33 thoughts on “Golden Age of Athens, Pericles and Greek Culture | World History | Khan Academy

  1. Congratulations and thank you combined. This was one of the most educational videos I have ever seen – so succinct and informative – really great job.

  2. It's little exaggeration to say that since the early day's of human civilization, there's been some wars fought every year in some parts in the world.

  3. How can Pythagoras or Euclid be the so called "father's of modern day 'JAH-metry'…WHEN THE PYRAMIDS PREDATE THEM!!!!!!??? You people are still caught in delusions…

  4. I watched all of you accounts regarding the Greek Civilization and i must admit that I am utmost impressed about the way you managed to present that complex period (considering all the years, concepts and characters involved) in such a simple and pleasant manner and it was very easy understanding everything because you used that TIMELINE everytime making the historical links more clear. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS! Keep up the good work,

  5. Fifth-century Athens is the Greek city-state of Athens in the time from 480 BC-404 BC, which is a weird convention because I would think that Fifth-century means 400 AD-499 AD.

  6. Pythagoras' father was a Phoenician merchant from Tyre. Pythagoras was half Phoenician, half Greek. We should learn this in schools.

  7. The name of the Cynic philosophy isn't to do with being "dog like", though they did use that concept. It comes from the Cynosarges gymnasium, where Antisthenese originally taught, which just happens to mean "Place of the white dog". It's a coincidence, not the origin.

  8. When you are talking about government, you didn't touch on Solon, the Father of Democracy. the man whose idea it was to try this form of government. I don't know if its because you think he is not important, or anything, but I think it would be worth touching on if you make any future vids on this. Just sharing some thoughts! Keep up the good work!

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