and nasty to people you know nothing about?"
    Is that … a judgement I'm reading, hypocrite?
    "…due to carbon tax…"
    Right, so you admit that most of your trouble's come from government intervention, not the free market, then … in which case, why do you begrudge the wealthy?
    "Those fifty percent are a part of 'everyone else.'"
    No, they are not. That's pretty shifty of you to include those who make $600/yr to someone like your family, who makes THOUSANDS/yr

  9. No matter, my point remains the same: The shitty life people like you complain about is thousands of times better than the rest of the world. But because of greed, instead of comparing yourself to those beneath you, you compare yourself to those above you … and then bleat about how bad you have it.

  10. social security is welfare?? you mean the social security that people Paid into all their lives, taken from every paycheck?? lol-whatever

  11. I can tell from your lack of language skills, and your inability to define poor and middle class in your argument you are retarded. Try not to get into intellectual debates when the subject matter is beyond your reasoning and comprehension. The video discusses families that are making below 20,000 per year and your trying to argue the middle class is spoiled.

  12. The fact that you call me a liberal bolshevik is honestly hilarious.

    As an economy student and history hobbyist, I was merely presenting statistical facts.

    If you find these statistical facts to be 'liberal', than that would be true,

    so too are cats extremely liberal, did u see how cute they are? they must be liberal! they love everyone!

    oh yeah and a rational mind, that too is liberal.

  13. I was talking about wealth, not income. Learn the difference and come back when you finish economy class. 86% of millionaires are indeed self-made but that has nothing to do with the creme de la creme 1% who own BILLIONS and hundreds of millions individualy. You dont earn billions in a lifetime working your way up from street cleaner to megacorporate CEO

    75% of the total wealth is inherited by a few select. That doesn't mean the other 25% can't produce a butload of barely self made millionaires

  14. it's not a joke.

    75% of the total wealth is inherited (and accumulates with % in the banks).

    To be fair, this number used to be alot lower, more like 25-50% depending on which time you look at americas history and how strict they were with inheritance tax.

    The founding fathers strongly believed that people had to make their own wealth and installed the original 90% inheritance tax to prevent silver spoons from dominating. Which is pitiful compared to the new 25% in a much richer economy. lol

  15. Income inequality is good for an economy the way natural hierarchy is good for an ecosystem. The lion eats the gazelle which eats the grass which feeds on the corpse of the lion. We have reached the point in our economy at which we must feast on the corpses of the 1%.

  16. Oh wow I have not laughed harder at a youtube comment in many years. thank you for this. Even if I do pity your deliberate ignorance

  17. "I can tell from your lack of language skills…"
    LOL, okay buddy.
    None of my arguments were in reference to the video, rather referencing the various people on the internet complaining about how much their lives suck.
    I'm not arguing anyone is spoiled. I'm a conservative; and so people who earn an honest living can't be spoiled, neither rich nor poor as long as they have earned their wealth.

  18. "Your point was that the system is fair…"
    Capitalism is fair. Our current system … that's another story; but regardless of whether or not we have capitalism or cronyism, there will always be a disparity between rich and poor … as the fruit of a poor man's labor is merely food and shelter for himself, while the fruit of a rich man's labor is food and shelter for himself as well as EVERYONE ELSE. The more you produce and the more people you satisfy, the more money you make.

  19. Actually, the book was denouncing stalinism, which is a fascist ideology and nothing like liberal marxism. George Orwell himself was a socialist…

  20. No worries.
    I enjoy bursting the little bubble's of Liberals and then watching them pretend that it doesn't hurt.
    Have you heard of the book Animal Farm? Yeah, Orwell wrote that book too … but I'm sure he was pro-big government, anti-conservative, and anti-capitalism, just like you believe 🙂

  21. Quit your sanctimonious pontificating.I never said my life was shitty,I said it was shitty that so few get so much while the rest are left in want.I never compare myself to anyone,YOU are the one who did,judged me and accused me falsely..I have no greed issues,but I think you have a few comprehension and critical thinking issues.I merely pointed out you dont know my situation,but judged me to be some materialistic person who whinges while others starve.Not the case,I appreciate what I have!

  22. "I never said my life was shitty…"
    "Good for the few, shitty for everyone else…" Um… What's more, you went on a little pity-party afterwards, sharing how tough your life was because you could barely survive and you have a son with disabilities.
    "I never compare myself to anyone."
    "Good for the few, shitty for everyone else…" Um…
    "I have no greed issues…" Yes, I think you do, only Liberals have reclassified their greed for someone else's wealth as generosity or fairness.

