Google Memo: Beyond the culture war | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Google Memo: Beyond the culture war | FACTUAL FEMINIST

I am going to address the Google controversy — and
I know what you’re thinking. “Just what the internet needs — another hot take on the
Google memo.”  Well, I have to admit, when the story first broke, I started to write an incendiary
piece about how Silicon Valley is becoming a safe-space, Oberlin-esque, trigger warning
culture. But then I lost heart. Not because I think Google did the right thing—I’ve
just grown weary of culture war rhetoric. So I’m going to try a new approach. That’s coming
up next on the Factual Feminist. First a few facts: At Google, men hold 80
percent of the tech jobs and 75 percent of leadership positions. But the disparity isn’t unique
to Google. At U.S. colleges last year, men earned 82 percent of computer science degrees
and 80 percent of engineering degrees. Why are there so few women?
Well, in his now-notorious memo, James Damore tried to answer that question. And for doing so,
he was fired by Google for “advancing harmful gender stereotypes”
Let me explain why the memo caused so much anger and grief.
Clearly, it struck a nerve because of its claims of innate, biological sex differences.
As a rule, anybody who takes up this topic has to proceed with care. There are so many ways
to go wrong. And even if you do it responsibly, you are likely to upset a lot of people.
Now is that because those people are anti-science? Not necessarily. As a professor of philosophy
of 20 years, I am well aware of the long history of bogus claims about women’s essential
nature. Immanuel Kant deemed women ethically inferior. And according to Friedrich Nietzsche,
“when a woman has scholarly inclinations, there is generally something wrong with her
sexual nature.“ History is littered with reckless and damaging pronouncements about
women’s nature. So, I get the skepticism. In fairness to Damore, his claims were categorically
different from those of Kant and Nietzsche: Damore discussed population-level differences
in the distribution of personality traits and interests. He said that women, on average, show
a higher interest in people and men in things. He dutifully noted that population averages
tell you nothing about individuals. But his memo was a little awkwardly worded and easily misunderstood. The Factual Feminist would have left out references to women’s greater tendency of
neuroticism, and high anxiety, for example. Well of hundreds of blogs and op-eds on the Google
controversy, the one I like most is by Alice Eagly. She is a professor of social
psychology at Northwestern who has been doing research on the psychology of sex and gender
for nearly 50 years. “I agree,” she says, “that biological
differences between the sexes likely are part of the reason we see fewer women than men
in the ranks of Silicon Valley’s tech workers.” She points out that men tend to score higher
on spatial reasoning tests—and she explains that this may give them an edge in computer
science. Furthermore, she points to a large body of research showing that, in general
“women are more interested in people compared with men, who are more interested in things.
To the extent that tech occupations are concerned more with things than people, men would on
average be more attracted to them.” But she warns pundits on both sides of the
nature/nurture debate against rushing to conclusions: the precise connections between biology and
life choices are murky and not well understood. And even if biology is partly responsible
for the gender gap in tech, that does not rule out other explanations. It can simultaneously
be true that there are natural differences between men and women that explain
the gender gap AND that Silicon Valley is a difficult place for women.
Take Chloe Condon, a 5’ 2” female software engineer who recently wrote a funny piece
about what it’s like to be a woman in tech. “I don’t look like the classic stereotype–
mistakes happen,” she says. At conferences, people assume she is somebody’s daughter
who tagged along, or just a booth attendant who drifted in for a glass of wine.
The Factual Feminist herself served as president of the slide rule club in junior high school, so I know what she’s talking about.  I also think that Chole Condon has the right instincts on how to address the
too-few-women-in-tech problem., “It’s important to approach this issue with passion
and enthusiasm, but also with a sense of humor and forgiveness.”  In return, she promises
not to assume a guy is an engineer just because of his plaid shirt and Patagonia jacket. Now I promised no culture war rhetoric. But I can’t help but say this: The proper
response to Damore’s memo is not for Google to double down on its implicit bias or microaggression
training. Listen to sane scholars like Alice Eagly—and
bring in people like Chloe Condon.  To quell the battle of the sexes, the goal should be
a friendly atmosphere, where people can speak freely and even joke around with one another. 
By firing James Damore, Google has made that goal even harder to achieve.
Well let me know your thoughts in the comment section. And don’t forget to like the video, subscribe
to the series, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. And thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Google Memo: Beyond the culture war | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  1. There is no war between the sexes. There is a war on men, whites, and Christianity because the owners of our world see the rest of you as easier to devour and digest. I think history proves their right.

