100 thoughts on “I Don’t Fit In (the Beauty Community) & That’s OK!!! | Jackie Aina

  1. Looking absolutely stunning girl! Thanks for this video.. i needed it! hope it eased the load – we know despite how good you make it look that it's not easy. xxx

  2. Who is the lady at 24:13? Which video is that from? That was funny the way she tilted her head🤣🤣🤣

  3. This is something I’m heavily struggling with right now… fitting in. This video really hit me where I needed it. Thank you!!

  4. You’re so authentic but yet still make it funny. Ive been going through the whole, “Not fitting in stage” for awhile and sometimes don’t get it. I’m very confident and come off strong sometimes but not in a bad way. I will do anything for someone I love. It’s hard to feel like you’re not validated or loved the way you feel like you should be. But I know I’m not alone with this. With time it’ll get better hopefully.

  5. Jackie's a prophet. Everything she says has meaning. Not sure if she knows that about herself or not, but it all boils down to the fact that you weren't called to fit in. So many are in competition with you and will never accept you. Envy and jealousy can't help but reveal who they are.

    Continue to do you, be good always, seek truth, and wipe the dust off of your feet. They aren't capable of leveling up anyway!

  6. I honestly never seen or heard about you before, I recently purchased your ABH palette, OMG it’s the best eyeshadows ever great colors (every single one) amazing quality i been using it everyday, U gained one follower💜💜💜

  7. I tried to build my Instagram, and this right here, is why ppl give up. Cuz there are some damn bullies in the community. They will never give u a chance. I offered shit for free. Thank you for putting this out ❤❤

  8. I really appreciate your honesty in this video. You are successful and to know your going through not fitting in is letting know I’m the road to success. I absolutely fit in nowhere, but on the outside it looks like everything is all together but really I am ostracized

  9. I feel like this all the time, especially on instagram in the blogger space! everyone has their cliques and its like they dont want to be nice?!?! makes me feel uncomfortable on youtube too 💔💔

  10. I love how you are so mature, logical and honest. You’re just about positivity! Those qualities seem rare sometimes and I really appreciate hearing them from someone one a big platform like yours!! You’re gold!! ♥️♥️

  11. Reeeallllly like Jackie. I had a friend recommend her to me years ago because she thought we were a lot alike and I never looked into it, but I'm really glad that I finally did. The not fitting in thing is so up my alley. I really wish I watched this when I was in high school, but I''m glad that I'm watching it now. Such a gem.

  12. Hi Jackie! So my belief about fitting in is that the act of fitting in is puts too much stress on that individual. Be you, continue being you, and just do you. Once I accepted the fact that I am “me,” I began getting a lot more friends. This is just my advice. But, life experiences speak for something, right?

  13. I love you Jackie, and whenever there is anything that is female dominated, there will be clique-ish bull, and of course the mean girl’s who will always be in the middle of some bulls***! Do you boo, you’re killing it, and some people just can’t fathom why they can’t it like you do it. I’m just waiting for the mortgage clique, or the car note clique, so bills will get paid. Otherwise, screw em

  14. Jackie. Baby. I don't usually click your vids because I don't do make up. But I def am happy to see a beautiful positive WOC on my recommended. I don't fit in either. But that's because the straight and narrow path(if you know you know) is not for everybody. Amen. Those who stand alone have miles of people they are leading somewhere while those of a group lead each other to destruction. Stay different. Your supporters like you best that way❤💯

  15. Auntie Jackie. The reason you don't conform to the " online beauty community" is the reason you're the only beauty YouTuber I care to watch. You're honest and that's why I give a damn about what you have to say. Keep doing you. Your uniqueness is why we're here.

