29 thoughts on “How to Eat a Typical Japanese Meal at Home | Innovative Japanese Culture

  1. This was a great video! I miss the vocab and grammar breakdown of the sentences, though. Will you be doing that on the next video? Thanks for this!

  2. pretty much like Vietnamese. also you shouldn't stand your chopsticks vertically in your bow. Instead, place them on the chopstick rest.

  3. Really helpful indeed, but is so different here. In my country is considered really bad manners when you grab a bowl to eat, or make noises when you eat (like eating noodles in Japan) 
    I'm gonna have a hard time this December when I visit Japan

  4. If u have to hold the bowl with your fingers at the bottom, what happens when the bowl is hot at the bottom?

  5. I love how Japan has proper table manners and ways to eat food. In America, I feel like that's not a thing. It's just "here's some food, so eat it". It's really weird.

  6. Thanks you so much! These video are so useful! But I just have a little question. How we eat rice here, because it might be difficult to eat only with sticks…

  7. I'm curious to the proper way to eat a roasted fish properly with chopsticks. I've made a mess every time, but I'm sure it can be done neatly 🙂

  8. Thank you, good to know, but what if the bowl is too hot, and you can't hold it with your bare hands?

  9. Well, I guess I won't be having this problem when eating over or in a Japanese family home meal because I eat like this sometime ^^

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  11. I liked the video. very useful. I'd like to ask a question. I'm left handed. it there a problem if a use the chopsticks with my left hand? thank you.

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