  2. Google has been in overtime lately, pushing its bullshit “gender equality” feminist propaganda on youtube videos

  3. From a company specific point… Ie looking at Google, none of this matters. They are kow towing to liberal feminist bullshit to such a massive degree that they WILL destroy themselves soon. The kind of stupidity they exhibit on a daily basis CANNONT be sustainable. I don't care how big a company you are. If anything their size will work against them in this matter. People are inherently afraid of the big bad monster… And Google is playing into that very role by trying to appease a minority loud mouth SJW feminist crowd. The funny thing is this… Of all the companies in the world they have the data to understand the sea change coming. However they are so fucking self delusional in thinking they can control the world that they forgot what happens when you piss too many INTELLIGENT people off in a free market… They replace your dumb ass.

  4. All the focus is on the evil of men. Why don't the feminists ask all their fellow students why they're doing a humanities degree and not a STEM degree? Stop making it about the choices of men, and start making it about the choices of women. The gender earnings gap will close a little, then they can tell women to stop taking time off and do as many hours in work as men. The gender earnings gap will vanish over the space of a few years.

  5. I agree. Trying to learn and evaluate the cultural and political landscape we find ourselves in. As a father of a beautiful daughter and son and a husband of many years I have been required to step into this milieu to stay relevant to the interests of young adults. There appears to be ever increasing lack of tolerance, compassion and empathy towards our fellow humans. I find it strange that Google would terminate an employee that was requested by HR diversity management to engage in the very thing for which he was terminated. I wish people would take a step back, take a deep breath and understand people’s lives are at stake and the very thing those who cry foul are committing that same foul. I understand that many people have been subjected to treatment less than dignified and respectful. I also understand my love, compassion, and empathy for others is the only way to peace.

  6. I find it strange that feminist seem to think that being a mother lovingly taking care of her children by spending much or even all the time at home is inferior to working a job outside the home. As if being a computer programmer in a Google office is more important than being a loving full time mother at home bringing up her little ones to become happy adults. While the father works outside the home to bring in the money needed for the material well being of mother and her and his children. Not that it is wrong for a woman to be an IT specialist, but doing that is not superior in value to society to being a full time home mother. And also certainly not superior in a moral sense.

  7. Dig deeper.
    As in heaven, so on Earth.
    The Semitic Abrahamic God slew his wife Ashera in order to subsume all her power. Even the power to bring forth life!
    He committed Deicide and as a consequence he has gone mad.

    Monotheism was offered to us on the sward by Charlemagne the Butcher and Oathbreaker at Irminsul a mere 1300 years ago. Its symbol is the cross, the Roman equivalent of a hangman's noose.
    Its aims are Armageddon and the slaughter of millions.
    In short, it is a recent set of Death Cults.

    But compared to what?
    Compared to our ancient Lord and Lady, Frey and Freya.

    If you study the old sagas and Eddas, sex and gender were balanced. You won't find any hint of trouble between the sexes.

    For instance when Thor lost his hammer and Loki asked if Freya would marry the Ogre to get it back, her outrage sent both Thor and Loki scrambling out the door.

    Where in monotheism is there anything comparable?

    Of cause Freya is outraged, and the battle and troubles will continue until she regains her proper status and respect.

    We must recognize monotheism for the insane, twisted thing that it is.

    Now you can couch what I have written in archetypes if you will, or just recognize that our Gods and Goddesses hold a mirror to us for us to gauge our beauty and behaviour.

  8. What's the problem? Too fewer women in Tech. Why is it that problem? Diversity! So should we encourage more women to study tech and engineering just to make things "look" diverse? Are we so obsessed with the appearance of equality that we ignore what people actually want? Is there equal opportunity? Yes! Then what is the problem? People are different, so let them be different.

  9. One could argue that the lack of women in tech is not a problem at all. Tech jobs are not the only employment that exists. Personally, I would find a tech job more boring than watching paint dry. I'm glad I wasn't conditioned to want a job in tech.

  10. Guess what u ass wemen espire to be doctors and teachers you idiot mabe they don't espire to be tech people because it is not as social as they would like. Anyways that's my veiw of it and people like you make money off of these YouTube videos by telling people "there is no bio sex difference between men and women and wemen are being cut short by men" honestly why do you think lots of elementry teachers are wemon, they love to be social and dramatic like you .

