How to Start Your Own Country – Epic How To

How to Start Your Own Country – Epic How To

If You’ve Ever Read about the Founding Fathers and Thought,Hoaahhh? That Could Be me Well good News Compadre We couldn’t agree With you more? so, we’re About to show you how you Can start your very Own Country because this Is Epic out to Epic How To Now before You go off and Name Yourself King or Queen of I’m super coolest an or joe Bereta Is awesome Vania you need to know the Rules of Starting your Own Country It May Seem counterintuitive for you to have to follow the rules when Forming A nation but These are the Guidelines Recognized by international Organizations for you to be Formally Recognized as a Nation Without that you’re Just Another Crazy Person Living in the Woods A New Country Must Have 3 Things 1 A clearly defined Territory There doesn’t Seem to be any Minimum Size for this the Vatican City for Instance is Only TWo-Tenths of A square mile Or about 13 Acres Which Is Over 100 Times Smaller than the Island of Manhattan Second You must have a permanent Population again no Minimums here have been Set the Pitcairn Islands now Have Less Than 50 People Living on Them 50 They Can fit the entire Nation’s Population on a school bus Lastly you must have a government Capable of interacting With other States This one Is a little Tougher to define as you Essentially need to Be recognized as A Nation in Order to Interact With other Nations but you’re Already a Nation if You Already Interact With other Nations so Here’s Hope and Portugal Owes you a favor but Where are you gonna get This Land you Have Basically two Options Claim Land that has Never Been Claimed or? Take Over Existing Territory You might Hope that you Can find an Island but it has to be super Isolated According to International law Nations Owned the Sea for the first 12 Miles out from the coast so if you’re Close Enough to another Nation your Island is Already Claimed besides at this Point Pretty much everything has Been Claimed as far as We know and Satellite Imagery has Found every last? Island on Earth and Someone Already Called Dibs on Holiday Now Many People Have Tried to get Around These laws One Eccentric millionaire Michael oliver Tried to create his Own Island Nation Literally in 1972 He Started The republic Minerva When he Claimed the Minerva Reefs Which We Should Mention are under Water most of the Time he Paid to have Sand Shipped in From Australia And dumped on the Reefs in Hopes of Building them Into a permanent Island Where he Could set up his Idea of a libertarian Utopia It was going Swimmingly until he Sent out Letters to his New Neighbors who Decided They Didn’t like Where This Was going the King of Tonga Proclaimed the Reefs belonged to his Nation and he Was backed by a Conference of South Pacific States he totes Sent Troops to invade the Reefs and sent the Crazy Millionaires Back to Where They Came from Millionaire Land From Time to Time A group of Mercenaries Will Try to Take over an Island Which Is something that happens in fact the Island Nation of Comoros has Had Twenty Coup attempts Since Declaring Independence From France in 1975 but We don’t recommend that because it tends to end in A hail of Bullets and That’s that’s not good for Anybody Fun fact the most Successful attempt at Creating an Island Micronation is sea Land during World war Two England built several Concrete fortresses in International Waters as an Early Warning Post for nazi Invasions Some of These were Left Standing after the war and in 1966 Roy Bates and his Family Claimed One of These fortresses for Themselves Their original Plan Was to Broadcast a Pirate Radio Station but Debate Soon Decided to Claim the Fortress under The Terms of Paranoia’s Saying if no one Else Claimed it then They Would and Thus Began The Government of Sealand And Here’s The Crazy Part Because They’re Outside of England’s Territorial Waters British Judges Decided They have no Jurisdiction over Sea Land and now Recognise it as its Own Country The Platform Is Only ten Thousand Square feet About 1/5 of A football Field so it’s not much of a Nation but A nation nonetheless You can Get A Passport and everything it’s crazy so what’s your best Bet To find your Own Terra Nullius? Well There’s A small Stretch of Desert between egypt and Sudan Claimed by neither Country Mostly Because it’s an Arid Sandy Wasteland with no naps Resources and No Infrastructure However This Land Has Recently Been Claimed by Jeremiah Heaton of Virginia Who is Currently Working on official Recognition by egypt Sudan and The African Union the Reason Jeremiah Is Creating his Own? Nation Is so that he Can Officially Named his Daughter Princess Emily and That’s Adorbs if he Gets it then that Patch of dirt is Officially off the table however There’s Actually A Huge amount of Land that Remains Pretty much Unclaimed by any Nation It’s called Marie Byrd Land and it Consists, of Six Hundred and Twenty Thousand Square Miles of Antarctica so while Most of the Continent has Been Planed and The u.s. Reserved The Right to assert a claim later in A 1959 Treaty the Land has Never Officially Been Claimed so if You want it’s Yours for the taking We should warn you Though that the highest Temperature reached during the Peak of summer IS 14 degrees Fahrenheit So you’re Gonna want to invest in a parka Maybe Two so Make your Own Flag and get some Friends and Sailed due South to you hit a lot Of Ice then it’s Just a small Matter of Drafting a Constitution Creating an Economy and Being Recognized by the un you know the Easy Stuff will cover it Someday Thanks for Watching and don’t Forget to leave more Suggestions in the Comments Below as always I’m Joe Bereta and This has Been Epic how To Let Us know what Top if You guys Think, We should Break Down next in The Comments Below and don’t forget to subscribe you

