Humanity is an alien created plague?

Humanity is an alien created plague?

Humanity is an alien created plague
The evolution of man has been a puzzle to many. The rapid rate at which our species came to
be is unprecedented, no other creature has made such huge leaps in its ability as humanity. There are multiple theories as to why this
is, and even those that believe evolution as a process does not exist. What I am interested in is the idea that mankind
has been artificially evolved, starting with our early ape like ancestors growing to become
what we are today all done by extraterrestrial design, and if that is the case why? I will look at established ideas on this and
propose another, were we created to end life on the planet? Is Humanity an alien created plague? Let’s take a look
Welcome to if……………………………………………………. The standard idea of human evolution is messy
each new discovery rewrites what we thought we knew but it is generally thought that we
came from Africa, in recent news archeologist made claim that mankind’s origins were some
200,000 years ago in a region of northern Botswana. This is the species Homo sapiens sapiens what
we would recognize as anatomically modern humans but many came before and we are still
searching for that missing link between more primitive Hominids and modern humans. This is when some say alien intervention occurred
but more on that later. Tracing a perfectly linear path of ancestry
is difficult because the fossil record is an incomplete jumble of incomplete skeletons. We have now identified more than 20 hominin
species that are part of our family tree. Out of these specimens half are based on fossils
that have been unearthed in the last three decades. So where should we begin? The story of human evolution is said to have
begun in Africa some six million years ago and it was the beginning of a very long process
that our ancestors went through slowly, a rate that is comparable to the evolution of
other species on the planet. The majority of scientists believe our common
ancestor existed 5 to 8 million years ago. Then two species broke off into separate lineages,
one ultimately evolving into gorillas and chimps, the other evolving into early humans
called hominids. In the millions of years that followed, twelve
and probably more, different species of humanlike creatures have existed, this idea has been
reflected in the fossil discoveries of paleoanthropologists, although many of these species are close related
to modern humans but not actually direct ancestors. So What or who is the Missing Link? In the popular imagination, this missing link
would be the fossil of this missing common ancestor. Scientists do agree on the idea of a common
ancestor, deciding on which fossil represents that actual species is far more challenging,
if not impossible. This because the fossil record will never
be 100% complete. Also, the word implies that evolution is a
straight chain of events, when in fact the sequence of evolution is much more complicated,
it would be better described as a web. Or is it that there could there be no missing
link? This is when alien engineers step into the
story “yes like in a certain movie” and alter early human DNA, we can’t find a missing
link because it doesn’t exist or species was designed by extraterrestrials and if that
is the case, for what purpose were we created? This idea has some history to it. The most popular of theories on humanity being
an engineered race is that of the Anunnaki. Sumerian texts tell of the days when heaven
and earth were created. The writings lay out a story about the Anuna
gods being born and the lesser Anuna being charged with the work to shape the land, canals
and building structures. The greater Anuna ruled over the lesser. The lesser Anuna became resentful of their
Anuna superiors and demanded Enki, the great ruling Anuna god, create others to do this
work. The Anuna awakened Enki from his subterranean,
underwater habitat. He was in what could be described today as
a state of suspended animation. Enki and his wife, Ninmah, created humans
to be the slaves of the Anuna. The humans were to take the place of the lesser
Anuna who were tired of bearing the burden of hard labor. There are other groups who believe that mankind
was created by beings from another world and that it was the work of another extraterrestrial
species not the Anunnaki. Raëlians. Raëlianism is An alien based religion that
was founded in 1974 by Claude Vorilhon, a French retired racing journalist, they believe
that all life on earth was created by the Elohim; a society who came to earth around
25,000 years ago with the specific goal of creating life. Raël [Vorilhon’s Raëlian name] is a messenger
for the aliens, he is here to tell the world of these facts and to open the people of the
world’s minds to the idea that we are in fact an intentional scientific creations of
a race of ETs. And while looking at religions, a topic far
too huge to cover in a single video, we must keep in mind nearly all have other worldly
beings at their center. From scientology and Mormonism to Christianity
and Islam all believe in beings from another place created, guided and have a plan for
humanity and the planet. Stepping away from religion and looking at
science, Bob Lazar claimed that he was told that an alien race arrived on this planet
hundreds of thousands of years ago and decided that they would accelerate the evolution of
the primates they found, his reason for believing this besides the missing link maybe, was that