  11. Brilliant as always. Both Jordan Peterson and the Factual Feminist are fantastic at providing evidence and compelling argument but above all, at promoting free speech of all kinds. Banning a point of view must logically cause us to suspect that that point of view might have some merit and free inquiry by giving a platform to all views is the only way to find truth. Free speech is therefore the most important privilege we have and we must constantly fight for it. Google has proven to be hostile to free speech and has made itself the enemy of the truth.

  12. What if the real problem here is gender rather than biological sex? I can't help but notice I'm a cisgender biological female and I hate tech. I really do prefer being around people over things, and I thought the memo was fine.
    But I suppose it wouldn't be fine if I only LOOKED female. Then people would treat me like I shouldn't be in tech when in fact I might have a gender that craves tech. Just thinking out loud, but that would suck.

  13. i regret the coment i wrote but i cant remove it.. i will apriciat if u will remove it. i wrote it before watching the video

  14. I have no particular axe to grind. I don't know much about the feminist debate except for that that I have just watched. I do know, however, that when I was employing candidates for a job, I would pick the best person qualified for the job regardless of their sex/gender. I never picked on the basis of trying to equalize men & women figures. (clumsily worded, but you know what I mean)

  15. Then you are in favor of women included in the draft, right? How about the disparity in women in the roofing, concrete, and logging, oh and mining ! Oh, women are compelled to be hired, but they get the gravey , safe jobs, that are , by the way ,paid same as the MEN, busting their asses every day, while the girls man the radio, or flat cars !

  16. You know you've been pointing cameras and recording people for too long when you scan a woman's revealed upper torso area not to look at her body, but to figure out if she's got a visible lapel microphone somewhere. By the way, she's got a lapel mic.

  17. I have no idea what he wrote, and I'm EXTREMELY disinterested in anyone that has anything to submit about inherent gender differences – life is too short – introduce me to a female tech and let me enjoy all that she has to tell me and teach me about it – I don't want anyone, guys or gals, standing over my shoulder and ruining what she has to teach me by bleating about whether or not there are gender differences. The message at 5:27 is a good one…and a POWERFUL one. Google #ucked up – big time….and they'll be denying it for years to come because of how they prolonged America's thoroughly manufactured culture wars.

  18. Christina Hoff-Sommers and Karen Straughan both nailed it. Stereotypes do exist, based on sex, race and body build. Listen to Christina and then read Karen's reply. Of course, feminists look only at those biases aimed against women, and of course they blame it all on sexism, and of course they erroneously think that quotas will solve the problem.  All in all, Christina gave a fair critique of Damore's essay without disregarding the fact that real gender differences can't be ignored. If women aren't interested in majoring in tech careers in college, how can there be any parity, and why should there be?

  19. I am so pleased to hear some reasonal thinking. being woman. geologist. loving both things and people. 😂

  20. This video is absolutely spot on. I would add more, and have elsewhere, but Christina Summers has really encapsulated it all in one short video.

  21. Not bad, a very calm, discussion of what the problem is and a fair representation of multiple points of view so that everyone can understand each other a little better. Feminism has been an F word to me for a long time and I always associated it with people who were never told no acting unreasonable. But this shows that we can have discussions about woman rights without being pretensions or unreasonable.

    Yes, there are things we can do to make the world a better place for women, but not every unbalanced statistic is the result of gender bias, I'd be interested to see these statistics in the fashion industry.

  22. If women are that much talented they should create there own company and get what they want. Why they always want to be employee of men and more than 50 percent. Create your own company women.

  23. Nonsense. You would have written it differently? You would never have written anything like this. And your straw man argument is embarrassing. Fact, 80% of BA’s in computer science are men. Most people in collage in America are women and it has been for some time. This bullshit stinks or McCarthyism. Have you no shame.

  24. Can we also discuss that many programmer types are probably "on the spectrum" (mildly autistic) and autism has a HUGE gender difference.

  25. I dont get this Obsession about equity.

    No one is preventing women from studying computer science. If you are a woman and want more women in a field then just do it yourself? Where is the Problem?