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “How to Start Your Own Country – Epic How To

  1. My Country

    Population: ?
    Name: Kerolia
    Religion:Balkan Orthodox Cristianity
    Location:Balkan Croatian Islands

  2. My Micronation

    Territories: 1
    Mainland: Bedroom
    Name: The Convenienceist Constitutional Monarchy of Union
    Language: English
    High King: Me
    Capital: Union
    Military: My brother, two Nerf Guns and two Drones
    Power Rank: 196
    Religion: Mixed
    Type: Convenienceist Constitutional Monarchy
    Currency: Union (100 Unitys)
    Main Industry: Indie Game Publishing

    Like for Citizenship.

  3. Republic Of Davey Land
    Capital: Me Ass
    Languege: Chewbacca/English
    Religion: The Force
    goverment: Unitary State
    Leader: King Davey 1
    Population: 1- who ever likes
    Currency: Love
    Export Product: Poop

  4. Country: Bedroomia
    Ideology: National Socialist Dictatorship
    Military: 15 teddy bears and 50 lego people. We have 30 combat tanks
    Airforce: 5 planes
    Navy:25 warships and 1 Battleship, the HMS Pillow
    Economy: £10
    Language: English

  5. My state
    President :me
    Army : woden spear And 1 soldier
    Type :komunist And democratic
    Land :small 3×4m
    Population :4 people
    Many :24 rubles

  6. My country: Republic of Monara
    Area: My Bedroom.
    Government: Democracy
    Economy: £73
    Defensive Budget: £3
    Population: 5: like to become a citizen
    President: Me
    Army: 132 green army men, 12 Lego soldiers 1 teddy bear, A toy tank and a robot.
    Air Force: 5 paper airplanes
    Navy: 1 pirate ship
    At war with the Kingdom if Sister Roomia

  7. I declare my shoebox the empire of mecaderpia. The population is how many people like this and all the bacteria. The language is onoghifta (my own) and the letter format is related to Greek. The national animal is the hug ( a mix of pug and husky, no joke look it up) the national tree is the rainbow eucoliptis tree. The location is portable since it's a shoe box, the leading family is the gikas family, starting from Stephenos Gikas who was from 1883 to 1957 and while the oficial senior branch is John gikas 1920 to 2015, the head of the empire goes through Ted gikas, 1931 and is still alive, and the emperor is me, Ted Latif Gikas, 2008 to well, still living. The milatry is 3 spoon catapults, and one emergency hacky sack, and 1 milatry personel so far but you can sign up and rise our magnificent empire by telling me in the comments. The currency is the American dollar (4 now). As of right now I am going to ask for recognition from the UN and ask to join it. Wish me good luck to be a great empire and see. You. On the news.

  8. My country

    Name: Backyardia
    Capital: Tree
    Languages: English, Gibberish, Backyardian
    Continent: … Earth
    President: Leaf Bush

  9. My country

    Teritory: fatroom 2

    Capital: gaming console
    Languages: russian-english , english, farminan and gibrish
    Population: 4

    King 👑 : me

  10. Funny. Probably could do this all with a follow-up
    informative video direct-link. What is IOT ?

  11. I claim my room as my own land and my and my parents living room as states! My country is called..

    P O O P O O L A N D. And that states are called north and south Poopy-Ville.

  12. Kingdom of Viňatigo

    Territories: a small part of a Forest near my house under Prague

    Capital: Viñatigo

    Population: 6

    Infantry/soldiers: 4

    Generals: 1

    Ideology: Monarchy ruled by a military junta

    Leader: William I

    Official language: czech

    Other languages: english and spanish

    Weapon technology: spears with a pointy rock on its end (Yes we actually made a durable one), light metal shields, wooden katana sword (bokken)

    Uniform technology: we managed to buy a real modern soldier uniform similiar to the ones that NATO forces used in afgan war

    Main culture: slavic

    Other cultures with autonomy: spanish

    Other cultures that are not accepted as good in the country: British

    Factories/weapon workshops: 2

  13. Let's make a country! ( Part 2 )
    Name : Maryland
    Languages : Marysh and French
    Population : 1.233.470
    Location : All the Backyards of Luxembourg
    Capital : Colombo
    Military : 12 Tanks, 6 Airplanes, 15.000 active Troops and 120 Reserves
    Currency : 1 Mary-Dollar, 100 Mary-Cents
    President : Me
    Friend : Luxembourg
    Alliance : European Union

  14. The guy who's creating his own country so that he can name his daughter a princess is the most wholesome thing i've ever seen

  15. Country Name: Saint Clairsburgh

    Country Size: 5 Kilometers (Size Of CloverField Paradox)

    Capital: Connor Minor City

    Population: 735

    States: 24

    Territories: 4

    Federal Cities: 3

    Soldiers: 1555

    President: Vanessa HecticDesert

    Religion: Othorodox And Christian

    Language: English, French, Mexican, Russian And German

    Created: Late 2010s

    Rank: 125

    Type: Capitalist State Or Socialist State

    Like If U Agree!

