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  1. Another shill channel stealthily pushing that women are victims. Divide and conquer. I hope women can see through this bullshite. We are all victims of this crap! Are there any non-shill channels? inquiring minds want to know

  2. Thanks.. Gonna try to share this. But is it difficult as it destroys People little selfish way of living.. Great work… God bless the children! 👍

  3. Slimy Miley "Duh Hoe"Cunt Cyrus is as onoxiousy and psychotically as fucked up as she is because her parents encouraged her to recklessly let loose.SICKENING😑😣😴😮😐🤨🙄😯🙄😫😒😓😨😖😦🙁😔😕😟😩😞😨😤😲😢😭😰☹️😱🤢🤮

  4. I don't like the way they say things like "the male gaze" i mean it's not like men used to always think this way. Though men are more sexually impulsive than women, there was a time when men were taught to view women emotionally and with respect, but men and particularly young men have been indoctrinated with this oversexualized way of thinking, with the likes of porn and lack of valuable male role models etc. It starts off with men being indoctrinated, and then that automatically follows with the women after, and it's not good for men or women in society.

  5. I knew it…. Ive been saying it for years now theres proof… God dame you Hannah Montana.. My kids used to watch that dame show now im a granddad at 38.. Ive said it for years that those dame disney kids were no good.

  6. The problem with women is that they don't want to be objectified, but to objectify themselves… A subtle difference most of them don't understand, which is why hypersexualization is so integral part of modern feminism… Let me ask you also another question. If a woman says – I will not do anything for you, like domestic work, like paying your bills, like bearing children, like being a reasonable and responsible partner, what is left for her to put on the table? Well, you don't need a PhD for this one…

  7. Its women. It all comes from women. They are training their daughters to be skilled at life the way they have been.
    Finding a man and being sexually appealing.

  8. 13-14+ year old females are women. You’ve been brainwashed yet again. Muh pedophile… in some countries the age of consent is around 14 anyway. Women aren’t meant to get degrees. They should be wives and mothers. The fornication and adultery propaganda should stop tho.

  9. I thank God for the beautiful religion of Islam where women dress like Mary more than the most devout Christian's woman. Islam has the best laws for gender rights respect segregation n dress code n I can challenge any Christian on that
    Please learn about the real way of life called Islam. N don't believe what the media tells you. Seeing the degradation n exploitation of Western women makes me further thank for the blessing of Islam every single day. There was a time I looked up to America n everything american but thank God He saved me n showed me the through the deception. Alhamdolilah..all praises to the one God without any partners sons or daughters


  10. It’s so obvious that pedos run all entertainment and media but they are never held to standards the rest of America is was held too

  11. Zionist Jew's Hollywood and their music industry has exploited women for decades. Israel has cornered the market on pornography and sex trafficking worldwide. Lower a nation's morals and it will crumble.

  12. They aren't just getting brainwashed by television but access to the internet via smartphones at ages when they shouldn't even have a phone. Most parents are too ignorant or lazy to do any research and I have lost count of the number of times that a parent has said to me – I don't see a problem. Open your eyes and use what little brain that you have and you just might. I have seen many parents mainly mothers letting their child play with a smartphone and in a lot of cases these children would have been no more 2 years of age at the most. Really can't expect much better from low iq people wether they be male or female.The other place that children are being brainwashed is in the education system by the very people who are supposed to be teaching them. Approximately 77% of teachers in the USA are women and if you as a parent aren't smart enough to look out for your children nobody else is going to do it for you. Don't just assume that the teacher that your child has is just teaching and nothing else because many teachers have been caught out doing things that they have no business doing to children. There is plenty of evidence on the internet and other places for those who are interested in looking.

  13. all the intertainment indusry manged by pedofiles and sex predators telling us what to do!
    – we are living in the most evil times the human race knew.

  14. While this is all true.. Parents, DO YOUR JOB. Fight back. Don't be lazy. Don't be too busy. Don't wait for them to "grow out of it". Get off your waffle eating asses and do work

  15. Mass conditioning is only a fictional reality you created yourself in your own mind, i don;t watch TV because it bores me, not not because its magically mass conditioning me to buy a new sofa.

