Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017 | Epsiode 4

Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017 | Epsiode 4

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor.
That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone.
I should like to help everyone if possible. Begin with breaking news this hour. Videos have emerged from Syia,
claiming to show victims of a chemical attack on a militant held town. An abominable attack, people from all alour the world have reacted disapprovingly to the chemical bombing in Syria. Reports, of atleast one major explosion in the metro system in the city of St. Petersburg. We’re following some breaking news out of London right now, where there has been some kind of firearm or shooting incident outside the house of the parlement in London. Never giving in to terror, and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart. Four people were recovering after their sailboat capsized and crashed into a California pier in a dramatic scene captured on video by multiple witnesses. They were lucky to be alive, considering how violently they were tossed into the pier, he said. We all want to help one another,
Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happing,
not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone.
And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful. This dramatic video shows, Philly firefighters rescue a man from a burning house. Footage shows a man saving a Pelican with Fishing Wire Around its beak. A utility employee is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a man who fell onto the tracks at a subway station in New York. A veteran firefighter has been praised as a hero for rescuing passengers from a burning vehicle that was involved in a three-vehicle pile-up “let’s get the knife, and cut him loose.” “this is why you always want to throw away your balloons, because they go up into the sky and then they usually end up in the ocean.” “And unfortunately seaturtles they like to eat things like jellyfish, so it’s pretty easy to mistake a bag, you know, a plastig bag or one of these shiny balloons for jellyfish.” YouTube: ‘Wild Spirit Nature Channel’ The Estonian Emergency services have released a video showing a fisherman being rescued from a frozen lake. A repairman suffered extensive injuries after being swallowed up by an escalator on Sunday in China. When he removed a flooring section from the machine to proceed with the repair work, it suddenly resumed operation and pulled him under the steps. The repairman was rushed to a local hospital and transferred to an intesive care unit. A police officer stops traffic to help an elderly woman struggling to cross the road. Passengers rescue visually impaired man who fell on MARTA tracks “Two students who fell into a freezing river were rescued through the collaboration of kind-hearted people.” – CCTV+ Captured live from Facebook, video of people being dragged out of wrecked vehicles and one or more persons were still trapped inside. Photographer James Raeburn was testing out some new lenses on March 14 when he happened across a large sheep stuck in the mud of a bog near his home.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017 | Epsiode 4

  1. China needs the how to for escalators cause it seems they cant get it right I seen one of a mother swallowed by one like a monster as the kid watch what a way to be traumatized

  2. Химическая атака в Сирии, снят в Голливуде США

  3. I could watch these all day! There's so much negativity in the world, these videos prove there is hope for the human race. Great video 🙂

  4. The lady at 8:45 can do something else's and something helpful than having a retarded reaction and she can help

  5. not usually one to preach….but the only difference between those dogs etc, and the animals you eat is your perspective. save all animals. go vegan.

  6. oh come on!! there should always be more clips and videos of humanity doing awesome and kind things!! The fact that there is no episode 5, might be because perhaps, humanity has stopped caring? Please make another episode or I'll cry

  7. I love these kinds of video's. It's incredible to see how far people would go to help others, just for the sake of helping them…
    Also, could you put Chillstep underneath your video's one time, I think it would fit amazingly with this kind of content, with the right track. If you're considering this, I could help you out if needed. 🙂

  8. That beginning part was Charlie Chaplen. Listen to the entire thing and it makes you re-think about alot of things.

  9. Thank you, for giving us videos that give us a hint that this world is great after all. It gives us a scence that god is here, talking to us in a whisper. Frick pewdiepie, you should be the top channle, because you actualy care about our community.

  10. well i think (besides whats being done in the videos) those videos have a huge downside. Instead of deciding to help most people pulled out their phone to record all this.

