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  1. The response to this video has been amazing so far you wonderful nerds! We cannot thank you enough! The amount of people who picked up on Skrull-Scott being an allegory for my own recent battle with Impostor Syndrome without me having to be super-obvious about it has been overwhelming to say the least!

    This was the first video I have produced using the new set/surroundings/audio set up/lighting and I appreciate you guys sticking with me while we get things optimised!

    Along with you guys watching I have so many other people to thank for their help in making this video including:

    – DKlarations who did an incredible 1950s announcer! (https://twitter.com/DKlarations)
    – Mydumbquestion who voiced a smug film producer!
    – TristanPEJ not only voiced a couple ofquotes about Cold War Marvel heroes, but also wrote the chunk of the video summarising the Cold War! (https://twitter.com/TristanPEJ)
    – DaveDJJohnson for supporting on the community side of things, and helping my plot to replace all of SCB with Skrulls! (https://twitter.com/DaveDJJohnson)
    – MattDraper who gave me so much info on Night of the Living Dead! (https://www.youtube.com/MattDraper)

    All of the thanks! Be sure to let me know what you think of the new set up, the video, the subject and anything you can think of in the comments!


  2. It’s a miracle, you are legitimately one of the few YouTubers I’ve ever seen (left or right leaning) that actually made politics interesting

    Also I thought the skrulls were 1000x more interesting than Danvers’ story. Idk how to properly explain it but, the movie just feels like a missed opportunity to me Carol Danvers wise

  3. On the point of Communism, Socialism, and other forms of Marxism, crimes against humanity were being committed by Stalin's USSR and Mao's China. More people have died under such regimes than in both World Wars.

  4. It's a great reference to their origin story, in which they helped the Krees with Technology… And they simply slaughtered them, because the Skrulls withdraw their previous offer of sponsorship… But would have been interesting that there was a Skrull defender… Such as Super Skrull… Also, would've been nice to have the original Capitan Marvel Mar'Vell (God, the redundancy), as a link explaining the powers of the Brie Larson's character…

  5. Your video montage about the HUAC, McCarthy & others was poorly done and listed many events out of chronological order. Please review the actual historical records, rather than the leftist propaganda.
    Note that I am not saying that the HUAC was justified, or that McCarthy was right or any of that. But I am saying that you're implying that McCarthy had much more power and influence over events than he did and that certain events happened because of other events when they did not.

    I have to say that, around 12:30, when you talk about the early Fantastic Four comics, you got it *entirely wrong*. It's right there on the panel *you show*. Ben Grimm says "we've gotta use that power to help mankind". Then, in the stories that followed, they used their powers to stop extra-ordinary threats that the ordinary police/military/etc. could not. They went on scientific adventures, not brought criminals to justice. This is the real reason the Fantastic Four comic fell out of favor for so long under the SJW Marvel… because the Fantastic Four aren't SJWs. The Fantastic Four are "Science Heroes" in the tradition of Doc Savage… not vigilante heroes in the tradition of The Shadow, or even Spider-Man.
    Also, they didn't "Go Against The Government" in order to launch their rocket… they circumvented regulations in order to advance scientific knowledge. It was never about "fighting the power" or "taking matters into their own hands", but instead about "fighting against ignorance". Of course, it turns out that the Government was right to tell them not to go… without a fluke of comic-book physics, Reed Richards leads his three friends to their horrific deaths of *all the cancers*.
    Great… then you bring up Bruce Banner & the Hulk and somehow blame the government for Banner becoming the Hulk instead of blaming the idiot Rick Jones for ignoring the warning signs and driving out into the absolute middle of nowhere to be a hippie.

    At 24:50, when you said the filmmakers behind Captain Marvel are a lot smarter than you… I'm not sure if you're overly-praising them, or under-estimating yourself. Having the Skrulls turn out to be "space refugees" made at least half the scenes in the first half of the movie *make no sense in context*. They amounted to "Danvers thinks that Skrulls are bad-guys, so they should act like bad-guys until suddenly they don't!" Also, anyone who knew anything about Marvel Comics… or just watched Agents of Shield… already knew that the Kree were bad-guys.
    A movie where Captain Marvel has to race (and fight) against two evil alien forces that both have the same goal would've made for a better movie. The "reveal" that the Kree are just as bad (if not worse) than the Skrulls would've made for much better conflict and character growth.

