100 thoughts on “Ignatius: WH Syria Move Is A Potential Tragedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Sebastian how about we were named at The Divided States of America. Wouldn't that be better run by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff the propaganda ministers. And they run their propaganda machine CNN MSNBC CNBC. All the propaganda is run by those two. And they're willing to brainwash everybody. Joseph Goebbels said it best.“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” you guys are all having your brains program by these idiots. It's a shame look at the European Union. Look at the brexit why can't the British people exit from the European Union here they voted for it as Brits and their voting system. You know why they can't get the brexit because the globalist rich Elite control the purse strings of the legal system. Look at the yellow vest in France trying to protest for their cause. They're going up against the globalist. The European Union is a one-world government. Look at how Merkel in Germany has created such a problem with these immigrants migrants coming into the country. The German people didn't vote for that. this is what you want for this country Mass immigration. You want a One World Government eventually you'll have it just like the European Union cuz that's what the trilateral commission is about. That was formed taurine Georgia's bushes time in office. that's Canada United States and Mexico eventually that would be a union. But it was stopped because President Trump became present what do you like to believe it or not. you like Mass immigration you'll have it just like Europe. Get Trump out of office and you'll have it just like the globalist and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and the CIA they want him out to. Why do you think they have the Cia Witnesses

  2. The Grim news is they'll of War that's the Grim news. These two love war. Trump's wants out of all these wars he doesn't want war with China he doesn't want war with Syria he doesn't want war with Iraq. Oh my God that's bad week we got to have War. All we need to protect the Kurds. All we don't care if I guys commit suicide because you're sick and tired of the wars. Look up how many people commit suicide in the military these days it's very sad. But to these two care you're watching right now I don't think so. They don't give a s***

  3. How do you think Isis came about that's from George Bush and the clintons carrying on all these wars in the Middle East. That's how Isis formed.

  4. Joe and Mika do you want to go off to war and protect our country. Or do you just want to spew propaganda day after day. And hope most of it sticks in the American people's brains. John make it why don't you cover the suicide rate in the military. How are men are killing themselves because they're getting sick and tired of being stuck at the front line. How about that Joe make I want you cover that. Oh no you can't do that you got to hate Trump hate Trump everybody hate Trump hate Trump we got to hate Trump what else can we do that's all we can do is hate Trump. We have to have Trump gone know now we have to have open borders. We want this country to look just like Europe and its open border policy. Rachel and Mika. To the spoiled rotten idiots of the propaganda machine

  5. Everything is Donald Trump's fault everything in the world is Donald Trump's fault. Don't forget that. The propaganda machine is hard at work. Joseph Gribble said it best. We have two new propaganda ministers Nancy Pelosi and the other slime buckets in Congress. Joseph Goebbels said it best“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  6. Has anybody looked at the context or the text conversation of Donald Trump from the government document. Well I guess he's guilty of everything because he's supposed to be guilty of that without a trial. So he's guilty of everything everything he says he's guilty now even though he has been found guilty of the other but he's got to be guilty because the propaganda machine said so right here from Joe and Mika.“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  7. Yeah it's fake news he's right … he doesn't have a chance against the fake news because he is guilty before the court of opinion by the American propaganda system the fake news. So everything he does his guilty now from now on. Does it suit everybody's needs course it does. That's why would they spread this propaganda. Guilty until proven innocent it went to redo the whole legal system and create a guilty before innocent system. You're guilty by proven by the media.

  8. Wow…dumb donnie is the dumbest. Please Resign NoW. Good news for Russia of course. #impeachTheMFnow! He has a hotel in turkey their friends. It was his plan all along. Hes in bed with Turkey and Russia at the same time. That much is clear. He is a trader And should be treated as such. he doesn't belong in our White House…. Tap tap tap… Is anybody listening!

  9. Trump's going PSYCHO …. could have left it alone. Blood on him next. What an ugly scenario…. What a great friend of the Mega Church Christians cough cough

  10. I hope he's happy now. but I can tell you that Lindsey gramm and mascow Mitch is NOT on his side about this Issue, and that puts him in deep hot water. This the serious The kurds will be dying. Their blood will be on trump's hands for sure. Not that he seems to care. I'm sure he will lose votes over this one.

