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  1. You look for history, unic language and så on? Then have a look at Georgia, and make a video about this country, plz! Thx you anyways!

  2. So many achievements, including 2019 where a balding gnome became the first lvl 60 in WoW Classic. Clearly this country births legends

  3. I'm Maltese and got a Maltese Cross tattoo. Some nitwits asked me why I got an alt-right tattoo. Grrrrrrrrr!

  4. Ive been to Malta, i went every where,every road, everything, and i learned alot of history then and now thanks to this i know it more clearly from what i remember and i still LOVE Malta to death, it would be like my little cute tiny island i just love it so much

  5. Thank you for this video, so glad you covered our little island. You made many Maltese fans of your channel very happy😄💕

  6. It's so entertaining watching your own country's history and incredibly funny listening to people pronouncing the names and surnames in a different way than we do.

  7. These videos would be better if you dropped the horribly drawn and exported "fireside anime" character. It really detracts from the overall quality by making it look like they're produced by a child

  8. Paul wasn't shipwrecked on Malta. The text says the ship was adrift in the Adriatic and he was bitten by a poisonous snake when they landed. Malta is neither in the Adriatic nor has poisonous snakes. He actually would have landed on another island called Mljet, which is just off the coast of modern Croatian, which both in the Adriatic and has native poisonous snakes. The trouble is that at the time both islands were named "Melita" and therein lies the confusion.

  9. The medal is actually named the George Cross, and isn't named after King George, but instead St George, the patron saint of England and a symbol of bravery due the famous story of him defeating the dragon. Due to this, the patron saint of Malta is St George, and to this day, Malta has close ties to the UK, actually 77% voted not only to remain part of the British empire, but to become a part of the UK proper, as the 5th nation. But the UN got annoyed so forced Malta to be independent.

  10. I’m British and the one country I can definitely say is our other favourite in European nation is Malta. I went there when I was like 8 and all the people there we the nicest people I’ve ever met 🇬🇧🇲🇹

  11. 8:28 whoa – I've seen that Opera House. I just assumed at the time it was built to look like an old Roman ruin – never would have guessed it was bombed out by the Axis and then LEFT AS IS. That's really amazing, glad they didn't rebuild it cos it looks gorgeous.

  12. The Islamic Ottoman menace getting smacked down by some angry religious men on a tiny island is both lethargic and inspiring.

  13. Please, do not mention Spain as a major participant or factor in any of these things since this would contradict your Black Legend and all the resources spent on it to cover your own genocide of indigenous peoples whereverthe anglosaxon set afoot… pretty please… LEARN TO READ THE RIGHT SOURCES !!! Please…

  14. Pretty please, pay NordVPN and ignore how totallitarian the steat has become until it's all 1984 and we're all turned to useful halal soylent green… FUCK OFF!

  15. 1:19 I like how that dude’s ass is just exposed. Not even sexually or anything, it just looks like his pants were ripped right off his bare ass.

  16. I want an Assassin's Creed game in Malta the Templars and the villagers saving Malta during the great siege 🙂 Ubisoft make it happens or at least a movie 😉

  17. when you were telling this, I imagined throughout all of the Maltese fighting that they all still looked like the hospitallers, but with more advanced weaponry.

  18. tnx for talkin about my little island of birth!!! I rarely hear anything about my home island ! if you guys have any other great vids about malta please send we maltses love hearing ppl talk about our history and land as we rarely get to….. and ps luv all your vids

  19. your children will be communists, your children will praise mao, stalin, kim jung un, karl marx, and engels
    let this warning be known to all
    for the collapse is coming

  20. 0:05 "… and the Ottoman Empire" • shows Hagia Sophia, which was originally built by the Byzantine Empire; Ottomans repurposed it, and added the minarets •

  21. Knights of Saint John just makes me think of angry doctors with big stethoscopes and exceptionally sharp scalpels,marching into battle in wight medical coats over plate armor

  22. Maltese dogs are good, very good! Just lost my Maltese puppy (RIP) he was the best, his existence is how I became interested in Malta lol

  23. As a dane, seeing something that looks identical to my national flag, so far away and having nothing to do with the danes, is so jarring and might be a little drop of thought in said jar, as to where and why the Danes adopted the horisontal cross as their flag, the myth being it fell from the sky during a battle.

    Don't ask, danish history is weird, with our first ever "king" (technically still a chief, I think) being called Gorm the Old

  24. 'biggest army in a millenium for the seige of malta'
    looks at figures for various ottoman armies

    dude.. thats not even in the top 3…

    like, no shame to the maltese, thats still being horridly outnumbered.

    but thats not even close to the size of the last big seige the knights were in i.e the seige of rhodes in 1522 which had a good 100,000 men at least on the turkish side, compared to about a third of that size at malta.

    judging by the forces involved i suspect that had the ottomans ACTUALLY thrown everything they had at malta.. like they did at rhodes, theres no way the maltese would have won without serious reinforcements.

  25. We visited as a family in September absolutely fell in love with the Island, people, history and culture, summer 2020 were looking to move there!

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