How To Be An Alpha Male WITHOUT Being An A$$hole

How To Be An Alpha Male WITHOUT Being An A$$hole

Do you need to be an alpha male? What is
an alpha male? We’re going to talk about that just a second. I’m Ben Alexander
from The Legends Academy, helping you with your confidence, dating &
relationships and financial freedom, and today I’m coming to you from Melbourne
Australia. I was asked the question at my event that I did here in Melbourne last
night and one of the guys said you know “What what do you think about the whole
idea of the alpha male?” So let’s, let’s think about that. So what is an alpha
male? Well the concept of the alpha male comes from when we used to live in
smaller tribal groups, and he was the guy that was in charge of all the resources,
he would control all the hunting, he would control all the people in the
tribe. He was kind of the go-to guy for any problems or conflicts and he had the
final say in what would happen, and because of this, he was the most
attractive guy in the tribe as well. So that’s where the concept comes from
originally. Now, he had certain personality characteristics that meant
that the people in the tribe were able to tell he was the alpha male without
him necessarily needing to wear a little label around his neck or a badge to tell
people that that was who he was. And we see this also in the animal kingdom. So
you’ll see you know the alpha male in the tribe of lions, or the pride of lions
is called, and he will be the one there, there’s all the females, they all want to
want to mate with him and any other male lions that come and want to try and join
the the pride, he will actually have a face-off with them and either retain his
dominance or will be overthrown. Now it’s not quite as brutal as that in in the
human society, but there are still characteristics that are prevalent that
will determine and tell other people whether or not you are the alpha male,
and as a result of that you’ll get treated a different way, and particularly
with women you will get you’ll become either more or less desirable depending
on whether or not you’re communicating those traits of authority and confidence.
So let’s look at some of the ways you can convey yourself as being more of an
alpha male and more confident in those ways. So one of the first qualities is
speaking with a loud voice. So speaking with loud voice. What it does is it
actually draws a lot of attention to you from people. Even like right now for
example, I’m making this video and I’m standing on this bridge and there’s
there’s a bunch of people walking past as you can see, and I’m just carrying on
talking and I’m not really responding or reacting to those people around me, and
what that would communicate to anyone watching me right now is I’m quite a confident person because I’m not worried about
being judged or criticized by other people. And talking loud is one example
of that because obviously when you’re talking loudly, people are going to know
what you’re, what you’re saying. they’re going to hear you. They’re going
to be looking at you and obviously you could take a bit more criticism. You’re
going to get attention from other people in the environment who may or may not
like what you’re saying and it takes a really confident person to be able to
deal with that. So if you’re walking around talking really quietly people are
going to assume that you’re just trying to not draw any attention to yourself
and you’re not as much of a confident guy. So that’s one way, talking a lot more
loudly. Another way is actually your eye contact. So a lot of people when they’re
talking to other people, they have wavering eye contact or they’re
flinching. So if you were talking to a girl for example you might not be able
to hold eye contact with her because you’re worried that she’s going to be
looking into your soul or she’s going to be sensing or reading your body language
or knowing whether or not you’re confident or not confident. So another
great way it’s actually hold a lot more eye contact with people when you’re
talking with them, and you want to be aiming for at least sixty percent of the
time you’re talking with somebody to be making eye contact with them. Just the
way I’m making eye contact you right now looking into this camera lens when I’m
talking to you. So that’s another great way, and the last great way I’ll touch on
tonight it’s actually the tonality of your voice that you’re using in
conversation. Because there isn’t just one way of using your voice and saying
something. I’m sure you’ve heard that expression: “It’s not what you say, it’s
how you say it.” And this is so true in terms of communicating your confidence
to other people when you’re meeting them, especially women! So if you’re coming
across as permission seeking, usually you’ll be asking more what we call a
‘question tonality’, so you might say things like “Can I have your number?” or
also, “What do you do?”, and you’ll notice the end, at the end of the sentence, your
voice is going in an upwards inflection, and this is communicating that you’re
not sure yourself, you’re not confident and you’re almost seeking permission and seeing if it’s okay, and you’re trying really hard to keep everything nice and
make the person like you. So that’s obviously not a very confident trait, so
what you need to do instead is talking a lot more of a confident way by actually
using a bit more of a neutral tone, a tonality, or even more of a
authoritative or command tonality. So if we look at people that are in in situations
of authority, you see people like the police for example, or you see
politicians, or even your parents when they’re mad at you, and they might say
things like “Go to your room!” or “Go to this!” or “Don’t do this!” [BOAT HORN SOUNDS] This person’s trying to get in on the video to with his beeps on the ferry down
there. So what this is doing is it’s it’s telling them that you’re expecting a
positive response or you’re expecting that the instruction you’re giving is
going to be followed. So we don’t want to go around obviously being bossy and
bossing people around and telling them what to do, but what we can do is say if
we wanted to get a girl’s phone number for example, instead of saying [In a weak voice] “Can have your number?”, like asking for permission like “Is it
okay? You could say no?” like that. Instead we want to say [In confident voice] “Oh, let me grab your
number”. “Let me grab your number, so you’re 0-4…” [Girl] “6-7-1” [Ben] …you know, it just sounds like a
lot more confident, a lot more sure of yourself, and like you’re expecting to
get the positive response or the positive outcome that you actually want.
So this is some really simple examples of how to communicate yourself as more
of an alpha male or more of a confident guy, an attractive guy, and I really hope
you take these on board today so if you’ve enjoyed this video then please
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your tips were demonstrating yourself as more of a confident and alpha male?
Because I’d love to hear that too. So thank you so much for watching today and remember to stay Legendary out there!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

38 thoughts on “How To Be An Alpha Male WITHOUT Being An A$$hole

  1. It's very simple alterations to ones persona that really begin to make them realize their outward effect on others. Good advice.