  11. Vy USA hajzlici nikdo vás tam nepozval vy jste Sýrii vždy pouze okupovali a hlavně vykrádali táhněte domu ze všech státům starejte se o svojišpk´nu v USA !

  12. Poor Kurds have been used by US for over 50 years, they used them and then when it is time to abandon them for interest of US, or now for interest of Trump, the have been abandoned.

  13. WHO of all people in will EVER trust the US MILITARY establishment – NO ONE ! It's a kick in the groin for all the guys who served, got killed and maimed for life . THIS GUYS IS A LUNATIC.

  14. Trump…eventually throws everyone near him under the bus !!!! And the people that support him are so deep in his B.S. that they can't see they have been thrown under there too…The only people dumber than Trump…are the ones that still support him !!! Again…he's made us look like fools on the world stage…by the time he's done…we won't be able to buy any more friends !!!

  15. an absolutely despicable move by Trump, who could trust Trumps America after this he has stabbed the Kurds in the back all because Trump is a fool

  16. So sad. Im Britsh and in my opinion Blair and Bush caused the whole of the problem in the middle east by invading Iraq.
    We left the Iraqui translators to fend for themselves, after promising their safety, and now the Kurds are in such a dangerous position. Russia will be so happy about this.

  17. MSNBC BABY JOE lost his dummy and President Trump just put his foot on it. Let Islam sort out their own back-yard. Too many American live have been sacrificed. SEND BABY JOE TO SYRIA and that other turkey who speaks so bravely.

  18. Putins happy…thats all that matters anymore. Did everybody see Putin laughing at us the other day when asked about future election interference?

  19. Whatever you say here, with proof beyond a reasonable doubt will not convince the majority of thick-skulled myopic brains. If Trump ravaged your daughter, waving a flag, people would still vote for him. 'He chose our girl' !

  20. What a misleading title. It will be a total tragedy for the Kurdish people. Erodogan has wanted to wipe them out for decades, and has already brutally repressed them in Turkey. If Erodogan gets his way in Syria, the Kurds will barely exist anymore

    It's also a tragedy for the US, they lose another ally completely, and destroyed the faith other allies have in them. The next time the US is attacked, it will be standing alone .

  21. This is appalling. I never thought that I would be ashamed to be an American. Trump's corruption and disloyalty dishonors our entire country and and all of its citizens. How can republicans bear to look at themselves in the mirror? Have they no shame??? Does integrity mean nothing to these people?

  22. whilst US soldiers are fighting and loosing their live, Trump is having a game of golf. Despicable human, needs to go soonest, before any of the US soldiers die needlessly, because of Trumps stupidity.

  23. Obviously now a turkey deal under way, he most likely gave up Syria for political or financial gain. I hope U.S. intelligence is watching.

  24. and people wonder why north korea or iran will not enter into a treaty with the usa .. cadet bone spurs has withdrawn from paris climate accord, tpp, iran deal, russian intermediate missile treaty … why would anyone trust that lunatic..

  25. You have Iraq disintegrating into chaos, too, with troops firing on anti-government demonstrators – over 100 dead – and Iranian militias breaking up broadcasting stations. This is not going well.

  26. just imagine if FDR had called Churchill in 1942 & said, "as of tomorrow, I'm ordering all U.S. troops to stop fighting & leave Europe.."

  27. A dark day for America and one of her staunchest allies. They died and fought alongside our soldiers. We are weakened globally as our allies now know we are unreliable and our enemies know we won't defend our allies.

  28. surely aiding in the massacre of thousands of people is enough to make republicunts in the usa see that donald trump is an evil evil man and he needs removing and locking up/executing before its too late for the world

  29. Maybe we'll later find out that Turkey promised Trump to dig out some "dirt" from one of the Democrat candidates.

  30. No, let's don't impeach Herr Trump for treason. Turn him over to the Kurds. Encourage them to sharpen their knives.

  31. All true patriotic americans,make sure your guns are cleaned and you have alot of ammo. We may have to storm the whitehouse to get this mutherfucking evil out.

