High Society: Does Legalizing Marijuana Reduce Crime?

High Society: Does Legalizing Marijuana Reduce Crime?

Many today are calling for and promoting the legalization of marijuana. One of their salient arguments is that legalization will be a blow against organized crime. Is this really the case? As presented on an earlier Viewpoint, entitled
“High Society”, the vast weight of medical opinion, even as articulated on the
Government of Canada website, and by the Canadian Medical Association, is that
marijuana is a dangerous drug, with a host of serious, lasting and in some cases
debilitation side effects, which should not be legalized for social use. So why is it, against general medical opinion, that governments propose legislation to legalize a dangerous drug? A key argument used by proponents is the assumption
that legalizing pot will undermine a key source of income for organized
crime. The position is put forward that legalization would reduce contact of users with the criminal element and hence
lessen the likelihood of contact with more serious drugs. While it is obvious that removal of the criminal
status for marijuana would cause a drop in the crime rate, it does not follow
that the illegal drug trade would be significantly harmed. Even while enforcement of marijuana laws is relaxed, and the drug can still be accessed from storefront operations, the use
of other drugs has not declined. According to a University of Ottawa study,
marijuana is used by at least 2.3 million Canadians. Nearly a quarter million of these users are
between the ages of 12 to 17 years old. Yet despite easier availability and decreased
risk of prosecution, the consumption of even more damaging drugs is increasing. Most empirical research shows that marijuana is a gateway drug to more serious drugs. Whether it is legal or not, organized crime
will benefit from growing marijuana use. Dr. Robert Dupont, first director of the National
Institute on Drug Abuse makes the following observation in the New York
Times: “… people who use marijuana also consume
more, not less, legal and illegal drugs than do
people who do not use marijuana.” He goes on to say: “Legalizing marijuana will
have lasting negative effects on future generations. The currently legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco,
are two of the leading causes of preventable illness and death in the country. Establishing marijuana as a third legal drug
will increase the national drug abuse problem, including expanding
the opioid epidemic.” I recently received a letter that tells the
tragic story of the impact of marijuana. Mr. Kenneth Williams, a 39 year old, wrote: “I was what you would call a third generation marijuana smoker. I was born into it…my first breath taken
in this world wasn’t a lung full of fresh air, but
weed smoke!…I could not learn reading, writing and arithmetic at an appropriate pace
with others my age.” He indicates that marijuana drew him into
a crowd that used “weed” and other drugs. While under the influence of pot he began
committing crimes, as the drug is found to reduce one’s sense of consequence. By the age of 21 he found himself
on death row in an Arkansas prison, convicted of multiple murders, committed
under the influence of the “harmless” marijuana. Today, Mr. Williams, has come to terms with
his situation, and now seeks to warn others who have been, or may be, deceived
by the lie that marijuana is a harmless substance. He has even written a book that will serve
as a warning on this matter. He writes: “I share my story to warn others walking into darkness. Drugs like marijuana have
led many to their deaths or a cold prison cell. It is harmful to users and to the
nation. I am a living witness – at least for the time
being…” Mr. William’s story bears out warnings provided by the CMA and even by the
Government of Canada website. Research and common sense demonstrate that
legalization of marijuana will increase, not decrease, violent drug crime and the results of drug abuse. Legalizing ways
to escape reality only result in a weaker and more violent society, where the only
hope seems to be getting high. There is hope however. Click here to discover the productive, drug-free future in Tomorrow’s World. I am Stuart Wachowicz for Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint. To subscribe to our channel, click here. To access articles, telecasts and booklets from Tomorrow’s World, visit our website: TWCanada.org Is the prohibition of marijuana just a useless holdover from a prudish era? Or, are there measurable and hazardous repercussions to the use of marijuana?

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

28 thoughts on “High Society: Does Legalizing Marijuana Reduce Crime?

  1. I really like what's being said in this video. But it feels likes there is just so much going on, in media, in government, and the public, that I don't know what to think on this topic. Another video on this topic mentions other problems with marijuana. https://youtu.be/CJlqsdezhhk

  2. There is way to much nonsense in this video to go into. This is old thinking… Fear mongering bullshit. Anyone who has every used cannabis could debunk all of these points.

  3. looking at this is like seen some one blindly pushing their religious view upon on others… don't matter is it doesn't make scene they just continue talking about it thinking it will convince people

  4. This guy must high on alcohol, nicotine & caffeine to believe such nonsense. It is absolutely true that criminalization of drugs causes a massive worldwide Organized and Disorganized crime network, extending right into agencies like the CIA, America's support for poppy growing warloards in Afghanistan, Big Banks proven and admitted involvement in Drug Money laundering and financing, 30 thousand dead in Mexico, the destruction of the Nation State there, drug ghettos ruled by drug funded brutal gangs, funding of terrorism, ISIS, mass death due to needless and stupid Heroin overdoses, it is beyond crazy. In fact drug criminalization is ALL ABOUT corporate profiteering, big cash to private prisons, the justice system, Big Banks, the CIA, law enforcement, weapons merchants (drugs flow one direction, weapons flow back in the opposite direction), illicit drug sales being #3 in world trade next to Oil & Weapons.

    Decriminalize all drugs, marijuana legalization is popularly supported by the public –> democracy demands legalization. And like with alcohol and tobacco, education, taxation, modest controls on distribution. is very effective. Tobacco is the most addictive drug known to man, yet an education program has successfully severely curtailed its use. And drug issues are brain chemistry issues, if we spent 1% on scientific research of what we spend on enforcement, we would find biochemical effective methods of treatment.

  5. Talk about bullshit… Every country to legalize has seen SIGNIFICANT reductions in crime and hard drug overdosing, with massive revenue for the state/country. This video is beyond ridiculous and belongs in the 60's

  6. I'm sorry but after watching this video I'm unsubbing from this channel. This seriously is not a balance discussion on the topic, it just propagates a single viewpoint, and one that is actually proven to be false throughout the world.

  7. Lol, his own graphic shows how simply removing criminal status makes less people criminals instantly. Then he said it didn't change how many people use harder drugs. Well because marijuana has nothing to do with harder drugs except the possibility the black market dealer may offer them. Then with 40 seconds he either lies or contradictory about the use of other drugs going up. Last, this guy looks to be kin to the Bush family.

  8. 29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

    31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

    Genesis 1:29-31

    Cannabis is a green herb created by God yet man wants us to believe it was created by the devil?

  9. Canada And the US both have a higher homicide rate (1.68 and 5.35 per 100,000 respectively)
    than The Netherlands (.55 per 100,000). In Canada was weed up to recently illegal and in The US, weed is illegal on federal level (although legal in some states). In The Netherlands, weed exists in a legal limbo. It's illegal by law, but not in practice. You can not be arrested for possessing limited quantities of weed meant for personal use. So, your claim that crime rate goes up is therefor debunked. (I do consider homicide rate a good indicator for crime rate)

  10. Yea it make the Government the Drug Pusher , like the Lottery , that causes people to spend money is that needed for buying food or a bill that is do .

  11. i will say because of this Harmless Drug , i had to walk away from friends that were users and i was not , i could not relate with them even though i thought a lot of them , this Drug put them in a different world and walk of life that i didn't want to be a part of so it separated us from each other in the end .

  12. Where legalisation has been tried on a national scale, such as in Portugal, it has resulted in a large drop in drug related crime.

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