  26. Feminist despise fact or science. What they learned in universities under pseudo-liberalism is how to use 'feelings' and 'diversity' to shame dissidents and how to play victims of the politics. They became liberal terrorists occupying media platforms and hijacking politics, and demoralize hard-working, powerless young men.Rather than empowering young women, they accused patriarchy of being the source of all inequality and unjust, while saying nothing about the burdens that men shoulder. Men are the major bread-earner, the major military combatant personnel , and the major overworked blue-collar labor. Men financially suffer from divorce, and men prone to loose custody of children. Rate of suicide and incarceration is higher in male. There are more college graduated women, more female in law school, and more female physicians than men, and women enjoys longer life expectancy and better working conditions. In developed countries, females have law protected equal right of education and job opportunities, but feminists want equal outcome despite most women happily choose to be housewife and work shorter hours. That's outright ignorance of facts and total distortion of truth. Female chauvinist pigs do not discuss these because inequality only matters when it favors women. They want equal pay, equal rights, but not equal duty.

  27. The full 'memo' is not just about gender or computer science. It's indefensible because James (nitwit barely out of puberty) tangents into other topics, managing to insult just about everybody across the spectrum. Then again, I read somewhere the document was crowdsourced, maybe like a wiki, so we don't really know if this is 100% the work of James, or if it's a jumble of ideas from different Googlers. But I think it's reasonable to say the guy is just young, dumb and idealistic, and should have kept his ignorant mouth shut. Developers are smart but they're definitely not the most experienced communicators. I may agree with bits and pieces of what he said, but I would never defend that rubbish memo.

  28. Here's an idea, breakdown some of the memo's assertions into a survey. That might give people a better understanding of what the debate is really about.

  29. No one ever complains there are too few garbagewomen and sewer workers. No one asks hospitals to hire more male nurses.

  30. The bottom line is the left's inability to acknowledge fundamental differences between men and women. When facts contradict politics and ideology, a sensible person throws out the politics; and keeps the facts. The left; or what I call the new left, keeps the politics and throws out the facts. The left claims to promote diversity, but in fact oppose real diversity. Today segregation is coming back and is the product of leftist feminazi thinking. As far as I am concerned the only meaningful diversity, at least in the jobs market; is diversity of thought and diversity of opinion , two things the neo-left despise. And quit with this bullshit about men preferring objects to people. Men regularly die for their countries while women sit at home drinking tea complaining about how discriminated against they are. There is no such thing as a reasonable feminist, any more than there are reasonable Nazis.

  31. So we do have free speech cuz it may disappoint someone? that is fuck up. James Just wrote his thought. He may not be true, but they should not fire him.

  32. James Damore could have written the memo, turned it into his superiors and not gotten fired. Instead, he decided to post this on an internal server for everyone to read. The reality is, if you work with women, blacks, Asians, whatever, you have no business expressing an idea why there are less of them and more of you. It is not your business to do that and, of course, it is going to upset the people you are talking about. None of his peers asked for his opinion and there was no reason for him to give it. He knew what he was doing when he posted it. He was trying to trigger the libs. And he did it in an offensive way and it made his peers not want to work with him.

  33. "….and easily misunderstood…" Especially, if your desire was to mis-understand, which is a specialty of the SJWs.

  34. People keep asking why is the lack of women in tech a problem? Dude, it's an infrastructure, a vital one; it's one of the most important and valuable infrastructure today. If feminism is all about power struggle than it has to take over the most valuable infrastructures. It's a war, people just don't see or refuse to see it that way.

  35. Equal opportunity and the best for the job, period. Any active pursuit of representation/diversity as a goal will lead to discrimination to one group or another.

  36. Topical feminism …… Ask a person for his thoughts and if it's not according to the feminist bible …. You crucify him . Tell the trueth …… Crucify him .
    This is why I dismissed all my female staff three years ago . Productivity went up by 20% , absenteeism dropped by an amazing 75% . Now we as a company have social events again with out fear . Free speach and thought are encouraged , a must for any company that wants to grow and not wither . Ideas , imagination , and creative thinking is encouraged as soon as limitations are applied to thinking and speach the train leaves the station .

  37. There are more gyus in tech because salaries in tech are higher, obviously. Our society reduces men to the amoun of money they make, and forces the idea that man has to feed his wife, kids and do it all by himself, and if he fails to do so, he is labeled "weak" and "not a real man". This leads to men having shorter life expectancy and extremly high suicide rate compared to women. Feminists like to say it is the result of patriarchy, but women are the ones who benefit from it.