  16. You built this system. Now watch the whole thing crumble. Corporations only look for on thing "Benefit" the pockets of the greedy. If your children are collateral damage that's the goal. You don't see the plague you live. I want,I need,I don't have,I am better than, God says I must, All you create this. What would your God say? His will is not man's thought!

  17. This is come sick world….. I see also even younger and younger acting and wearing revealing clouts…. omg 😕

  18. Growing up a boy I could not help but notice the unattainable places that girls are forced into fitting into, adopting habits ,traits that while seem to make the girl more sexy on the outside,,,,,,,,,,,, the start of the decay of the inside begins… To the male,not this one but typically the male this is great .What guy would not want a ''ten'' on their arms,,,????,again not this one.

  19. Your work is a godsend and you are so talented and thank you for putting in the work and time 🙏god bless you and your family 🙂

  20. ODD I know this video is old make a new one all celebrity are tranns 👍🏽 we’ve been bamboozle

  21. It's true. This kind of shit fucked a huge important part of my life up. My entire family of over 150 people, that i know of, are brainwashed. My mom, sister, my grandmothers, aunts and female cousins have all acted like sex objects and have tried cult-like hard to get me to join them in that mentality to the point of me giving in sometimes just to try to fit in with my stupid family.

    I knew this was what the advertisers were pushing for when i was young and learned about marketing in school. i tried to help my family by pointing it out and warning them about corruption. we don't speak anymore. i'm an outcast and i chose to get away from them because it hurt too much to live a lie, hurt too much that they wanted to change me to be like them and hurt too much to watch them live like that, hurting themselves. THEY'RE ALL DEPRESSED AND ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! BUT NOT ME!!! AND I'M FAT! LMAO!!! I was the heaviest female in my family at age 15, 343lbs. At 250ish now, and happy that i made it this far. Life is great when you stop giving a fuck about what other people want you to do or not to do.. even better when do what you feel is right! i can't wait to get all the way there and get this media mess out of my head, and be rid of youtube.

  22. 5:25 this a man in disguise. Just look at the facial structure. God intended males to look like that and females to look different

  23. The reason y this is targeted towards women because society excuses women for specializing themselves and demonizing men for doing the same

  24. Without the proper guidance they cannot tell they are hypersexualizing!? But they know if they need a sex change!? But you cant spank them!? Wtf

  25. This World is Sodoma and Gomorrah. It will get destroyed. We already warned you by destroying the Tower of Babel : World Trade Center. The best is yet to come.

  26. 2 years ago, I had a vision. I saw an angry Lion, rivers of children with a low tv glow for eyes wondering the streets, the Eiffel tower, tower of London, and many US landmarks. Angels flying over watching the children.

  27. Oh okay I see, they try to make our young men believe that it's normal to think of sex every 3 minutes, shows them subliminal messages of sex every 3 mins.

  28. two words, who cares!!! why do you care? what do you gain by caring about those that dont care about you???

  29. haha whatever man, fuck the masses the 99 percent dumbasses. fuck them all i hope they suffer a lot why do you care about assholese?????????? they fuck meup and it all their fault!!!!!!!!!! i hate people in general. i hate them all!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The DUMBDOWN of America is complete, Stupidity, DUMBDOWN, Brainwashed, mind control, they doing a good job

  31. de is here in the netherlands and america perhaps also … Left propaganda, and why left, why everything is based on links … is because it runs parallel with your left hemisphere …

  32. Jody Norgaard. lady with glasses. 4:28 Isn't this the same crazy treasonous piece of mierda that has appeared at and around many 'crisis situations', school shootings, etc?

    Wake up people.
    They are everywhere.

