Gender Inequality is not a Standalone Issue | Rachel Wang | [email protected]

Gender Inequality is not a Standalone Issue | Rachel Wang | TEDxYouth@Edmonton

Translator: Vivi Lee
Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard Imagine, imagine a world of constant peace, constant prosperity, constant justice, and constant equality. Impossible to imagine perhaps. That’s because we’ve yet to see
a world like this. But this perfectly highlights
why feminism exists. Feminism is the unified struggle
for not only gender equality but equality in general. By the people of the people
and for the people. Everyone gets the same equal chance regardless a few persons
we cannot control. This is what feminism is about:
it’s about bringing people together, it’s about dealing with the unpleasant
truths of inequality that plague us today. and having the courage
to deal with these truths. Now I know many individuals out there
who think I’m talking too late. I don’t believe that to be the case. because nobody, absolutely nobody deserves to be treated
like a second class citizen. And as youth, we can make a difference
by speaking up and working together. It’s about bringing together
Black and White, Asian, Latino, gay and straight, young and old,
immigrants and locals. When we bring ourselves together, we can achieve great strides
and the movement towards equality. Together, because only divided
can we and will we fall. And by standing together, we become
as Bernie Sanders artfully puts it: “the future to believe in”. Change starts with you and me. But what makes me qualified to talk about the empowerment
of people for equality? Simply because inequality exists. Just as you are qualified
to talk about this issue as well. Sometimes I even catch myself
succumbing to the gender stereotypes. But in these situations, I stop,
think and ask myself: where are all these premises set? Media, popular culture and Hollywood. These standards are drilled into us
at a young age, but I’m not here
to denounce pop culture either. Because goods things have come out
of pop culture, one being the acknowledgement of the need to address
the inequality that exists today. However, not only can we
not blame pop culture, we also must blame society,
which I know a lot of people do, for the inequality that exists today. Well come to think of it, we might gain a short-term satisfaction
in blaming society, but in the end, we are society. This means it’s not good enough
to just identify as a feminist, but we have to act in ways
that eliminate inequality to simple actions such as possesing
a willingness to update our perspectives and reflect critically upon situations when other tell us that our actions,
as feminists and as advocates for equality are harmful. But we also must think critically because some people who feel
these movements towards equality or oppression have only lived in lives
without true oppression. You may have noticed that despite
my strong identification as a feminist, I’ve only uses the word a few times. This is because gender inequality
is not a standalone issue. We will never eradicate gender inequality if we don’t deal with other types
of inequality that exist today. Because by allowing other forms
of inequality to exist, we set the precedent that inequality
in general can exist. Never be afraid to speak up
and fight for what you believe in. Because you guys here today
have the capability to be a voice for those who are voiceless,
a voice for yourself in the face of adversity and inequality. Something perhaps most exemplified
by the words of one my favorite people, a self-identified feminist
who advocates for equality, Tom Hiddleton. “Never ever , let anyone tell you
what you can or can’t do. Prove the cynics wrong.
Pity them, for they have no imagination. The sky’s limit. Your sky, your limit. Now let’s dance.” Thank you. (Applause)

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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