  38. So, why do the so-called "culture wars" taper off at blue collar trades?
    Could it be that physically demanding and potentially dangerous jobs, requiring years of learning, plus team leadership plus, on-the-spot problem solving don't appeal so much to women in Western Liberal Democracies?
    Of course there are exceptions that prove any rule.

  39. I don't really get it. They complain women don't get hired in tech jobs, but there's no complaint about too many female nurses?

  40. If feeling offended alone is justification for outrage and ruining someone's life than our society is rotting in hell.

  41. Firing James was a huge mistake for Google and obviously a knee jerk reaction. They would have garnered more respect by taking some of his concerns earnestly and managing it properly as internal employee feedback. Instead they "named and shamed" him in the worst kind of way, even though he only had the best interest of women at heart. How does shutting down discussion on an issue that everyone in tech is trying to fix…. help fix it?? Maybe they should have googled it.

  42. I think women can be their own worst enemies.  We project our feelings of insecurity into the world and onto others.  We need to learn to recognize that about ourselves and learn better ways of coping with those negative feelings and emotions.  We need to learn to feel comfortable with ourselves.

  43. Why are people so openly diminutive against jobs like nurse or kindergardeners, elementary school teachers or working with old people . Those are important jobs since especially working with children we shape the future generations. Funny thing is when a man becomes kindergardener he is instantly assumed to be pedophile. But boys need male role models too especially in such a young age. Those jobs are maybe less paid but they are as important as some tech job.

  44. I think framing the under-representation of women in tech as a problem is part of the issue. The problem would be not treating women fairly or making them feel unwelcome – but it should be okay if that is not what they want to do. Nobody complains that women are over-represented in nursing. However, if it if it turns out that the jobs women tend to like also pay less – that should also be addressed.

    Separately, Demore is clearly a very smart guy. It is also very clear from his interviews that has EQ is likely below average. I think the typical person steeped in Google culture would have known to approach this differently. But then again, the average person probably would have done nothing – and this did spur a worth while discussion.

  45. Right wing people should not be in tech designinh the ai that will effect every human in the world. For that a salute google to give him the boot.

  46. Where are the women taking part in extreme overclocking?
    That's all people at google do, they maximise the value given to the people that use technology. Women don't give a shit about extreme overclocking. Why do men care? Because they are obsessive about details and maximising the potential of systems. Extreme over clocking not not even slightly glamorous so women don't care. Almost every person that overclocks is a man. Men pay the price of being obsessive, as well as get the benefits, and now women feel free to claim all the advantages while suffering none of the risks.

  47. Words like maybe , likly ,possibly , could be , merky and not understood, does not rule out show you feminists have no interest in the truth or to understand . You just want to pour mud into the water or show the correct signals to an insanely left wing agenda… when you said i would leave this out and how men should act and telling them to bring in more women to tell men how to be , in my estimation makes you more laughable than when you hung with milo…

  48. I studied physics and after the introductory courses there were 0 women in many classes I took. Actually it would have been nice to have some females at lectures. I think it would have enlightened the mood, so I'm all for it. My wife studied educational psychology and said the exact same thing that there were none to few men, and it would have been nice to have a few more. I do encourage my girls into STEM, and they enjoy it. However there is a lot of resistance in popular children's media to break stereotypes, lots of people do have a bias towards pushing girls and boys doing their own things. Also what I've seen is that there are very harmful male models in popular culture. So for sure there is a cultural aspect as well around it, but looking at my girls growing up I don't think that is the whole truth of the matter. It is complex topic and I don't have the answers, but we should look at carefully what we are actually teaching our kids, I think the girl STEM issue is totally tied with boys doing wild things and eating unhealthy foods. Look at food commercials, almost all the unhealthy (except chocolate) snacks are marketed towards boys. Energy drinks are marketed towards boys (extreme sports). So yeah the boys that make STEM fields are the top of the smartest and they are NOT the majority in any sense. Same for girls; marketing of cosmetics and being pretty is rampant on youtube for kids who are less than 5. So we should definitely look at this issue, and I don't think you can fix it by just looking at girls (as if they existed in a vacuum). We must find solutions that take both sexes into account and support them in life, if you have (mostly boys) kids in class who are falling behind they will pull everyone down (especially other boys). They take up a lot of time from girls, and teachers assume girls are going to do just 'fine', there is little time to encourage them to do anything else, and we have as a society accepted that women will do 'OK' in life so little attention is given to the STEM fields on them, then we let a large number of boys fail society completely (drug addicts, drunks, criminals later in life). I think that a school system for all is what stagnates our society, we can't put all the kids in the same class for all time. We need programs to support the needs, not a lazy system walk through this hole. What's on the other side? Just go through once you're on the other side you are not our problem anymore bye!

