100 thoughts on “Greek Gods Explained In 12 Minutes

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    Time Stamps 📽
    Zeus 1:55
    Poseidon 2:43
    Hades 3:36
    Hera 4:44
    Athena 5:43
    Ares 6:57
    Aphrodite 7:44
    Artemis 8:35
    Apollo 9:05
    Hermes 9:32
    Demeter 9:54
    Hephaestus 10:57
    Dionysus 11:24

  2. I love Greek mythology and history although I have rehearsed it at school so many times it is still so intriguing to see how imaginative humans can be when they want to explain something they don’t possess the knowledge of

  3. This was all the early form of entertainment in Greece. Like how we have Hollywood now they had these mythologies then. All just entertainment this is where they get Hollywood from but instead they use this for distraction from the political system.

  4. I wish they were real once but sadly no. Thousands of years Ago, they didn't know what currently is half of the world populated. There is still an estimated 68% of earth, left untouched due to being surrounded by ocean waters.
    Zeus, back then would be lightning and thunder today and we now know what causes thunder and what causes lightning.
    Poseidon , back then would be massive wakes, hurricanes and tsunami – today that is understood by tsunami as an earthquake underwater caused by tech-tonic plates shifting. Hurricanes are formed under the oceans current by warm and cold draft mixing and then forming above the water blending the temperatures to spiral such as a tornado.

    As for Apollo and Athena, don't really know those details but I wonder what we will be able to figure out in year 3020. just imagine

  5. Love the story and the art work.Always been fascinated by Greek mythology,really interested in knowing more.👍👌👏👍👌👏👍👌👏.

  6. So also like old Roman and Egyptian Gods Religions can go out of style?
    In a few hundred years will Jesus and Allah go out of style the same way and people will invent new religions with a different great invisible skyman ?

  7. The world began with several primordial being
    First came chaos, then gaia, earth, and finally eros, love
    From gaia they came uranus, heaven, who both created the titan
    Uranus dislike his children and locked them deep withing the earth
    Gaia sick of having her children imprisoned made a great sickle that she gave to her son cronus
    Cronus hid until uranus came to lie with his mother then leapt out and sliced off his father genital
    Which fell into the see
    Cronus proceeded tobrelease his fellow titan from prison. and so, the age of the titan began
    Cronus married the titan rhea
    Who gave birth to most of the major gods
    Cronus scared by a prophecy that his children would take his power
    Imprisoned them as soon as they were born
    Swallow them whole
    Rhea pleaded to gaia for help
    Who taking pity hid
    Zeus after he was born on mount ida in crete
    Who cronus came to eat his son
    Rhea fed him a stone instead
    Tricking the titan
    Gaia raised zeus until he was strong enough to take on his father
    And two fought and upon defeat cronus was forced to release zeue sibling
    Start the war between the god and the titan
    The war last 12 year until zeus freed the cyclopes and the hundred-hand giant whom cronus had imprisoned
    The cyclopes gift zeus his famous thunderbolt
    Poseidon his trident
    And hade a hat of darkness
    Tipping the balance of battle
    The titan defeat were thrown into tartarus
    A prison deep withing the underworld and so start the reign of the god
    Zeus, poseidon, and hade decide to share power
    Drawing lot to decide where they will rule over
    Zeus got the sky
    Poseidon got the sea
    Hade got the dead

  8. Satan loves to deceive the nations. That fallen angel will soon burn for all the destruction he has created. False gods will only lead you to the lake of fire! The true GOD created the Heavens and the Earth. He formed Adam and Eve. Satan envy’s mankind and his mission is kill, steal and destroy. He was a murderer from the beginning. No truth lives within him!

  9. The ancient people were not fool who worshiped their ancient gods because they built some incredible architecture. why people of Greece do not believe Zeus.

  10. "Zeus was infamous for his affairs with other goddesses." He better not have "did it" with Ariana Grande, or he'll be dead before you can say "cheater". And before you say, "Zeus is a god, he can't die!" I have my methods of killing the so-called "god".

  11. I would like to watch a show like this but uncut, leave all details in , without sugar coating it like -clash of the Titans, which was a great movie, but too of for me. I want the true stories. Like how Medusa became Medusa. How Zeus a Hera came to be. Where's those movies at?

  12. Me being a hindu i dont know anything about hindusium and i aslo never gave any interest
    But this i find interesting

  13. I always thought Zeus was like this Gandalf/Jesus figure. But nah, he cut open his own fathers stomach and fucks everything in sight.

  14. It looks more like son you beeing "decapitating your head I am not gay respect that". .i don't know what your mother thought you! She needs to burn in hell! If so the whole world and it's humanity needs to burn in hell

  15. The cyclopses gifted Zeus his famous thunderbelt, Poseidon his trident, and Hades a "Hat of Darkness"

    It's supposed to be a helmet

  16. You made a mistake, not the hundred heads, but the hundred handers who came again to help him later. Study what you post, this is a mistake 3 minutes into the post. Sorry man, study history before you post about it.

  17. Sorry but you are a fool, people who could not pay the boatman would have to wait 10,000 years. Not forever, you need to study more and redo this video and this is so many mistakes 4:16 into it. I've done youtube, study before you tell fake fates/myths.

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