  23. You deigned to judge me,so like the bible says,dont do it unless you want to be judged.You drew first blood and read something into my statement that wasnt there.Here it is.You are a hypocrite.Sitting there judging people to be a certain way when you dont know ANYTHING about them,making sweeping generalisations that have nothing to do with fact.Who are you to think you are in a position of moral superiority to do this? False accuser,take a good look at yourself,pride cometh before a fall!!

  24. "But judged me…"
    I did not judge you. My first comment was very impersonal. I referred to your comment as if you were a nameless, faceless leftist. You're the one who got all teary-eyed and played the "Don't judge lest ye be judged," card AND THEN told me about your life.

  25. "You drew first blood…"
    Right, but I don't think I've made a single complaint about your hypocrisy in judging me – after condemning me for 'judging you.' You just keep complaining.
    "You're a hypocrite."
    No, I'm not. I don't think there is anything wrong the judging.
    "Who are you to think you are in a position of moral superiority to do this?"
    You don't have to be in a position of moral superiority to judge – like you're doing to me now … are you in a position of moral superiority to me?

  26. Early American history … before government intervened into the free market creating an incentive for big business to lobby and bribe government officials.

  27. Capitalism is an economic system, it's not a moral or political system. So once again, your point is MOOT.
    You also seem to forget that slavery was maintained and supported by government.
    "Is that why you pretend to be one, troll?"
    Racist. If I were white, my race would not be an issue. By even hinting at the fact that I might not be black, you make the racist assumptions that all blacks act and think alike, and because I don't act or think like a black person, I'm suspect.

  28. Theres no hypocrisy,I am merely giving you back what you gave me sister,an eye for eye.And pointing out the truth,your hypocrisy lies in your belief you are morally superior,but you show a distinct lack of morals by unfairly judging and accusing others.I dont claim any moral superiority,see the difference?I judged you from your nasty comments,which is totally justified on my part,your judgement came out of thin air,which was unfair and unjustified.

  29. "There is no hypocrisy: I am merely giving you back what you gave me…"
    Do you know what it means to be hypocritical? If you say it is wrong to be judgmental, and then turn around and BE judgmental, you are a hypocrite. A hypocrite is one who does not act consistently with his or her values – like you.
    I am not a hypocrite.
    "Your belief you are morally superior…"
    I never once said I was morally superior – see, that would be YOU JUDGING again!

  30. "I judged you from your nasty comments…"
    …and I judged you from you stupid one! I also made it clear that my comment was not personal.
    "Your judgement came out of thin air…"
    I was not judging you. My comment was entirely impersonal.
    …but it's clear you are beyond reason so I repeat:
    A hypocrite is one who acts in contradiction to the values they espouse. You say it is wrong to be judge, and yet, you turn around and judge me.

  31. And of COURSE YOU must have a belief you have moral superiority,that you are coming from a position of righteousness,to judge others as falling short of your standards.Clearly you must have an expectation of others to do this,my point is,you are not enforcing this standard apoun yourself.Thats why you are making false accusations and judgements on those you know nothing about,from a sentence you read something that just wasnt there.I am in the right here.You know it.Let go your pride,its ok to.

  32. "That you are coming from a position of righteousness to judge…"
    No, I simply have to come from a position of KNOWING more than you, to judge you. I do not have to take the stance that I am morally superior to point out that your comment is idiotic.
    "You are not enforcing this standard upon yourself…"
    Once again, I have no problem with judging. I have a problem with hypocrites who tell people not to judge, and then turn around and judge – for the hundredth time!

  33. I am in the right here. You know it. Let go your pride…"
    …because a person without pride would definitely say something like this. Oh, the irony.
    For someone who is so convinced of their humility and another's staunch pride, you're really dumb to continue having this conversation … unless, it is YOUR pride that won't let you leave. More hypocrisy.

  34. "I thought capitalism was a moral system…"
    Yuck. Capitalism, from a moral standpoint is a moral system, but it is not a system that itself espouses morality! Capitalism does not say what we ought to or ought not do.
    "I thought that the gov was also the one that ended slavery…"
    …from the pressure of the people, the church, and the Republican party. Not by its own fruition.
    "You accept the inequality of the world…"
    Inequalities will still exist under socialism, you fool.

  35. "You can pressure your elected representatives…"
    No, that's what people do in a REPUBLIC.
    "Corporations are unaccountable…"
    No, they are accountable to their customers. The transaction between customer and corporation is voluntary, and so, corporations must please their customers to 'get at' there money.
    "Gov is a somewhat accountable…"
    No. Government is unaccountable to anyone because it can take your money by force!