  49. The inherent differences between men and women are what make the union of a man and a woman so powerful that it took over the world. Today's feminism is trying to break that link, to make us all weak, men and women. Working together, each with his/her strenght, is what made my family pass from extreme poverty in 1920 (my grand parents) to enough wealth to study long university career (my sons and daughter) in 100 years.

  50. Where can a guy meet a girl who thinks along the same lines as Christina? How much more fun would it be to take a road trip with Christina than with Antifa Sarkeesian?

  51. I think we need to be a little more understanding and a little less ready to be offended by everything and anything. I like this lady. Keep up the good work.

  52. I'm not gonna lie, the vibe I get from feminists is that they DO NOT WANT work to be a place where we can all be friendly and comfortable and joke around. They want segregation.

  53. Why don't we address the part in the court documents that I saw where they, Google leadership tells recruiters not to hire men. Then lets discuss the other memo where Google leadership promotes violence on anyone with a dissenting view. Lets talk about that.

  54. Gender should not be a way to get a position, preparations and work does. We must stop understanding the world between man or women.

  55. There you go again. Bringing logic, reason and fairness to the debate. If you are not careful you could upset a few feminists.

  56. Different brain structure. Fact. The number of women engineers in femanazi Sweden is the same as here about 2%.

  57. When James Damore wrote about narcissism in women, the feminists went into a furor — only because of their own ignorance about what "narcissism" means in psychology. It's like what the Black Lives Matter movement would do about someone using the word "niggardly."


    GOOGLE inc. Is not only in violation of Antitrust laws but in foriegn intferance in election laws.

    People will be going to jail in 2020 if this continues.

  59. I went through a computer science program at a highly-ranked college. At the time there were around three to five women and over 100 men. These numbers might’ve changed a bit but it doesn’t look like it. Risking misquoting her numbers here, around 80 percent of tech workers at Google are men yet 25 percent of officers are women. I don’t know how much statistics you’ve taken but that means one thing: women actually hold too many senior positions by percentage.

  60. “Creating a place where people can speak freely.” That will be impossible at Google going forward, not because it’s run by men. Rather because it’s run by liberals and truth means nothing to a liberal.

  61. This video is spot on. Men and women differ not just physically but in certain intellectual interests, not withstanding there will always be a minority not so intellectually bound.

  62. Silicon valley is a difficult place for everyone. The people at the top of their game aren't just gonna roll over and say here take the position. Its supposed to be tough to get into STEM fields, women no one is gonna roll over and make it easy for you because it is not easy for anyone

  63. I have a very simple question: how can a female which finished Arts, Marketing or history be my architect in a high tech project ? What are her life achievements to take this job from a true tech resource and be given to her ? Note: i have met smart tough tech females in IT too… but MANY are just artsy and the jobs are just handed over to them without any due process… And why is a lack of females in tech but not a lack of females in driving trucks … where their attention to detail and love of people might be very well used, saving lifes ? Note: the economic crisis from around 1026 was blamed for lack of truck drivers !!!! But NO… we will make men be artsy and gay… and female to lead high tech projects… what sort of dictated society this is ? Who says so ? SHOULDN'T THE INDIVIDUAL DECIDE ?

  64. Just what is a "Feminist"? From what I've seen, it's a group of women who are unhappy about nearly everything, and can't seem to understand they are the problem.

  65. People keep mentioning women not being garbage men implying they don't want to work messy jobs …. women dominant the work in care homes they have to deal with human faeces everyday and dead bodies

    Almost forgot that they also work with people who have dementia who may lash out and physically attack them aswell

  66. Male nurses get shamed and not only by men but the female nurses. What advice do you have for these males in a female dominated field?

  67. Thank you for presenting fair and honest information. It takes an emotionally intelligent person to listen and sanely discuss issues and information that may go against their information and bias.

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