Heroes of Lore and Legend: Treebeard (LOTR)

Heroes of Lore and Legend: Treebeard (LOTR)

Long before the creation of the sun and moon,
when the world was illuminated by two trees and the stars in the sky, the Vala Yavanna,
giver of fruits began to despair when a conversation with her husband Aule, led her to consider
how the Children of Iluvatar, humans, elves and dwarves, might destroy the plant life
she created and animals under her care. Taking her concerns to Manwe, king of the
valar, he conferred Eru, who revealed that when the Children awaken, spirits from afar
would enter trees and eagles, creating new lifeforms to watch over the west. Though the eagles would make their home in
the mountains, the tree-like beings would serve as Shepherds of the Forest, protecting
the wildlife Yavanna so loved. The males of this new species were known as
Ents and became devoted to the Vala Orome Lord of Forests as they watched over the trees
of middle-earth, while the females, known as Entwives, devoted themselves to Yavanna,
caring for smaller plants and grasses. Some of these being began to pair off and
live their long lives together, producing offspring called Entings. In the early years after their awakening,
they explored the vast forests of middle earth and eventually came into contact with the
Elves, who taught them their language and imparted a desire to expand their knowledge. In time they created Entish, a rumbling, lengthy
and long-winded language of their own, and as they met and interacted with other cultures,
developed New Entish for everyday conversation, while Old Entish was reserved for important
discussions. Over thousands of years, as civilizations
rose and fell around them, and the very shape of the continents transformed, the lands of
the Ents grew smaller until they retreated to fangorn forest, the last remnant of the
mighty woods covered Eriador in the first age. Their leader, known as Fangorn by some and
Treebeard by others, was one of the oldest beings in all of Middle-Earth, living through
the years of trees, the first age, the second age and then into the third age, where he
played an important role in the War of the Ring. For thousands of years, Treebeard lived alongside
his beloved mate Fimbrethil, but when the Entwives left on their journey east to plant
a great garden beyond the river Anduin, they were parted and never reunited. Unfortunately, as they neared the end of the
second Age and the last alliance of men elves and dwarves prepared to march upon Sauron,
the Dark Lord sent his forces to destroy the Entwives and their garden, leaving behind
only a desolate desert. Though the ultimate fate of the Entwives was
unknown, most believed they perished in the attack, while some held out hope that some
few fled into the wilderness. When the Istari wizards came to middle earth,
Saruman the White often walked amongst the trees, engaging in long conversations with
Treebeard and becoming a friend of the forest. But in time the White Wizard grew vain and
cold, even directing his orcs to cut down the forests to feed the furnaces of Isengard. Although the Ents usually stayed out of the
larger conflicts happening in the world around them, Saruman’s continuing assault against
the forest of Fangorn concerned them greatly. And so in the year 3019 of the Third Age,
as the War of the Ring erupted across the Western lands of Middle-Earth, Treebeard encountered
two small hobbits fleeing from orc pursuers. Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took tried
to inform Treebeard that the felling of their trees was growing worse everyday, but the
Ents were well aware and summoned an Entmoot, to discuss the issue. During their stay in Fangorn Forest, Treebeard
took the hobbits to his home of Wellinghall, a great ent-house built deep in the woods,
where they made Ent-draughts from river water, the only sustenance they required. When Merry and Pippin drank of this mysterious
liquid, they grew over 3 inches and became the tallest hobbits in history. At the Entmoot, it was decided the Ent would
march to war and emerged from Fangorn Forest to charge against Saruman’s forces in the
battle of Isengard, releasing the river and flooding his furnaces and workshops. After defeating the garrison, they surrounded
the tower of Orthanc and held the White Wizard captive for a time. Though their prisoner appeared to grow frail
and pitiful, the power of his voice remained strong, and over time he convinced the Ents
to free him, praying on their distaste for keeping living beings in captivity. With Saruman gone and the war against Sauron
won, Orthanc and its surrounding territory was given to the Ents by King Elessar of the
Reunited Kingdom, allowing them to create a new forest they called the Treegarth of
Orthanc. Surviving into the fourth Age, Treebeard continued
to lead led his people for many more years, still longing to one day be reunited with
his beloved Entwife. Although Ents lived for thousands of years,
they were not immortal and so in time Treebeard likely grew still and quiet, losing his conscious
mind to become a simple tree. However, according to Galadriel the Lady of
Light, the Ents would one day return, possibly after the final defeat of Morgoth at the end
of the world, when the lands of Arda are restored to their former glory. In her own words they would see the Ents again,
but Not in Middle-earth, nor until the lands that lie under the wave are lifted up again. Then in the willow-meads of Tasarinan we may
meet in the Spring.”

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  2. 5:24 I have this lonely image of Treebeard, after having fallen into the tree sleep. slowly waking up in a forest long forgotten and as the sun shines down through the leaves and he sees his wife standing amidst the flowers. Not daring to believe that it's anything more than a dream he slowly reaches out to her, and with a smile she reaches out to him, and Treebeard, aware now that all before him is real and the great sorrow of his heart lifted and unspeaking, the two stand together and weep with joy.

  3. Hey do you think you could do a big video on Emperor Palpatine like his whole life from childhood to plagues, the clone wars and the empire and all the way to the rise of Skywalker after the movie comes out? that would be a great video.

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