  36. Its not pride,but a dislike for for your unfair judgement based on NOTHING.I would take a criticism if it were justified ,with grace.So yet another false accusation..cant you see what you are doing?Im not "convinced of my humility",another false judgement,I just know you were being unfair and unkind to me,and will defend myself against that.You ARE continuing this conversation Im not talking to myself here!! Pride is logically the only reason you defend your false accusations and ignore truth.

  37. "You so like to blame government for everything…"
    No. I like to blame government for only their faults … the only one I've listed so far is slavery.
    "Why not just call it 'the goatment' instead…"
    And with that, I'm done … RAAACIST (Oh, you thought I forgot about your blatantly racist remarks earlier?)

  38. rich people haven't earned their wealth, virtually everyone who is a millionaire or wealthier got their money through inheritance, and the other portion got their money through exploiting a flawed economic system by using legal means of theft. There is no logical reason to have a disparity of wealth, the only reason there is a disparity is because rich greedy ass holes convinced stupid people like you that wealth disparity is a matter of laziness, when in reality its a matter of luck.

  39. "But a dislike for your unfair judgement based on Nothing."
    It's like you can't read. I was not judging YOU, rather your COMMENT and its validity in light of reality.
    Good day.

  40. Yes, they have.
    "Got their money through inheritance…"
    So, you're just bitter that your own parents weren't rich then?
    "…and the other portion go their money…"
    More lies based on bitterness.
    "There is no logical reason to have a disparity of wealth…"
    Yes, there is. If I produce for the needs of a million people, and you produce only for your needs of yourself, then I will necessarily have a lot more money than YOU!

  41. LOL.its you who read something in the comment NOT THERE and you know it.You put a judgement on a generalisation about an economic/societal group and projected it onto ME as if I should feel personal guilt over others having less than me,and without knowing my personal situation,judged me to be some person who doesnt appreciate what I have and forgets there are those worse off.Of course there are people who are worse off,caused by elites hoarding wealth and denying others.Peace.

  42. So you're saying justin bieber should make more money than a medical doctor? You think that hip hop singers should make more money than doctors who save thousands of lives throughout their careers? You think wall street bankers deserve more money than the scientists who develop antibiotics and vaccines that save millions of lives?

  43. If more people demand the goods and services by Justin Bieber than a doctor, then Justin Bieber will necessarily make more money than a doctor. A doctor is not a Greek priest … offering us something that is not quantifiable and sacred.

  44. No,it was wrong for you to make an unfounded judgement.It is fine to make a judgement based in fact.(like I did)Thats the difference.it is perfectly reasonable to defend myself from an unfounded and unfair judgement.You can try and talk your way around this,but it is an exercise in folly.I see you are trolling many besides me on this comment section.Thats a judgement based on the fact I can SEE you are doing it.Daresay the logical conclusion others have come to.

  45. I'm not arguing the concept of money making in our economic system, I'm arguing the moral values it has. Do you honestly think that it is moral that Justin bieber makes more money than a scientist who develops vaccines and antibiotics that save millions of lives? Do you also think it is moral for people like mitt romney to buy up businesses, fire all the employees and move the entire business to china to save money? Wealth disparity is immoral, no one deserves more money than someone else.

  46. "Do you honestly think that it is moral that Justin Bieber makes more money than a scientist…"
    I believe that it is perfectly moral for a person to voluntarily exchange their money to whomever and for whatever they like. If more people VOLUNTARILY give their money to JB than to a scientist or doctor, that's none of my concern.
    "Do you also think it is moral for people…"
    Romney did no such thing.
    Do you advocate the government telling me what I can or can't buy – fascism?

  47. "No one deserves more money than someone else…"
    Yes. People deserves exactly what they work for and what is given to them.
    Whether or not an INDIVIDUAL spending more money on JB tickets than scientific research is immoral, can be questioned, but unless you are for slavery and fascism, you cannot FORCE people to act as you want them to.

  48. It is common knowledge that mitt Romney buys up companies, dissolves its assets including labour, and outsources the businesses to china. You have your head completely berried in the sand and you're ignorance is so tremendous I may as well be arguing with someone who thinks the earth is flat. Have fun working at a shitty job making a crappy living while you defend millionaires who put you in such a shitty situation in the first place.

  49. "I may as well be arguing with someone…"
    LOL, you are such a joke. I notice you have nothing to say about the rest of my comments outlining why capitalism is fair and income disparities are necessary.
    Romney, Palin, Bush … these are all easy outs for you Liberals, and I wonder if you didn't ask about him just in case I provided an answer you couldn't respond to…
    Good day to you.