  11. ive clicked on Ur vid and i just started to cry cause what those ppl r doing is filling my heart and im just so proud to see that many many many ppl are helping ppl and the thing they get back is the feeling that u did something and u can call yourself a hero

  12. When there are villains, There are heroes. Each and everyday We try to help people but the world is a cruel place everyone does bad once, twice or more. That's why there's something called sin. We do sin everyday not everyday but some days. Be happy with where you are. Be happy of where your from. This message is from me, Froakie. Copy, share, and share this video to make the world a safe place. Goodbye

  13. If your wondering what that speech was at the beginning it was by charlie chaplin, just look up the great dictator speech

  14. as a firefighter I seen things that I wish my mind could erase. However, I also seen the good in people. Few weeks ago we got a call for a terrible Traffic collision where they where at least one casualty. To my surprise, the rest of the victims were already been taking care of by civilians, among them, Drs, nurses, emts, paramedics, normal people that they were just driving by. They were also people without any medical skills that they jump out to assist, they help us out by carried people to the ambulances, and right of way they move out of our way to continue do our job. You dont have to have super powers or been a man /woman in uniform to be hero. A real hero is the one that helps others without hesitation, or expecting anything in return. For all those anonymous heroes, Thank you for all you do!!

  15. IcompliationTV

    I don't know if you get this a lot, but you always make me cry. I'm not sad but happy. I'm just a regular teen who watches the outside world and every time I look in the news, something bad has happened in another country.

    And I think about why so much hate is spread, or something bad happens in my school or anywhere else and I never see the good, only the bad.

    I watch these, the restoring your faith in humanity videos and I don't know if you just call it Restoring Faith in Humanity for the sake of it, but you really do.

    I only ever hear the bad, the bad videos, bad news, sad deaths and natural disasters but I watch your videos and you make me cry because I really believe there are heroes in the world.

    Not the capped ones, but real honest to god heroes and I see all these things they do and it makes me believe that this world isn't just full of the bad.

    So I just wanted to say, you really do restore my faith in humanity and made me believe in heroes! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work.

  16. The speech in the background of this video was amazing. I want the whole world to hear it. Thank you for making these videos. I, and everyone else who watches, greatly appreciate you and think you are an amazing human being.

  17. 5:38 Not sure this restores faith in humanity. Look at all those Russians completely ignoring the police officers with their lights flashing.

  18. I sit in traffic, or in line somewhere, and observe people. As much as I hate those things sometimes, a little perspective sometimes is enough to bring me back to earth. Well done!

  19. when i see a car on fire im used to it, but when an animal is hurt i cry…when i hear about animal abuse i cry…when anything bad happens to an animal ill cry, i just dont care about humanity i guess…

  20. Syria didnt gas its own people. That's just what the intelligence agencies say as a reason to overthrow Assad to lay a pipeline in Syria..

    Our evil leaders want war and death for profits. Their propaganda should not be broadcast on such a wonderful channel! This channel is about the good in humanity..and the wars in the middle east are the worst of humanity! The US and the west go to war for pipelines, Oil and weapons profits, not for human rights abuses! People need to wake up! War is a business in the west!

    Don't buy into the pro war propaganda. We should all be against war at all costs!

  21. Hahaha You used Theresa may as a beacon of hope! LOL she's a war criminal arms dealer!! You must be joking. People like may make money from dropping bombs on children! I guess I won't be watching this channel. Conservatives and faith in humanity shouldn't be uttered in the same sentence. Fool.

  22. The most disturbing thing is not the incidents themselves, but that someone very close to them decided to film them, rather than taking part.

  23. Okay ima go on a rant real quick. Thumbs up if you agree thumbs down if you don't. I love how us humans still fudging build houses out of frickin wood even after we have accidental fires. We should have learned our lesson but no we haven't. We should have stopped and started building brick houses instead of wooden. We wouldn't have this frickin many house fires if we'd just stop building wooden houses. Yeah sure they look nice but i'd rather live knowing my house is highly unlikely to ketch on fire compared to worrying about my house being engulfed in flames because its wooden. Sorry for my rant but i had to do/ say something.

  24. There are 2 types of people in this world . #1 people that will help others even though there risking there own lives and #2. people who don’t give a shit about other people.

  25. ah somedays I really need video's like this to be reminded it aint all bad. thanks for making compilations that I can watch 🙂

  26. If you see a Person in need of help, Help them! Dont take out your phone and start filming it until someone helps them! I dont understand people that record something like that. How would you feel if you were in need of help and instead of helping you, someone just takes out their phone and starts recording it

  27. Two years to go, I retire from 22 years of fire service and 5 years years as a SeaBee. Hope to make it and a difference. Cheers just a fireman

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