  32. This will hurt U.S. on future allied forces. Non will thrust U.S. and that understand U.S. army General's. But TRUMP did this deliberately to do more harm and deflect attention to his domestic prbl. Offering a allied like that will do foreigners will not share intel with US because there's word and flip flops will hurt U.S. with trump in office. Shame is the word the hole world's says no.

  33. I hope the Kurds take thier revenge out on the trumpy family and not the American People. cause they will be coming soon enough…….

  34. If you let me build a golden Trump tower in Istanbul i turn the other way if you commit genocide on our most trustful allied the Kurds who fought Isis.

  35. Ask how much 👉🤥45Trump 👺👈 got out of this , how much money there paid him , he dose not care for no one besides his own pocket

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  37. The Kurds will loose their lives, but not to worry, Trump promises to wipe out Turkey's economy, after all, lives vs money?

  38. Yes this is terrible. We are all of the sudden worried about life. I thought trump made it clear when we let Saudi cut up that reporter and help genocide Yemen not to mention our guys going to die protecting their oil fields. We make a lot of money with them. That’s all we care about not lives. And we can save money by using less military which means I Pay less in taxes. Yea! The next time cia comes to give you liberals some talking points better warn them it’s not working anymore. Need new tactic.

  39. Syrian Kurds whose manpower is stretched SO thin that they are calling for immediate civilian help in defending their territory are facing a grim choice as troops currently guarding ISIS prisoners are urgently needed for redeployment to the front lines – while struggling for their very survival, should they free thousands of battle-trained, committed enemies OR execute them while they still have the chance. They may justifiably feel they have no choice.

  40. Does the troop withdrawal from Syria have anything to do with Trump’s new Trump Towers in Istanbul and perhaps Putin’s birthday? What a shameful, evil dictator wannabe we have in Trump. May God help us survive his tyranny! 🇺🇸🙏🏼

  41. Anything trump does has connection to benefit him personally. Obliged President of turkey to withdraw US troops in some way to please Turkey President as he Trump has to hotels there in he capital of turkey

  42. Donald Trump:” Fake news! Fake news! The Kurds are celebrating US troops pull out. Who says there’s a war??? Fake news media.” Aside to Master Putin : “How am I doing Sir? Are you impressed with the chaos in the Middle East? More to come…..”

  43. Turkey Buzzard Trump. Where was Osama Bin Laden found hiding? Any one seriously trust Islamic Turkey to fight the Islamic extremist? They just want Kurdish territory even if it means ethnic cleansing. They probably promised Trump to purchase a pile of US weapons if they got their way, and Mr. never saw a dollar he did not love said fantastic. Let the killing begin. Following after the pattern of Yemen. Right to life President, unless the price is high enough.

  44. Trump pulled out of Syria as a stunt to divert focus from his impeachment. He is a traitor and a lying sack of sht. He is guilty of extortion of Ukraine to find dirt on a political opponent.

  45. Israel is part of this as well. A BIG PART. Read the Jerusalem Post articles to get the bigger picture. Russia US Israel China are going to section up the globe. It's been in the works quite a few years. There have been certain US military ranking officers on the ground already to move this agenda forward. Quickly now so that Trump will remain in power & there will be no 2020 elections. I've pieced this together very carefully through various selective YouTube viewings & reading international & evangelical right newspapers. Do the research. Good luck everyone. prayer- hope – and don't worry. Peace.

  46. Americans are not trustworthy allies and never have been. The only time Americans will help is when there is something to steal.

  47. Not to worry he will square up with the families of DEAD KURDS by making it terribly terribly expensive to buy a new scooter.

  48. Trump has no feelings for the people of America why should he care about the poor Kurdish people he’s not only selling your country for personal financial gain he has started to sell out other countries for political favours he a major threat to world peace ✌️ and he is still in the White House what he’s been allowed to get away with is insanity

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