  50. its good that its there, its bad that its abused, If all our nations were managed without theft or corruption in surplus we should all recieve dividends & that is Not Communism. before 1917 no One Paid Income tax & at the start it was only the rich, but slowly by 1947 ever1 was paying.. if you weren't 'voluntarily' paying taxes u were a hitler loving baby killer. they used tarrifs on products to buld, roads & bridges before the income tax. we literally pay for our own ever stretching butt rape!

  51. Income inequality is pointless to worry about, income mobility is what we want, and America still has a decent amount of mobility.

  52. WTF is you problem?Begone,foolish troll.I have no political affilations,more false accusation,that all you got?Twisting my words when its clear to see what you did?I just told you my life WAS NOT the easy materialistic ride you judged it to be,to show you how wrong you can be when you GENERALISE about people by placing them in societal/economic groups.For all you know I could have been an elite,or one in poverty.You assume everything,and have nothing intelligent to say.

  53. You are delusional,how do I begrudge the wealthy??False accusation.I begrudge a system that allows the obscenely wealthy to hoard wealth,accumulating it by taking advantage of others,such as putting their companies in poor countries so that the people only get the 2 dollars a day you speak of.There is a responsibility these people have to be more fair to their workers and the countries whom they take their resources from with little benefit to the people of the country they take from.

  54. When you accepted the services of the government. Think of it as the same as when you sit down in a restaurant; there's an implicit agreement that you get a service (food) and you give a payment (money). The same is so when you accept roads, protection from bandits, a navy to secure sea lanes to allow for access to goods, a legal system to settle disputes, etc.

    You don't want to pay, fine. But you also have to leave society.

  55. Income inequality and upward mobility has gotten so bad in the united states that if I ever do get enough money and resources together I'm leaving. The average wage for Americans has fallen so dramatically since I've been born that not only did I never have the opportunity to go to college but I also have never held down a job that has paid a living wage. I am young and hard working, I've worked hard my whole life and still have nothing to show for it.

  56. Income inequality and poverty is not good at all. Poverty creates desperation which of course leads to violence and exploitation. The power elite are literally spitting in the face of 45% of the nation. The establishment now openly insults the poor and working class knowing damn well that the majority of Americans are too busy just trying to make ends meet to pay attention to anything else that is going on in the world around them.

  57. Obama, Romney, Clinton, it makes no difference now. The establishment and big money runs the board now, openly. The banks get away with theft and money laundering on a massive scale as regular ordinary citizens are being locked away for marijuana possession it is sicking. We fight the wars, we take out the trash, we guard them while they sleep and this is how they repay us? Oh yes do you feel that? It's called plutocracy. The banana republic is here ladies and gentlemen; I hope you got yours.

  58. We have people in America working full time making less than 250$ a week without any benefits such as health care, sick days or pay scale increases. These companies gross millions and millions of dollars a year and yet just can't find it within there deep pockets to provide their employees with enough financial support in order to be a functioning member of society. What use are these companies if all they do is provide slave wages?

  59. The obvious injustice being committed everyday by billion dollar companies has reached it's pinnacle. Fast food companies are now cutting hours for employees in order to avoid giving them health care in the future and it's not as if these companies can't afford to. G R E E D America is such a greedy country. When a person hoards a hundred cats we call them mentally ill, when a person hoards billions of dollars we call them a success, a "Job creator" Regardless if they create jobs or not.

  60. When the right goes after entitlements for the poor I can't help but think of all the rich people I've known in my life that felt they were entitled to so much. Poor people and working class people are happy just to keep the lights on and a roof over theirs while these greedy assholes can't stop screaming socialism over the idea of economic justice. In the world of the successful nothing could be better, nothing could be more perfect. Hell if they did it, so can you right? Bullshit!

  61. America has always been separated by class race does not have a fucking thing to do it with it anymore. It's about the color green now "Show me the money" Right now you can get a politician to suck your dick on the congress floor for the right price. Left right it makes no difference anymore. The democrats are not even democrats anymore and as for the GOP? Ha ha ha ha They don't even bother to hide their contempt and complete disregard for the American people.

  62. The democrats will never win on gay marriage because they don't want to, it's a money making machine for them. Just as the democrats will never pass sensible gun law legislation (Get it out of your head, it will never happen) The left and the right support a prison state, they will expand the drug war, they will expand the war on terror, they will continue to violate the fourth amendment and execute American citizens abroad without due process. Obama is not what you thin he is.

