GTA 5 Social Club Error FIXED (100% WORKING)

GTA 5 Social Club Error FIXED (100% WORKING)

hi friends and in this video i will show you
how you can fix the gtaa 5 social club initialization error
now some of you may have been getting this error that the socail club has failed to initialize
and gta 5 is not working beyond that point
so to fix that error you have to download two files
now first i would like to say that this error is most commonly due to a faulty installation
of the social club or a faulty installation of the windowss 7
service pack 1 so you need to install download and install
two files i will show you i have provided the link to these two files
in the description of the video so check them out
the first link will be to the rockstar page and here you will aget a page like this
and you need to click on this link not this one
so when you will click on this link it will download a file of approximately 53 to 55
mbs i have already downloaded it so i will not
download it here and the next link will be of the wiindows
so you have to click that link and you will get a page like this
here you should click on the download button and you will get a list like this
and scroll to the bottom of the list and check on this link teh windows 6.1kb some number
and x64.exe this will be file of approximately 903 mbsand
click on next now download this file and the next thing
you want to do is dont install any of the files yet
the next thing you should do is go to your installation directory of the gta 5 that is
the in my case it is the local disc c program files x86
to rockstar games and to socail club and click on this uninstall the social club
now when you will click on this it will uninstall the socail club
and the next step you will d is install both the files which you have downloaded
this will fix the social club error in approximately 99% of the cases
and if in some cases it doesnt fix it please dont dislike the video it may be due to some
other error thank you for watching this video i hope this
video help you in fixing the social club error

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

7 thoughts on “GTA 5 Social Club Error FIXED (100% WORKING)

  1. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCHE !!! it worked for me ! i'm in win 8.1 i didn't download the win 7 thing and it worked !! thank you !

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