    Comic Books DO have significant cultural and historical value… not because they provide social allegory, but because they provide inspiration. The comics of the 50's, 60's & 70's showed "the good one man can do". They showed us that "with great power, comes great responsibility". Comic Books often showed the importance and value of the Police & Firefighters as well. The X-Men showed us that, even if you're different and people don't like you, it's still better to be a good person and work towards acceptance instead of trying to force people to accept you.

  6. I have theese charecters that i made in a dream named the sprinkles who look almost exactly like the person they become but have slight imperfections their look. The sprinkles are evil by the way.

  7. Lol now we have avowed communists in our government. And there's a new "red" scare. Fear of conservatives and blackballing them from work or outing them and beating them in public settings like in Portland.

    Oh how time changes.

  8. Honestly I still want them to be bad. Haveing tricked captain marvel they knowing they couldn't beat her at the time so they tricked her and then in the next movie at the end they capture her and infiltrate as a fake captain marvel the new villian. Bringing up the question, how do the avengers deal with someone who pretty much owned Thanos. This also sets up a lot of conflict with captain marvel and gives her something to potentially build off of.

  9. For the record, if you give in to the wilfully ignorant, too afraid to confront politically controversial topics, in the future, then I will unsubscribe from this channel out of sheer disappointment. Shaking my head like a disapproving father.

  10. a few years ago I commented that I wished you would stick closer to the comic. what I ment by that, was a deeper analysis of the character or event in the comicbook. what you did back then was picking a topic on psychology and then wrap the whole thing around that, instead of picking a character or event, and look at it from diffrent angles. I kinda get that these days from wisecrack, but if this is your jam keep at it. Im glad you went away from the cheap facts, (even though I did like them quite a bit) I like this video though.

    good seeing you in good health.

    also Neighborhood man!

  11. Honestly, I like the skrulls idea in concept, but the fact that captain marvel had little to do with her own finding out skrulls=good kree=bad, I honestly think it would be better if she found this out on her own, having not been told by talos, but rather figured it out after committing war crimes or something, and had more emphasis put on smuggling them through.

  12. This video made me subscribe to your channel. I want you to know this was a a great video and I like the content of your channel.

  13. If the skrulls are an allegory for muslims, Super Skrull could possibly be an allegory for people who gave all of them a bad name, like Bin Laden, and lead to them being generalised in some kind of prequel.

  14. Scott, THANK YOU for making us think! I love the direction you've given to your channel. Your video essays are always carefully crafted and honestly I believe that you have many interesting and thought-provoking things to say. Don't doubt yourself!
    Love, a comic-book nerd.

  15. Trump ain’t lying he says crimes they really do most don’t but there is a risk and I can’t trust them when most criminals are refugees I not against the race bu the crime

  16. i just dont like it because of 2 reseons.
    this means secret invasion is not gonna happen.
    and captain marvel whas not that good of a movie.
    the idee tho is great. its just i would like it that some other race whas chosen besides the skrulls.
    welp maybe they are gonna make a secret invasion somehow

  17. Interesting and entertaining video like always! Mirroir Noir is French for Black Mirror which would suggest that the doppelgänger was a bit French. Québécois perhaps?

  18. I feel like you could have explained the original comicbook Skrulls origins, The Red Scare and McCarthyism faster and stay on theme more. The title is how the movie, Captain Marvel changed who the Skrulls are, not what the origins and real world representation of the Skrulls are. Both of those things do have a role in this video but not they should not be the majority of the video length. You get into the actual topic 23:00 minutes into the video, that is ridiculous! You change topics at 28:30. This video really should only be 6 or 7 minutes long depending on how long you make your intro and outro. Take out your manufactured plot with your "Skrull" imposter and the video should be even less.

    To boil it down, the reason Captain Marvel changed the Skrulls is 1. Captain America Winter Soldier already did it like you mentioned. Doing the Hydra invade SHIELD early in the MCU caused Marvel to make two big changes to future movies. Cap and Tony switch ideologies for Civil War and Captain Marvel's Skrulls and Kree switch roles. The Skrulls are not a warlike race who invade planets to conquer them but refugees trying to hide from the ever expanding Kree Empire. 