  63. Obama is an errand boy for Wall street and the big banks, he is a moderate republican in progressive clothing. The country voted for a progressive black man that would fight for civil rights, income equality and a fair tax code and what we got was the AADA what they got was medical marijuana raids, what they got was the expatiation of gun rights. When people talk about how great Obama is for repealing DADT my response is "Yea how else is he going to stop the military shortfall?"

  64. no where did i beg or ask or say we need 'legislation to fix the problem' what we need is criminal prosecutions & then lots of life sentences & hangings or firing squads.

  65. Im not a liberal,I despise politics.Sorry to disappaoint you.Im not on welfare and I am not "you people",go stick a label on yourself that says fuckwit,brother,I dont support war or loss of liberties either.Way to go,if there was a contest for falsely judging people,you would win it.Be proud.

  66. You're completely and totally deluded. There is absolutely no force or coercion in a free enterprise system. It is a sequence of voluntary arrangements and transactions between free and sovereign individuals. You buy what you want at the price willfully NEGOTIATED. Large corporations shouldn't be private? So Obomber should just nationalize the oil companies like Chavez and Venezuela? That's working wonders for the Venezuelan economy isn't it?

  67. Haven't you ever seen those beautiful dachas the Soviet apparatchiks got to live in outside of Moscow while the average family had to wait in a bread line? And you say robber baron – I say captain of industry!

  68. Of course you get your political beliefs from the communist-coopted entertainment industry. Reagan started out as a New Deal Democrat, but he wasn't a leftist. He was pushed to the conservative side when he saw how deeply the radicals, many of whom were backed by the Soviet Union, had infiltrated the Hollywood unions.

  69. I have it much better than people who work for coca cola that got macheted for trying to unionize

    I have it better than people in countries we sponsor revolutions in to get their resources at a discount

  70. Well, zero inequality means Communism, and we all know that does NOT work. People have no incentive to grow professionally and innovate in that system. A little bit of inequality is essential for a good economy (so, in a sense, Santorum was right), but the huge gap we see today is also terrible.

  71. *Snort
    This is stupid. Sam here proves his stupidity yet again.
    Difference in amount of wealth people have and make is not something to get upset about. I am vehemently against this radical egalitarian faux value masquerading as a moral. In fact it is a morally good thing that different things people do produce different results just like CNBC says.
    Different jobs are worth different amounts based on how valuable the work in the job is. A tech geek makes a lot more than a janitor because the geek's products, computer software, improves productivity, communication, entertainment, and so on for huge numbers of people. Janitors just mop the floors of a single building and that's not very valuable.
    I close with a quote by one of the most famous philosophers in history:
    "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal."

  72. Could you stop with this bullshit ?
    Income inequality = capitalist model = most of western societies nowaday
    income equality = socialist model (the state owns everything) = north Korea / Cuba / former eastern bloc or east germany
    Simple question : would you rather live in North Korea / eastern bloc or in a western society ?

  73. @Sam Seder you're liberal videos are toxic in a country whose economy has rocketed in the 20th century on the back of capitalism whilst others who practiced socialism failed spectaculrarly..; income inequality is good in the sense that it creates incentives for people to work harder, get off benefits, be entrepeneurs and innovative. If everyone had the same income and there was no prospect to move higher then no-one would work as hard and everyone would be brought down.. What you're saying is that you would rather the poorer were poorer, so long as the rich were less rich.. You do not create wealth and opportunity in that way to care for better social standards!

    Having equal opportunities is completely different from income inequaltiy, and actually inequality in opportunity is extremelly bad for everyone and also very unfair. Thats why the role of government should be limited to providing equal opportunities; but again, striving for complete equal opportunities can also have detremaental effects. Socialism and the strive for income equality is a scurge in the U.S.

  74. I'm sorry, and what makes you an expert on economics? You seem to an expert at calling things a piece of garbage. Anyway, so you think it's unfair to pay people based on the economic value they bring to the marketplace? I mean, I'll admit, I'm no expert either but, isn't that really what income inequality is? Like why a lawyer gets paid more that a fry cook? Or a doctor more than a Walmart greeter? Because their work has more value? And if that's so, I'd say that is good, and part of the fabric of our American economic system. Unless you have a problem with teenagers and part-time workers earning low pay for low skilled and entry level work? Shouldn't we be more focused on a more important issue like income mobility? Isn't that more important that what some teen is making today? Oh, that's right, when you examine it that way, you can't pull at people's heartstrings like you can wailing about a "living wage". You then have to examine the reality of the nonsense you're spewing on about.

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