he was shown an alien craft which was excavated by archaeologist and was possibly one of the
original craft that came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. For millennia cultures around the globe have
claimed to have origins in the stars, passing on stories of an advanced alien intelligence
responsible for genetically engineering the first humans. This idea would slowly grow in popularity
Lloyd Pye, Erich von Däniken and Zacharia Sitchin championing this idea in their books
and talks to the point of Ancient alien theory becoming almost a mainstream belief today
One person you may not have heard of is Valerie Barrow. Back In 1995 she found herself temporary custodian
of an ancient sacred Aboriginal artifact. Unbeknown to her, the mysterious ‘Churinga’
object was, in fact, an incredible extraterrestrial device with an on-board consciousness. What she possessed has today been named the
Bracewell Probe, an alien sentinel. A device left here to monitor the planet and
eventually make first contact. Inside the probe the resident alien intelligence
(A.I) introduced itself as Alcheringa, an entity from the Dreamtime. The dreamtime being the time of creation in
Australian aboriginal culture. The probe come A.i began to transfer information
directly into Valerie’s mind via a voice-to-skull interface. The historical events that Alcheringa revealed
are destined to profoundly change our understanding of human origins and humanity’s place in
the cosmos. As already mentioned independent researchers
have popularized the ancient astronaut theory in modern culture, less well-known is the
fact respected academics have suggested life on Earth began in space. Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer
of the structure of the DNA molecule, suggested that DNA was likely seeded here by a cosmic
civilization. So what does the cosmic civilization want,
what is their plan, why did they create us? We have the many theories as to what would
happen if there was alien contact, these Aliens would steal our water and resources, breed
with us, and even eat us. This is assuming that they are new to this
planet, it is however looking far more likely that they have been coming here since before
we were an intelligent species. So whatever their plans are, they seem to
be working on a timescale far beyond anything we can imagine, this crosses over with the
idea of alien immortality. An Alien species that can transverse the stars
with such ease would have technology far beyond humanity, in basic terms they have had millennia
to develop capabilities that remain fantasy to us. Living forever could be one those abilities
and once you’re immortal time becomes a different concept. Any plans you have can take millennia to play
out and this brings us to today. The world is on the edge Scientists have issued
a stark warning to humanity saying “We are sleepwalking towards the edge of
a cliff.” About 60 percent of mammals, birds, fish,
and reptiles have been wiped out by human activity since 1970. Climate change is an exercise in managed insanity. The human mind isn’t equipped for such a
crisis, the greatest in the history of our species. With record-breaking superstorms ravaging
countries on a regular basis, it’s difficult to feel good about the impact that Homo sapiens
have had on the planet. Add to this that we’re living in an era
of remarkable political instability which Could lead to the collapse of the global economy
and then war as we fight over the little resources that are left? Looking at the planet today you might even
go so far as to say “the human species is a plague.” So if we are causing so much destruction,
if we are indeed changing the environment to one that can longer support life, well
life that we would recognize, why is it that extraterrestrials are just sat at the sidelines
watching this carnage unfold? They have the technology that could put an
end to many of the problems that earth is currently suffering through. I theorize it’s because they don’t want
to, this is all part of their grand plan. Going back to the stories of Anunnaki, humanity
was a species created for work. The labor force for the alien race (the gods). Yes, it is said that they wanted us to mine
gold but could that just have been the opening move of a larger game? If they have limitless time is it possible
that they created humanity knowing full well we would take this path, maybe even stepping
in once in a while to keep things on track? If this were the case why? Could it be that humanities purpose is not
to evolve and take to the stars but instead destroy the planet and ourselves all while
terraforming earth for these aliens entities? Are we a genetically engineered planetary
disease, could we have been created to stop another intelligent species evolving and eventually
threatening the dominance of our extraterrestrial creators? Are we sculpting the planet into an environment
suitable for another race of intelligent beings? What do think, are we the instruments of our
own destruction and is it because we were designed that way? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
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Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. The whole world is under attack, and even the super-human has fallen. Will we all meet at the same place? And when? Will we see the same world? Will our actions affect one another? Can those actions even alter the world anymore?