    What you did not mention is that there is also a second reason as to why Captain Marvel "probably" changed the Skrulls. I say probably because I don't know if this is a legit reason or not but I find it a very convenient correlation. Reason #2: Guardians of the Galaxy already introduced us to a bad, world conquering Kree. It planted the idea that the Kree are a bad, conquest seeking empire race. Even though Ronan was a rogue Kree in GOTG, he still was the first introduction to the Kree race for us. We found out in Captain Marvel Ronan wasn't a radical in the movie and defected because of his militaristic ways. He acted alongside his fellow Starforce teammates to eliminate Carol. All the Kree were ruthless and those high enough in the government to know the truth about the Skrulls were even worse. Ronan as a Starforce member would know about the true motives of the Kree Supreme Intelligence. 
    Plot wise AND already hinting at what the race actually are like is why Marvel changed who the Skrulls are.

  19. very insightful and very entertaining video full of history and facts you are my favorite youtube channel to watch and I personally think that you do not have Impostor syndrome as you put it but that you are exploring your personal development and evolution which is always a good thing

  20. I may be late to the party, but… Well done, sir. Well done. Your best video so far. #freeBasementScott

  21. They do it in Doctor Who. Hostile Aliens wish to conquer and Doctor Who which is the third doctor in the new series, says that you must have a file on me and I am protecting Earth, so do you really want to go against me. And that works the invasion is about it and the hostile aliens leave.

  22. An unjustly oppressed figure living in the basement, underneath the wooden floor? Where have I seen that before?

  23. I don't comment often and watch waaaay to few of your videos but i have to say i love your deep looks into comics and i hope you keep up this awesome work.

  24. I'll grant the fear of Communism in the Red Scare was somewhat overblown, but as we're discovering, it was founded on a core of truth. Communism is indeed taught at universities, and used to skew the results they give us, a process that is direct fraud. This needs to be stopped, not applauded.

  25. I’m still not happy that the Skrulls aren’t evil and we’ll never get the Secret Invasion storyline. That’s the one loss from this.

  26. Jump to 24:50 if you just want to know about skrulls in captain marvel without hearing this guy blabbering for 25 minutes

  27. The plot about the monsters defendign earth is taken from history


    When Harald Bluetooth sought to invade iceland he was deterred by stories of fantastical monsters defending the land.

  28. Sorry you had to do disclaimers to have an intelligent discourse in your videos. You make me wonder how much hate mail Rod Serling received in his hayday. Oh and FCUK McCarthy.

  29. It is just beyond naive to just label sides of a war, an intergalactic war at that, as good or bad. There are simply factions that work to support their interests, the conflict comes when those interests conflict with each other. Talos might be a "good" skrull, bit there are multiple galaxies with these aliens who might not be as peaceful.

  30. Should the Kree be Always Chaotic Evil race?

    n general, some were disappointed the Captain Marvel film largely did not explore the Kree society or make them more sympathetic than Always Chaotic Evil space fascists, since in the comics they have frequentely helped heroes like Nova and the Avengers in the storylines Annihilation and Infinity and they have cool giant robots and heroic characters like Noh-Varr, Ko-Rel, Bean and the Priests of Pama. Though, at least Wendy Lawson/Mar-vell was a purely heroic Kree. I mean, they turned the Skrulls into teddy bears just to make the Kree more hateful for Odin's sake.

    We need a Star Trek VI like scenario where the Kree after the Snap are put in the position of needing to make peace wih the rest of the galaxy in order to survive with Carol having to re-evaluate her angry views on them in order to protect the peace.

  31. I'm fine with how the skrulls were potrayed. In the movie it is established that the skrulls are fractured. There could be different factions.

  32. This video, and some of the comments, made me wonder: has any major comic company done a story where the various aliens just get sick of Earth's superheroes playing spoiler in their wars, both internal and external? The only piece of media I've seen that addressed at all was in Soon I Will be Invincible, and it's a minor plot point to explain why the premier superteam disbanded before the beginning of the novel.

  33. How do you think Marvel will work in a Secret Wars storyline with their current interpretation of the Skrulls?

  34. Everything id political. It's nearly impossible to make a apolitical story. And those who don't see that are just having the political themes going over their head.

