How to impress your Society’s Priya Prakash

Oh, look there. Oh My God, Lolita I just found who my Girl is going to be. Guys, please. Just leave it to the smart guy, will you,
please? Searching on web – 10 Things to impress
your neighbor. This is not how you impress a Girl
You need to build some muscles Mimics – You need to build some muscles Guys look at this new trending video Don’t you have any work, just sit around
all day. (Writing Hindi poetry) You are just so good with writing. You were supposed to be born someplace else
with that talent. (Writing Hindi poetry) If doing pushups would have helped impress girls then why most of the guys who hit the
gym are still single If writing poetry would have impressed girls
then why is Gulzar saab still single. (Knock, knock)
God, please help me. Hello, Pushpil
Hi I have got Prasad for you. Okay, Thank you. Please eat it. Yeah, Sure
Sure, you will eat it? Yes, yes I will. It is a Prasad specially for you. Hey, what happened? This bike is not starting. Oh, get down for 1 minute, let me fix it for
you. Done, Try it now. (Starts engines) Thanks
See, it started. Okay Bye. Pushpil should be coming in sometime from office. Today I will read this poem to her. Jai mata di, lets Rock!!! When did this happen? Guys look at this new trending video
Hey bro, listen. Hey Bro, Even I will do like this. Even I will empress girls like this. Go, Go, go from here…

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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