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  3. To many questions and not enough answers like why do we use Only a small percentage of Our brain. If and that’s the question we could access that part of the brain we would Be able to answer the questions you have just posed. 🤨😂I’m not a Smart Arse . But I do love your channel. And I thank you so much we are if. And I’m part of the Collective.👽

  4. I tend to believe in the work of Zecharia Sitchin, and other ET races making changes to humans. I don't think humans are the only life form created by ETs but most life forms. When humans started domestication animals, they also became genetic engineers, or so it would seem, I think ET had a part to play here. I do think ETs have been guiding us from the start, but some don't have our best interests in mind. I don't think humans are naturally evil, but some evil influence has taken over.
    I will give my interpretation of the Archons, but this is only my opinion . Archons are none physical evil beings, sometimes described as a AI, They can only manifest briefly in the 3D world, they can control some people with the right bloodline, to do their dirty work. They feed on negative energy, so the like war and conflict. They have a greater influence on some reptile ET, and use them to help create disorder on Earth. Thankfully there are some good ETs, but they follow the prime directive, but they are trying to persuade us to be "service to others" and more spiritual.

  5. I've heard whispers that we were created by aliens who came to earth to mine gold to use as a protective shield for their home planet. At first the gold was easily found lying on the surface. But when that dwindled they genetically altered the indigenous hominids to serve as mining slaves. One of the problems they faced was the size and capacity of our brain. They resolved this by (for lack of scientific terms and using "car talk") installing a governor to block the highest functions. That's why study has shown that Albert Einstein only used one tenth of his brain.

  6. I think the Anunnaki has to do something with the human race..
    There's more than meets the eye that we truly don't know..
    Your videos are always interesting and mind blowing..
    Thank you for sharing..💖

  7. Humankind is much older than what history teaches. Millions of years older. The Anunaki theory is very compelling. We originated from somewhere else. Technically, we need more than 24 hours.

  8. What if the fae Djinn etc are ancient beings that once walked the earth. A connection with other ancient beings, like dinosaurs and other unknowns. What if someone from somewhere came here to create new bodies for these beings to incarnate into and many did and became these new beings. Like the Humans for example but also the Canids and felines etc..but many rejected the new bodys and the fallen ones, the fall of Adam is a part of this rejection a rejection that turned to despair and rage. So intense it completely disrupted the path and destiny of all humans. But the outcome of this dismay is a new human the one that graduates has more respect for the Creator and Nirvana than any others ever before.

  9. I think we was genetically engineered so that we could be crossed bread with an alien spieces in order for them to adapt to living on Earth.
    If my dreams are anything to go by then my next life will not be on this planet and as soon as I do leave this body there will be a huge comet to impact the planet, the beings who will take my soul to the next life are humanoid and look so beautiful and perfect and when I was shown the impact of the comet I was obviously worried for my children, family and friends but I was told not to worry and that I was going to the red planet next.
    Great video my friend 💯
    Be seeing you next time and stay safe all!!

  10. Humans, Original an only Ancestor was Blue as in the Movie Avatar.
    That's why the Indians annoy, me their in a Country that isn't theirs Ancestrally, over the Centuries they dig up an discover all this Advanced stuff, lost the keys for the Virmana, alter their History to include all this tech they inherited to make it theirs, FACT.
    Now the Blue Entity, the very first Human Ancestor is made to look, Indian.
    In Fact, if anything their the Original Annunaki.
    This Stuff belongs to one of 2 Civilizations,
    The Baachi modern Humans 1st Ancestor, 33k yrs ago
    Who evacuated their Ancestral lands, Antarctica, for Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan India,
    They were forced to flee for survival, when the, Serpent people invaded with superior weaponry, 30k yrs ago.