  35. I think it's pretty obvious that the skrulls in Captain Marvel are an allegory to the Palestinians and changing attitudes toward them.

  36. Americans during this period: the Communists want to destroy our freedom and democracy! we must root out anyone who harbours these political beliefs!

  37. Your insight is wonderful, as always. I enjoyed the change made to the Skrulls because I find shape-shifting villains to be a headache, but pointing out the contextual irony of their paradigm shift allows me to appreciate them on a whole new level!

  38. 25:33 "Not black and white"? Are you serious? Where exactly was the gray in that "all kree are abusive, facist monsters" message?

  39. Don't criticize my brain, before my brain, criticizes my brain. If you do that we might disagree, in which case you're wrong until I realize how wrong I was(am?)
    Regardless Eff Yew! Or Eff Yea! IDK. JK. LOLOLZ.

  40. Just wanted to add this point concerning the Kree – There is some serious indoctrination going on. From a young age they're taught that Kree are right and that the Skrulls are evil. Even in the deleted scene of Yon-Rogg and the Supreme Intelligence, the Supreme Intelligence comes off as mentally and emotionally abusive as a way to insure it gets its way. It makes me think of the family that makes up the Westboro Baptish Church and other organizations like it: As soon as you think for yourself, you're disowned (or probably in the Kree's case, killed/imprisoned).

  41. Not everything needs to be political but when something is political I don't think that there is a problem pointing it out.

  42. Hmmm … Captain Marvel could almost be a complete reflection on our own government oppressing immigrants trying to find a better place to live huh?

  43. One of your best videos, man. Seriously, I love to perceive these political / cultural influences and the allegories when I read comics, specially in the 60s and 70s era.

  44. Sorry, had to thumb down this one because you crossed the line from analysing political messaging in media to pushing a political message known by its working title "Orange Man Bad".

  45. For me, it isn't the thing that comics or movies are political, that's fine, there always has been like that. The problem is that now on everything in comics and movies are so into the left.

  46. I am pretty sure there was always or at least a shallow dive beyond the surface of comics with this channel. Can't we have content from both Scotts?

  47. I do think that in many, maybe even most cases that artists don't intend to include political messages into their art. However, it's near impossible for one to divorce themselves from their beliefs, so their political and moral ideologies are reflected in their creations.

    People will still read too much into or put too much importance on some of these messages, but it doesn't mean they don't exist in the medium and that they aren't worth discussing.

  48. 6:15 and a little after..
    These are real fears that Americans have.
    Today. I dont know how youve missed it but. The red scare is back.

  49. In the 2010 Disney series, "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" the Skrulls AND the Kree were fighting over the real estate occupied by earth. Both races wanted to conquer earth. The Kree introduced Ronan – the Accuser, to judge whether earth is worth saving or should instead be destroyed. He judges the earth unworthy of being saved but before the Kree can destroy earth, the Avengers pound Ronan to the ground while S.W.O.R.D takes over the orbiting Kree ship, which is preparing to destroy earth. It's a pretty good story, which is entwined within the Kang the Conqueror story. Very Marvel-esque. Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes series only lasted two seasons (produced by Boyd Kirkland, who died before the end of season 2) but was superior to all subsequent Avengers series' on Disney. (For example: The Disney series(es), "Avengers Assemble", looks like it was written for kids, with the super heroes acting like children playing in a playground. And by season 5, it had COMPLETELY jumped the shark with the whole series revolving around Black Panther.)

  50. This feels like a creative art film with layered references to things like the double and the films you mention in the video itself. Please keep making what you make because it genuinely gives me hope in this bleak absurd existence.

  51. The Cree are Americans.

    BecUse all those asylum seekers? They’re coming from the countries that the US destroyed. The US has been intervening in those countries for over 100 years. The IS created MS13, then trained their leader, setting them free in a country where they’d just dismantled the police force, allowing the gang to spread and gain immense power.

    And then when the people fled from the disaster the US created, the US called them invaders, and are denying them asylum.

    The Cree are the United States leadership, creating refugees, then denying them any opportunity for asylum.

    Damn right Captain Marvel is political!

  52. I like the change on the Skrulls’ character. But it bothers me that they made the Kree the bad guys. Both in the Marvel Universe and in real life I honestly think they should have gone with both sides being the bad guys in war.

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