Hieroglyphics vs Hobo Junction

Hieroglyphics vs Hobo Junction

[Dope Breakbeat Playing]>>Casual: Like This
Casual Is Not No Amateur Before You Don’t Know I Got Hoes From Here
To Canada And Plus I Got A Whole Lot Of Flows
I Got Cha’ Hoes On My Jock What The Fuck You Talking About
I Be Breaking Ya’ Rhymes I Made You Like Frankenstein
You’s A Busta’ You Must Ah adjust Tah The Shit I Be Kickin’
Casual Is Not Comin’ Written>>Saafir: You A Type Of Nigga That Will Snitch
And Lie To Get Out Some Funk You Wanna Live In Titty,
Nigga You Still Green You And Your Sister Got The Same Inseam
Panty Liner A Candy Ass Rhymer
You Get Props In North Carolina Some Motherfuckin’Where Where
Where White Boys Dress Up Like Whoridas And Bust Shots At Ducks
And Ride Pickups Trucks In A Stick Up I Know You Bitch Up
I Watched Half Your Crew Fold Like Clothes The Souls of Mischief
Aint Nothing But The Sole of Bitch Shit

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

5 thoughts on “Hieroglyphics vs Hobo Junction

  1. I got the entire tape all the way down to Mike G. In retrospect this is pretty childish stuff and doesn't hold up to the ravages of time. But it was the it back then lol

  2. want to hear the entire thing… heard it live off the radio… back in the 90's in Los Angeles… can you post the whole shiot?

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