  11. Well I'm not too concerned about where we came from what I really want to know is what happen after we die, good to be back although it's temporary 😅

  12. Human's Where Created to Serve the Hybrid Agenda, there is ton's of Proof for this, ALSO Evolution is Real, You Human's Where Created To Serve the Insectoid Race Called the fae, i Know the moment i Said fae your laughing, STOP !!! Fairy's are not Made of Magic there bug's the entire Dam Race are insectoid's
    And the Human Race Can't Even see that Worm's, slug's, spider's, Etc's are bug's any more, the DNA is Braking down becuz it served it purpose, SO that the insectoid Race who's home is Earth Yah !!! This Place, Could Survive You See Insectoid where dying out and Humanity Was Created to Give What i Called Entomo-anity aka Fairy's, a 2nd Chance to Survive, and the Whole, Fairy's know Magic thing, SO Did Human's Long Ago, And many other's Race's !!! Magic is a Science. and the Soul is Mage of Energy.

    MOVING ON !!! Human's Where Created so that the Gray's Could make Hybrid's out of them ….

    Humanity is a Lab Rat, but you Did Fight Many War's and i bet you Protected Our Home wile the Vast, vast very vast majority of Our Race was Extinct and only in spirit form, THAT'S Why when you Chase a fairy thay fade, THERE DEAD !!!!

    And the Reason you See many Fae with Bug Part's becuz the Gray's where trying to Hybrid them to get the Highly Complicated Hybrid Process, in Perfection.

    And the Reptilian's are the back Bone to the Agenda to kill the Lab Rat's, and idk Wtf is going to happen them once your race is All Dead ??? and Btw Dragon's are real thay come from Draco, And thay One time Invaded Earth and took it over … Yah !!! thay Conquered it, Long, long Real Long time Ago.

    Any Way, This is the Truth on the Manti's Witch is the Leader of the Tall Gray's and the Gray's, Agenda, and in Layman term's the agenda is Save There Race, Get rid of the Lab rat's and Clean up the Earth, and Do a Massive shit Ton of Repair's to Lady Gaia.

    Also, To Humanity, When you Die, Rest in Peace and Do not come back to are Holy Home eve again. and i Quote what the mantis told me, " We Truly Regret this" in Short Creating all of you, Ok, i'm Out, After i Give this Very Last Detail, You See your Need to Build Endless great Tech, Completes are Need for Great Tach for Our Race Lost the Ability to Build Like that, Why Do you Like Fairy House Look more like Mud Hut's, Witch is the Building ability of a Bee or Wasp, Proto Fae, You Generate Great Tech, Of Both Computer and Non-Computer, You Did your Purpose.

    We Hybrid Exist World Wide only in Extremely Few Number's, We are very Rare, i Just Want Any one Who Read this to Know, What is Really Going on, i Am a Hybrid, i am Not Human, i Telll you the truth, the Whole truth and Nothing but the truth.

    I Am An Insectoid. 🧚🏻‍♀️

    Oh ! and the gray's are basically Undead Insectoid Cyborg's and the Way thay are able to continue on is a very unstable way of Just Cloning them self, We A Certain Kind of Hybrid's are called Children of the gray's, a Type of us is call indigo Children, there dark elf's and all elf's are fae and all elf's are insectoid's, So are troll's and Goblin's both troll's and Goblin's are insect's there both beetle's, gnome's are Human's, there dwarf's there Just Short human's i swear it, And Faun's are not Fae becuz there Just Goat's. No Really !!! Also All fae Have a Green Light in there pupil, it is the Seal of the fae all face of that Glowing Green pupil, all of us, but you'll need a Cam to Take a Snap of there eye's if there glowing, if there soul is giving enough off you'll see it turn up on film.

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