  33. "It's a war going on outside on the corner
    It's a war on your TV screen every morning
    Not the war with the bombs and the helicopters swarming
    But the war for your soul, that's what everyone's ignoring
    It's a war going on" King Los

  34. Mean while its ok to make fun of short men hate men for being broke i dont want no scrubs by tlc women cant be ridiculed but men can be all day long

  35. The tendency to oversexualize the young is a huge problem, but there's also a fine line to be drawn between protecting girls, and infantilising them… There's also the question of whether one kind of indoctrination is more moral than any other. For feminists, there's a strong polarity between prudish moralism and hyper-sexualization, each extreme being reflected in the Abrahamic faiths as the Virgin/Whore dichotomy. Feminists and Christians convince themselves that they have "opposing" viewpoints, but where women and girls are concerned, they each fixate on the Virgin and the Whore, trying to dictate to the world which of the two is best for all.

    The big problem we have, nowadays, is that The Powers That Be want to sexualize children at an earlier and earlier age (that goes for boys, as well as girls), but they simultaneously want to extend childhood into adulthood (twenty-somethings often have adolescent levels of psychical development). The lines are being blurred at both ends of the spectrum, and because of the programming that people have been getting for the last couple of decades, fewer and fewer people have the cognitive awareness to see what's going on.

    It's not for no reason that we're not allowed to point-out connexions between the origins of celebrity-culture obsession, pornography, cultural Marxism, mainstream-media, social-media and the film-industry… There's definitely an agenda at work, but we're meant to be good sheeple, shuffling along the rut, laid for us by our overseers.

  36. Oh those ads are pretty bad but they don't look terrib- (sees ad for creamsicles) NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE

  37. I have no clue what to think about this, skinpy clothes are very popular in warm places, because it is warm so you cant be covering your whole body. Covering women and not men is discrimination, I find it offensive when a man wears skimpy clothes just like wise a woman wearing skimpy clothes in a way that it is obvious they are selling their body in a place where you dont expect it. Now it is offensive, but you cannot go tell that person to wear more clothes because in fact he should be able to walk naked if she or he wanted to. It is my duty as a person to just look at a man a woman even a child or baby as a person that I should respect as I respect the Creator not matter their clothing or looks, treat him and her with love and care. And never discriminate, you can most defenitely say what you think but remember you are not the Creator to judge anybody. Love eachother and people will follow your example, spread hate and people will keep on doing what they are doing even worst just to provoke you. So Iwould say if you dont want your kid to wear such clothes don't buy them, don't let them watch anything pornographic and make sure that they always wear apropriately. And most defenitely make them aware of predators people who are ready to eat and drink the blood of children so not to speak with adults in secret and to tell everything that they do in the day and make it a casual everyday talk that way you know what is going on and if necessary take action in a subtile but sometimes strong and loud way so your children know you will fight for them to the death. Only you can protect your children from demons and you know how to do it whatever they produce it is your choice if your going to use it, watch it or consume it. Blame yourselves first before blaming anybody else.

  38. If you've watched the "Kinsey Syndrome", some of the content in this video won't come as a surprise… there is a need to protect our women and children in these perilous times, and proper brave men must rise up with courage against the forces of darkness, lest we be destroyed. Thanks for shedding a light, God bless you. Shalom.

  39. The elephant in the room did not get a mention. Most of the 'actresses' and pop stars are mtf transgendered women.

  40. Thats true what this documentary is saying nudity and perversion is at all time high and the younger audience look at that and think its OK to be that

  41. This video only 220K views but go check all the brainwashing garbage on YouTube the views are insane millions. I have no hope for this brainwashed, ignorant, zombie humanity.

  42. When I was a nanny I had to record 9 year old do what resembled a stripper dance all over the floor and spreading her legs all over the place after ripping off her sweater into a sports bra. The mom thought it was innocent but the song was sexualized and she was clearly influenced from other dancers. It was sick!

  43. Satanic Pedophiles!! It is Global!!The more seks they sell the better regardless of the age or development of a child!! The orientation of a child is a target of the LGBT Marketing!! The celebrities pave the way for child abuse,violence,suicides,paedophilia,loverboys, orientation manipulation,broken homes,prostitution etc. They win awards for this!! The Elite is a death cult!! The attacks on innocent civilians are made possible by the Elite!! Knowing this gives rise to chasing them!!

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