5 thoughts on “How YouTube Notifications Work | Responding to Community Concerns Around Notifications

  1. You are not e planning why I do not get the notifications when I press the bell and ask for all notifications and it changes to occasional automatically. And then it seems certain channels I subscribe to although I press bell for notifications I get none. Can you please tell me why you do that? Also sometimes one cannot comment to replies, it just does not let you click to get replies up. Please comment. (If I can click on view replies of course) thank you.

  2. Thank u so much its help me a lot.. I just had one question what If i just hit the subscribe but I did not on the bell because so many notifications I received every time they upload video on same time but I do subscribe them because I like to watch, its that be affected on my ytc (YouTube channel) and how do I know if the person unsubscribe me where I can see…

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