  2. That's some good info. I think the biggest thing is to have great body language because before you even talk the them that is what they will see and judge you on. So before you can implement those tips people can determine if you are an alpha male or not. I know good posture is a sign of that and your style can help too. Even things down to how fast or slow you walk and how calm you carry yourself can determine if you are an alpha male or not

  3. Hi, thanks that really helps! I meet this girl almost everyday, I really like her whereas I don't know her (we usually say "morning'" and that's it) and I can't figure out how to really talk to her since I know almost nothing about her, and without making her uncomfortable as she seems as shy as me (EDIT: OK JUST WATCHED THE "How not to be shy" video YOU'RE RIGHT, I'M NOT SHY ANYMORE!). Just wondering if you have any piece of advice / video about that?

  4. I'm not sold on #1. I know lots of alpha/confident males who do NOT speak loudly. They are comfortable and confident speaking at low volumes. It's more about the confidence and body language we possess.

  5. you look like a scrawnier crazy russian hacker
    and im not even sure why im here bc im a girl and have no intrest in becoming an alpha male, but i am a good leader

  6. I thought you were holding your hand like a Italian then I noticed you were actually holding a Mic. lol

  7. Nice video, however it's body language, them that speak alot often have very little to say.
    It's about yourself doing what makes you happy.
    Income is a main factor also, using money the complete one's goals.
    The women can tag along, to many guy focus on these women.
    Screw that, get money INCOME to better yourself and provide for your family.
    The women, push them aside and build a business of the kind.
    They fit the wall, and become humble than you can date one.
    Make yourself happy, do whatever you want.
    The women can just tag along and by part of your plan, but only when you say it's ok.
    Ignore her if she is very pretty, let her speak to you first.
    Speak only when spoken too.
    I see a attractive woman and I turn my head in the opposite direction.
    My attire and attitude speaks for me.
    #1. Stop thinking about these women, think and yourself and income and build wealth.
    Most women are liers and cheaters ,so don't change for them better yourself for yourself.

    Turn a hubby into a stream of income Amazon and Shopify's platforms are easy.
    There is no reason why a man can't make his own money.

    The women that brush you off now will see you in a more positive light once you better yourself.
    Income guys and a new wardrobe with colors that flatter you.
    That Woman can wait, once you better yourself and extend respect for others, others will speak on your behalf.
    You won't need to approach women once others speak well of you.
    Then the women will watch and want to date you.
    Body language, income , and respect of others.
    When it comes to beautiful women,TURN YOUR HEAD and SPEAK ONLY WHEN SPOKEN TOO.👍
    Thanks for the video

  8. If someone hasn't this kind of mindset from the start, it's impossible for someone doing what you are sayin'. I'm not alpha and I can't faking my personality? What about the fact that the real problems here are women. They just watch the surface, the social status and everything superficial. Sorry not interested. Loneliness is way more acceptable in this scenario.

  9. This is only showing idiots how to act like Alfa but not to be one ☝️ this is why you see so many idiots everywhere

  10. Society wants to put you down because they are jealous and afraid of your power. Stay away from them do your own thing. Remember eat a lot of vitamins and amonoacids. You have to stay strong.

  11. I would define an Alpha Male this way.

    In short, a TRUE Alpha Male will be a man who takes charge in his life, he doesn't wait for life to come to him, but goes out and makes it for himself. He is honorable, he is honest, he keeps his word when he gives it, he doesn't run from hard work; but rather embraces it, and he doesn't mince his words, but states by his WORDS, and through his ACTIONS as to who he is, what he wants and where he is going.

    He has a clear cut path that he is on, and those that want to join him may do so, and to those that don't wish to, he doesn't beg them to come along, but rather he walks away and doesn't look back.

    He has clear cut standards for himself, as to what he will and will not do, and will ONLY give the gift of his time to those who show themselves DESERVING of such, meaning only those who treat him with RESPECT, and also recognizes that if he wants the respect of others he has to be willing to show that toward them.

  12. A few things. First off, I try not to moderate my behavior to please other people or create a certain reaction. We all do this to some degree; but unless I'm really interested in a person; I tend to ignore them. I don't ask for peoples' numbers… I give out mine with the expectation that they will reach out to me. If they don't… I don't notice; because I'm busy living my life and have most likely forgotten about them. They stand out, when THEY make the effort. I'm all about putting forth less effort for greater return. There are times when I'm super excited and I'll show that depending on what my objective is; but I tend to be pretty selfish. I'm ok with this. I'd rather be with a person who likes me for me; than try to pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm highly intelligent, driven, have many interests, plans, and have a fire within me that can never be quenched.

    I attract all kinds of women; but I know what I like; and tend to hold off for higher quality women. Curves and all that are nice; but I don't want an airhead. I want someone who can keep a conversation going, who has a BROAD and DEEP sense of humor, and who cares about other people. I care about other people; but NOT to the detriment of myself.

    Have no idea if this makes me an alpha, beta, sigma, or whatever and don't really care. This world will feel my impact before I die, plain and simple; and in the process, I will enjoy the ride.

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