For All The Money In The World – “Street Revenge” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

For All The Money In The World – “Street Revenge” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

(ominous music) – Hey, Billy. – How you doing, Martha? – Same shit, different day. – I hear ya. – I don’t know how
you drink that. – I’m used to it. – Billy B. – What’s happenin’? What’s going on, kid? – Nothing. – What’s new with you? Check that out. – That’s nice. – Name’s Jewlish Lopez. – Who is she? – Remember me talking about
a dude a couple weeks ago named Pedro Lopez? How he told me the mob
was putting the squeeze on his ass for 30%
of his business. – Yeah, yeah I remember. That’s his daughter? – Yeah, they’re holding
her till he pays up. That’s where you and
your people come in. – So I’m like Robin Hood? – Yes sir. You still got that crazy-ass
Hector running with you? – Yeah… – Is everything good
with those bikers? – Yeah Frankie,
everything’s good. – Good. Angelo. That fag at the casino,
what’s with that prick? – Ah, Vinny and me are taking
a ride out there today. He’s got a few things for me. – Good. Good. – There you got, pardner. Directions and address. Everything’s inside there. – Cool. – I’m gonna warn you,
these some crazy ass people you getting ready to deal with. So you and your
people, watch yourself. – Come on, Billy man. You worry too much. We got this. – Cool. – Yo, I’mma head uptown man. I’m gonna go see Merna,
today’s her birthday. Get her something nice. – Okay, tell her I
said happy birthday. – No doubt. I’ll be in touch. – Can’t see me a seeing
eye dog today, baby. – If I wanted a
dog, I’d have a dog. – We’ll get you home safe, baby. No harm, no foul. It’s all good. – I’ve been getting home
safety for decades now. Today ain’t no different. – Damn, that’s a fat cula. I’d tear that shit up! – Watch this. – Yo hold up man. Leave that girl alone,
you know she can’t see. – Well that’s the plan dog. You need to stop
acting like a bitch and come have some
fun with me, man. – I’m gonna let you alone
B, I’mma pass on this one. Go ahead, it’s all you. – Acting like a little
bitch right now, son. – No, stop! No, stop. (Merna cries) – See how easy that shit was? See how I was rubbing on up
on that ass and shit, man? – I seen her put
up a fight, man. You almost got your
shit knocked out. – Shut the fuck up, man. That bitch lucky it
wasn’t nighttime, ’cause I would’ve really
got in that ass then. – Word? – Guaranteed that
bitch would’ve chilled. – Merna? Merna! What happened here? – I’m fine, I just
wanna go home. – Man, fuck that shit. Why is your wallet on the
floor, what happened to you? – It’s just a couple
of jerks, that’s all. – Where’s your cane? – I don’t know. – Stay right there,
stay right there. – Bitch had a lotta money, man. – How much you got there? Let me hold some. – Now you want two
dollars, right? Just a while ago you was
acting like a little bitch, didn’t even wanna help. Acting all scared and shit. – Scared, yo I was right
here the whole time. I didn’t move, I was lookout,
that’s what I was doing. I was looking out for you. – Freddy, my money’s gone. What am I gonna do now, Freddy? – Get up, get up. – That was my check, Freddy. – Come on. Listen Merna, the house
is right in front of you. It’s to your left. – Let me get 200? – Freddy, I don’t want
you to get in any trouble. – Just go upstairs,
just go upstairs. Listen to me. Come on. – No, Freddy. The step is right there, ma. – Good Samaritan cat right now. – Don’t matter, come
over here talking like he want to start some shit. I’m gonna bust his little
ass right here on the spot. – Just itching to get
into a fight, huh? – Fuck yeah. He fuck with me I’m gonna pull
his motherfucking wig back. – ‘Sup. – You need something. – You see who did
that shit back there? – Nah man, dude
peeled off and shit. Went over to help,
know what I mean? Right, Slick. – Yeah man, I ain’t see nothing. – It’s fucked up. What’s up man, you rob
a bank or something? – Yeah, yeah. Lotta money, right? – Word. Bullshit man, you too
stupid to rob a bank. That’s my sister’s money. – So. The fuck you gonna do. What big brother
came down to help, came down to save the day? Well if you don’t get
the fuck out my face, I’m gonna fuck your
little ass up and send you home to your little sister. (gentle guitar music) – What did you do, Freddy? – Nevermind that, alright. I found your money,
put it on the table. – Come on Freddy,
but I’m not dumb. What did you do? – Those two punks, okay? They’re punks. I’m never gonna let
nobody fuck with you. – [Merna] Well you don’t
have to play Superman for me. You get hurt and then what? – That’s my problem. – See, there’s no
talking to you. If mommy and papi
were still be alive– – Well they’re not here! You leave that shit alone. – Whatever. There’s no talking to you. Your head is so thick. No one can tell you anything. – That’s right. When it comes to my
family, I’m gonna do what I gotta do. – [Merna] What did you do? What did you do, Freddy!? – Look, leave it alone. It’s over. Those two pendejos got
what they deserved. – This is fucking great. My God, you’ll be back in
prison at the rate you’re going. Just keep it up, you’ll be back. – Why you talking
to me like this? Like I’m the one who
did something wrong? I’m trying to help you out. – [Merna] Well I
don’t need your help. – You think I want
them filthy animals putting their hands on you? – I’m not a child anymore! Something you fail
to understand. – Where you going? – No where. Hey, I’m sorry for how I acted. I know you’re just
looking out for me, and I love you for that. – I love you too. – Come here. – Wait up a sec. I got something for you. – Really. – Happy birthday. – Freddy, you shouldn’t have. You shouldn’t have