  16. Country : McDonalds
    Capital : Bulgarian Fries
    Currently allied with Soviet union
    Millitary : nerf guns

    Comment to be civilian

  17. Territories: 3
    Owners: me , pheobe , Riley
    Mainland:back yard
    Name of country: Australiala

  18. Swim Republic:

    Capital: Storm City Bay
    Major cities: Swahama Harbor (Swa-hama), Wellingston (Well-ing-ston), Vilair (Vil-air)
    Anthem (Pretty Damn long) “Orange stripes”

    In the mi -sts of light
    Might is held right-full-y
    And the freedom
    From the kingdom
    Through thr-ough
    The blood spilled
    On the battle-field
    The leak shall be ave-nged
    On the home of the free
    And brave

    Verse 2:

    What has brought blood-shed
    Th-rough what land of the am-end-ed
    Which burns through the ci-ty
    The enemy bears clos-er to
    The first bat-tle
    Our army has ris-en
    To stop the opp-os-er
    That walks on the soil
    Of the home of the free
    And the brave!

    Verse 3:

    On the shore a-waits thee
    Who opposes our precious free-dom
    What king-dom op-poses this land
    Exp-losions blast mid-air
    What is that flag that bar-rels?
    It shines will-ingly in gods lig-ht
    ‘Tis the Orange Striped Banner!
    May it wave over the soil
    Of the home of the free
    And the brave!

    Verse 4:
    Wake up, Soil-der, from your dead-ly sleep
    The en-emy bears clos-er to the core
    Now, we must fight, de-fend our free-dom
    Than be slaves under cont-rol
    Re-take what was our land,
    We must raise the flag,
    Over the land of the free, and the

    Verse 5:
    The en-em-y will not sur-ren-der
    Give ‘em glory from god him-self
    Our en-em-ies shall bow down.
    From which glory was giv-en
    From god him-self,
    Now or never, we will res-tore
    What was lost from the glory,
    Over the soil of the free,
    And the brave!

    Motto: From the ashes we awake, we will not stop until the enemy falls into darkness or surrenders

    Form of government: Capitalist
    Language: Swimese, English

  19. Country name: Xzarland (pronounced like Tsar as in Tsar Bomba)
    Location: All of my house
    Capital: My room (Xzarlania)
    Cites: Xzarlania, Xzaralon(Living Room), Xzarstrong(Gym), Xzaronom(Kitchen), Xzarisshit(Bathroom), Xzaromaniac(Other Bathroom), Mistakesweremade(Parents room), New Detroit(Oldest Bro's room), Axerom(Other bro's room), Rush B(Backyard) All halls are Unnamed Cites 13 Total ,
    Military: You may enlist using the form here: So far: 0
    King: Me ;D
    Language: Written, Xzarian and English, Spoken, English
    Population, The likes on this comment

  20. My Micronational Republican Empire:
    The United Republic of Cossackia, Karelia, and Corsica
    Language: Chinese, Russian, Filipino, German, English
    Currency: Philippine Pesos, Minecraft Dollars
    Territory: 1% of Philippines, 99% Minecraft
    Status: Commonwealth under Filipino rule…and we are ok with that.

    Ask me if you want more info.

  21. If you want to create your own nation then just go on NationStates like I did.

  22. My Country

    Name Cheshire Empire
    Capital Chester
    Language Welsh English Pig Latin
    Anthem God Save The King

  23. My Country

    Name: United State of Treelandia

    Territorys: 2 (there Islands AKA My Aunts and Grandmas houses)

    Population: 1 ( So far just me )

    President: Dog

    Mayor & Government: Cats

    Language: English

    Military: Some dogs and a RC car

    Birthdate: April 18 2019

    Capital: My house

    Religion: Catholic

    Weapons: Nerf guns with infinite bullets & Airsoft guns

    Urban legend: If you dig deep enough in the garden, you will find the dead body of General. Cat.

    Most used technology: Samsung Galaxy J 10, PS4, and Microsoft Windows 10
    Type: Communuist

    Comment if you wanna be part of it. Plus you'll make President Doggo happy. (Free cats & Puppies if you come!)

  24. My nation

    Name: Sbronak
    Ideology: Fascism
    Capital: My room
    Fuhrer: Me
    Population: 7, maybe 8 😉
    Languages: English, German, Russian

  25. My country
    Republic Of Georgia-Korea
    Capital:Republic of Rustavi-korea
    Military:10042 nukes. 742113 soldiers.30005 tanks,601414 real guns
    Population:7421415 ( the real is 8m population)
    how to learn rebulic of georgia-korea:first learn korean and next georgia
    Thats my country

  26. My country again
    Republic of magari var
    president:dead Bush

    how to learn republic of magari var Get memes or russia will say to u cyka blyat

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