How To Use The YouTube Community Tab 2019 – Post Polls, Videos, Pictures and GIFs

How To Use The YouTube Community Tab 2019 – Post Polls, Videos, Pictures and GIFs

– The YouTube community tab
is finally being rolled out to every eligible channel
over 1000 subscribers. It’s time for you to learn
how powerful it can be and what you can do with it. So today we’re going to deep dive into what the community tab
and how it can help you. Here we go. (upbeat music) Hello and welcome back to another video. I’m Alan Spicer, your
YouTube certified expert and if you’re looking to
start a YouTube channel, grow your YouTube channel
or push your brand out there into the second largest
search engine on the Internet. You should click subscribe. Start creating. The YouTube community tab, effectively YouTube’s way
of continually allowing creators to boost their content, get it in front of their subscribers, flood the subscriber feed, kind of an apology for breaking the feed five, six years ago. It’s a step towards a social
media element on YouTube because YouTube is a social media platform so it’s time for them to build engagement and hook you in for longer and now if you have over 1000 subscribers and are deemed worthy, YouTube will give you the community tab and it has some very
powerful engaging tools that can help you hook people in, build a community, start a conversation and over time, build watch
time and grow your channel. Let’s go to the computer. Okay, so this is the community tab. Now some of you might not have this yet. It’s released to most channels
over 1000 subscribers. It used to be 10000 subscribers but they’ve rolled it back a bit. The community tab is kind of their Facebook status pages but for YouTube. It’s a way to engage your subscribers. It gets sent out to the
subscriber feed just like videos and they can interact with
them with polls and videos and you can leave blog
posts there effectively. Now to use the community
tab, you click on community and you scan down and you’ll see this box. Now you can type whatever
you want in here. So today, we’re going to do a quick poll. Let’s say, we’re asking people for how they feel on this wonderful Friday. So you type in your question. You’ll notice the top line is the biggest, the second line happens to
be a little bit smaller. They do this to stagger it,
you can have your main headline and then explain it down below. It can be good for blog posts
but if you’re using a poll, you then click on this little icon here which is add poll and
you add your answers. Now in this case, I’ve
given them four options. Great, bad, in the middle, just don’t ask. I also, the last one “don’t ask” is normally something
that I throw in random, whether I’m asking “I’m a
dolphin” or “I like cake” or anything like that. The reason for that is that if
you’re giving them an answer, good, bad, in the middle and
they don’t want to answer any of them, they can
answer the fourth one and then still leave a comment underneath because unfortunately for some reason, you have to vote to
then be able to comment and explain your vote. So, when you’re done, you click post and you’ll see, there it is, it shows up and you can give it a thumbs up and it shows you how
long it was posted for. It will now show up in the feed. Why is that important? Because it shows a kind of engagement. It shows to YouTube that
you are still communicating. Now, if I scroll down you’ll see I’ve continued to post stuff,
people continue to comment. Here’s a poll that I did. Like one day ago, once
again, I’ve got 50 odd votes. People saying they’re good,
they’re bad, in the middle or I’m a dolphin and then people
are commenting underneath. These, once again, you have to vote to be able to have a comment and then you can scroll down
through all of the comments just like you were at a comments section. Now, you can also promote a video. So, what you do is once again,
you’re back at this page. You click on the video
that you want to promote. So say you posted your video
at seven o’clock in the morning and you want to promote it in the evening to your American viewers or someone on the opposite side of the world, you’ll be able to pick any of your videos. So in this case, it’ll be
“What Christmas means to me”. You put your title in
here and you click post. Now all this does is
post something like this. Here you go, once again,
it was the title, the card, the description, the views and they click just like any other video. It’s a nice way to be
able again to engage. You can do the same with pictures. So in this case, this was me hitting 3000
subscribers around about a day ago and you just engage, you
can tell any story you want. Very quickly, to add a picture like that, you’d simply go to add image, you pick any picture that
happens to be on your hard drive. So let’s do this one which
is one of my colleagues. There you go and then
you’d upload accordingly. It’s there and you can post. Now remember, that you
can share your videos but you can share anybody
else’s videos as well should you want to promote
other people across the platform and if you want to tag anyone, you simply type @ at the start and type the rest of their
name and you click on it and then when you post
it, it pings them to say hey Alan mentioned you in your post Nick, I hope you like it. Nice way once again to cross promote. So that’s how you can use
the YouTube community tab and hook people in for longer. Push them towards your videos, maybe even get additional watch time on recently published content or collaborations with other people. If you need help to get more
views or more subscribers on YouTube, I’ve done a playlist up here and remember to hit that subscribe button for regular YouTube
tricks and tips tutorials, hit that notification
icon so you’re alerted every time I go live. Go out there, start creating.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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