  16. People are fickle…including me. But, tis life. Your indus…..wait…💃🏾💃🏾 SEVENTEEN THIRTY EIGHT!! GREENS MEAT POTATOS YAMS 1738!!💃🏾💃🏾…..industry is based on judgement, competition, opportunities and stuff (material things). That's a lot of room for critique and jealousy. I would think that those who get into this would know that and would be able to adjust accordingly?… I don't always feel you, or any influencers, but…I dont always feel my momma…this is life. 🤷🏽‍♀️I come back to those who are tenacious and ultimately strong enough to be consistent, and who appeal to me. Hence why I am still with you…even though you get on my nerves sometimes… 😁 But, for real, I am sure that even the industry operates like this. You can't be flaky…or weak willed and expect to have a place anywhere other than your home. It don't work like that. Trekking your own path, in my opinion, seems ideal. Being able to turn on and turn off the crowd affect is bomb!…to me…chi! Best of both worlds! Can't imagine that what you do is easy!

  17. I’m sick af watching this, but Jackie’s one of the only content creators who can naturally get me out of my funk with her authenticity, wisdom, and hilariousness! If that means she doesn’t “fit in” to the beauty community, then I don’t want her to!!!

  18. Okay message and makeup aside, the wandering of the storytelling is hilarious! And I'm glad you acknowledge it with memes in between. and then 17:49 !!! dead.

  19. Jackie your palette is seriously one of my favorites of 2019 and in general. I use it all the time. I'm in the very fair category but cool-yellow to golden undertones, and it totally works for my complexion. But even if it didn't, you're damn right you should be making your palette with yourself in mind, because that's why people are going to buy it. And dark skinned ladies of all ethnic backgrounds are still so ignored in the beauty industry, which goes beyond just complexion products, that your palette was very needed. I'm sure you already know it, but you are doing the right things, girl. Keep it up.

  20. Love you Jackie! This morning got so excited almost at 300 subscribers. You keep me motivated as a black creator of content. Keep the movement going.

  21. She’s really beating around the bush about what she wants to talk about and I still don’t know what she’s talking about

  22. What's funny is the fact that everything you discussed happens in the real world. YouTube,/ beauty vloggers are no different. Being young black & successful always it's detractors.

  23. Omg when you started talking about not having a main friend group I total get that I thought it was just me I have very few friends and they are not all connected, but the friends I do have I consider them to be true, but it would be nice to have a solid friend group.

  24. You fit in with me and so many other brown girls that look like us! Thank you for being a leader in our community that we so badly need! You are a role model and we love you!!

  25. This is a loooook! And this was what I needed; I was feeling alone but this video made me realize that’s better than being around people who don’t fully value me. I love coming to your channel 🖤🖤🖤

  26. Hey Jackie I feel the same way. I'm 17 and I feel like I am not fitting in when it comes to school and j think that if we cant fit in we should stand out

  27. Jackie this look! You look so gorgeous 😭 I also have constantly felt the way you described, like I never really fit in anywhere and I’m okay with that! You can’t fit in with everyone because we need people to break the mold, we are those people.

  28. I can’t do groups either. I have a few mental/personality/traumatic issues that result me in having social difficulties that will cause people misinterpret my intentions or they just simply sense there’s something “off” about me and decide to make my life as difficult as possible.

  29. Definitely watched this video while washing dishes/cleaning my kitchen. I'm literally about to order your palette now on the Anastasia website. Love you boo ❤

  30. This was a really timely video for me. Sometimes people use their professional power to settle personal vendettas. It seems to happen in all professions. You’re doing great, you’re speaking to people like me that really needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  31. I love your videos and your personality. Your so unique, beautiful, and a real human. We need more people like you.

  32. Shayla with her fake black girl friendly aesthetics but when it comes to a real one hmmm with all her white friends since no one wants to say it..

  33. When your the only one in your friend group that’s tan skinned and Arab, and always gets called “the adopted one”….

  34. This video was something I definitely needed to hear right now, even though it’s not especially relevant to me as a white woman who does not and has no desire to work in the beauty influencing community. And I only bring up the “white” aspect because I find it sort of an interesting reflection of myself because, Jackie, you are the only beauty influencer I really pay attention to, even though much of the content doesn’t exactly translate to my skin color and skin type (Fenty shade 150 and dryish skin). However, hearing someone talk about being successful even though they don’t “fit in” or “click/clique” with the group is something I’ve been needing reminders of. So, thank you again @jackieaina for being YOU.

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