How To Build a YouTube Audience Through The Community Tab!

How To Build a YouTube Audience Through The Community Tab!

– A lot of you have been asking for this and it looks as if YouTube
have finally abated. If you have over 1000 subscribers, you’ve probably been
seeing this notification. You now have access (megaphone amplifies)
to the Community Tab. – [Man] VidIQ – [Woman] VidIQ – [Man Whispers] VidIQ dot com (mellow hip hop music) Over the past year if
you’ve been sifting though the subscription feed on you
mobile YouTube application. You may have been wondering where are the these
Voting Poles coming from? Why can I see a picture or why is this channel
advertising another channel? These are all Community Posts
that have been available to some creators, over 10,000
subscribers for a while. It’s been available to
some selected channels under 10,000 subscribers, but now it seems to be
rolled out to all channels above 1000 subscribers. So that’s the first question. Do you have the Community
Tab feature available? Do let us know in the comments below. Hello everybody. Welcome to VidIQ. My name is Rob. If this is your first
time in these glorious YouTube surroundings, we
are the tool and channel that aims help you get
more views in less time by educating you on your YouTube journey. Our Chrome extension tool
will help you analyze YouTube, research videos, audit your own channel and take actionable steps. It is free to download. A link is in the description. The Community Tab then, I did an “everything you need
to know” video about this a year ago when we first
got our hands on it. So if you want to know the ins and outs of what it is and how to use it, check that video out. Here though are some dos and don’ts. General, super obvious advice first. If you’ve either just
got the Community Tab or you’ve had it for months, use it. You will be amazed at the results. We often find that when we
post in the Community Tab we get as much engagement and feedback as we do from videos that
we spent hours making. Voting Poles in particular
are so easy to make and you get so much feedback from them. In our case, thousands of
votes and dozens of responses. If you want to canvas a
percentage of your audience in five minutes, then
asking them a question putting a Voting Pole in a community tab is the fastest way to do it. And then maybe you could use the results from a Community Tab post for a video. Just like we did with our
channel trailer video. Which you can watch over here. For video creators there’s
a really exciting aspect of Community Posts, but for YouTube users this is terrifying, because what YouTube will do is occasionally send these Community Posts to people who aren’t even subscribed to the channel. Now I was stunned when I saw this in the
YouTube help article. So I thought, what better way
to find out if this is true by posting a Community Tab poll about it. And guess what the results where. (chime dings) More than 40 percent of the
1500 people who answered either weren’t subscribed to VidIQ or had no idea who we were. Now that probably wasn’t
a super accurate result, but you have to imagine that some of those people that responded genuinely don’t subscribe to VidIQ. So imagine being able to reach people who haven’t officially
invested in your content through clicking on the
subscription button. There is something to bear in mind before you jump into the
YouTube Community Tab however. It’s not like your traditional
social media timeline like Twitter and Facebook. People are on YouTube to watch videos, so they don’t want to know how many cups of coffee
you’ve had in the morning or when you took the dog out for a walk. One Community Post a day is recommended. And the simple reason is,
as we mentioned earlier, this gets into people’s subscription fees. So if all they’re seeing is posts from you and no actual video content. They’re either gonna remove posts from their subscription feed, or worse yet, unsubscribe
from your channel. Back to things you should be doing with the Community Tab. First one being. (finger snaps) Yes, what you’re seeing here is a gif or a gif, whatever you want to call it. YouTube Community Posts support these. I am surprised that feeds
aren’t littered with gifs but presumably not enough people know that you can use them
in the Community Posts. Regardless, now you know you can use this to tease a bit of the footage
from your videos content. This strategy is generally
known as breadcrumbing and Cute Girls Hairstyles, with its five and a half
million subscribers, does this to perfection. They create Voting Polls on topics based on videos that are upcoming, and they advertise them
in the Poll itself. Once they’ve created awareness
through this Voting Poll and then the video goes live, they’ll post again reminding
people of the video. Just in case it’s not hit
peoples subscription feeds. Judging from the engagement
they get from these girls, Cute Girls Hairstyles is a template for how to use a Community Tab. Now before you leap into the Community Tab and have some fun with it. Now might be a good
time to remind yourself of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. The last thing you want to do is lose this tool the moment you get it. So make sure you don’t post any sexual, harmful, hateful, violent content. No harassment, spam, threats, copyrights. Ya, just use your common sense. I like to think of the Community Tab as YouTube’s megaphone. It has the power to not
only reach your audience but those beyond with a powerful message. Just make sure you use it responsibly. If you’re an experienced
hand with the community tab or your brand new to it. Let
us know in the comments below your experience, stories and tips. (megaphone amplifies)
To infinity and beyond. (deep raspy breathing) (low rumbling clicks)

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “How To Build a YouTube Audience Through The Community Tab!

  1. The community is brilliant!! YouTube made a good move here, but I still laugh at how many big youtubers don’t take advantage of it. Throwing up your old content or someone else’s and tagging them is so amazing. They can see that you appreciate their video , or it works well for simple collaborations. I’ve asked large channels to share my content in their community and it’s worked out great.

  2. Greetings from California USA 🇺🇸 hello my friend 😃👋Very nice informative and interesting video I don’t have 1K yet but I am very close to that goal!!! Tfs 👍🏻support

  3. I'm VERY excited about the community tab. I've already been using it. It's a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, and get more engagement. I never thought about putting up gif's, or sneak peeks. Etc. These are very helpful. Thank you bud


    Go watch my new video on you tube I make a twitter header speedart must watch!! 🌀💙

  5. We've been over 1k subs for a couple months now, but the community tab just became available 2 days ago! So excited!

  6. My channel has 247,000 subscribers, so when I use the community tab to alert my viewers of a premiere (for example ) I get the usual 5 to 10 who show up, this is aside from the premiere notifying all those who selected the bell. When I use the community tab to do a poll, I get about 75 out of 247,000 who actually vote. When I use the community tab to say " hey check out this video I made 2 years ago " , I usually get 400 to 500 views over a few days from the post. Or in financial terms, about 35 cents. I like the community tab, but I wish it went out to all my subs, and not just those who selected the bell, which basically eliminated 97% of my base. I worked hard to get the subs and to see them selectively removed by YouTube's bell system is extremely disheartening , and in reality, it's not fair. Thanks for the great videos.

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  9. I just recently have hit 1,000 subscribers like 4 days ago. Now I can't wait to get the community tab !!
    P.S. HUGE thanks VidIQ for helping me to get 1K with your amazing tool 😀

  10. The only reason you get thousands of votes is because there are tens of thousands of people hoping you will guide them to success

  11. What percentage (of your subscribers) of engagement do you get on average when you post polls, questions etc on the community tab?

  12. I just saw this was activated on my channel, as I don't often check the notifications themselves, but my first thought, given your regular coverage of the feature, was "I need to tell Vidiq!" 🙂

    Not only that, but I'd somehow already posted on it! The video I made on Sunday was posted on it. No-one commented on it, so I didn't even know about it, but I thought with 1600+ subs, it was my active channel which activated it, not the 1000+ aspect.

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  19. I think smaller channels should be able to use the community tab, too. It would be great for engaging with subs. Seems a little much that you have to have 1000 before you can, something to definitely look forward to in the future

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