gotten me anything. – It’s your birthday,
of course I did. – I know what it is! – Why don’t you just open it. – Okay. Wow Freddy, it feels so nice. I hope you didn’t have
to spend a lot for this. – Let me help you with it. – I get a birthday gift. Thank you, Freddy. That’s for being so good to me. – So this chick
we’re sitting on, how long we gotta keep her? – Why? You got some other business
you need to tend to? – No, just wondering. I’m getting sick and tired
of sitting around here with nothing to fucking do. – Look man, if you
don’t want to be here and make this cash,
there’s the door. – Oh chill out, huh? The fuck? What’s the matter, your
old lady didn’t give you anything last night? – Tell you one thing,
you sure bitch and moan more than she does. – Alright, let’s get
our game faces on. We ready? You ready, mama? – There’s no more fucking
smoke, the E’s all fucking gone, there’s two fucking
beers left in the fridge. This is fucking bullshit, man. These guys oughta be
taking care of us. – If you weren’t being such a
pig all the time, we’d still have some shit
laying around here. – Well what the fuck do
you want from me, huh? – Stop acting like
a fucking retard. – Oh, so now I’m
a fucking retard? – I didn’t say you’re
a retard, you prick, I said you’re starting to act
like one for Christ’s sake. – Well it’s the
same fucking thing. I’m still fucking bored. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Then go somewhere
and jerk off. – Fuck you. You know what. I’m gonna pay little
Miss. Senorita a visit. She if she wants to
play Hide the Salami with big ole Luke,
how about that, huh? Yeah, you hear me? Do you hear me? Do you hear me now? That’s what I’m talking
about, motherfucker. It’s time for me to go play. Little lady’s waiting for me. She gonna get it good, she
gonna get it real good. Yeah baby, that’s it. – Step one foot in that
room and I’ll slice your balls off quick. I’ll feed your fat
ass to the sewer rats. – Easy, easy. – To the rats. – Blake, I didn’t
mean nothing by it. Come on man, it was a joke. It was just a fucking
joke, for Christ’s sake. It’s cool man, it’s cool. It was just a fucking joke. A joke. – Joke my ass. (phone rings) – Yeah? – How we doing, this is Nicky. – Tomorrow. Look man, we got this. You just be here with the cash. Later. That was Nicky, man. He’s gonna be here
tomorrow with our money. – That was the best news
I heard all fucking day. (doorbell rings) – Who the fuck is that? – Well how the fuck do I know? – [Luke] Who is it? – Pizza delivery.
– Pizza delivery. – Hey, it’s a couple of
young chicks out here delivering a pizza. – [Blake] Tell ’em we
didn’t order no pizza. – Oh, but I’m fucking starving. – [Blake] Just tell
’em we didn’t order. Jesus friggin’ Christ. Don’t open that door, you moron. – It’s just a couple
of young chicks. Would you relax,
Blake, it’s no problem. – Pizza delivery.
– Pizza delivery. – We didn’t order a
pizza, but I’ll take those two pies off your hands. – You didn’t order? – No. – Did you get the right address? – I wrote it down. Wait. Yeah, 242, see? – No, that’s not us. Maybe you got the street wrong. – [Blake] What’s the problem. – [Luke] There is no
problem, it’s fucking fine! – [Blake] Close
the fucking door. – You know you’re forever
getting these addresses wrong. – Like you’re Miss. Perfect? – No, but I know how to
get the orders right. – Whatever. Like you have the IQ
of a genius over here. – No, just hush. – You couldn’t even
pass the GED test that you took three times? – Ladies…
– I worked hard. – Ladies! Look, I’ll take the
two pies off your hands and nobody has to
get in trouble. How’s that? – Thank you. – Thank you very much. – How much for the two? – 18.75. – Um, give me a second. Don’t go away. – Why’d you open
the fucking door? I told you not to open the door. You got a screw
loose or something? – Look, I’m fucking starving. Jesus Christ. Loan me 20 bucks, let
me buy those pies. – You’re lucky I’m hungry too. But next time, don’t
open the fucking door. – Just a couple of
chicks, better stop being so fucking paranoid. – Look man, I don’t care if
your grandmother out there selling Girl Scout cookies,
don’t open the door. – Okay girls, here we go. (gun fires) – Get up, get up! I got the girl. I’ll kill her. I don’t know who you people are. You let me walk outta
here, the girl goes free. – I got a better idea. You let the girl go, you
walk outta here alive. – Think I’m stupid? I let this girl
walk, I’m a dead man. – You don’t let her
go, you a dead man. Make a choice. (gun fires) (Jewlish screams) – Hector. Hector, let’s go baby. Before 5-0 gets here. – [Hector] Just
give me a second! One second. – Hector, let’s go! – Alright, let’s hop. We out. – Thank you for what you did. – It was nothing. – You and your friends risked
your lives for me tonight. I’m forever grateful and
my father will be too. – He’s gonna be
happy to see you. – I better get inside. – Do you mind if you and
I get a coffee sometime? I know that sounds crazy. – No, that doesn’t sound crazy. I would like that. – I’ll call you. – Okay, you have my number. – Yeah, I’ll get it. – Fuck. Dammit. Now what the fuck am I gonna do? – Good morning, Freddy – How’s my beautiful
little sister this morning? – I’m fine. Late night, huh? She must be something special. – Listen. I want you to go see an eye
specialist I’ve been looking up. – Come on Freddy,
I’ve seen over a dozen different eye doctors
in the last year and they’re all
saying the same thing. – But this guy’s
different, I’m telling you. I’ve been reading up on him. He’s supposed to be
the best in the city, I mean the country. – My sight’s gone. I’m not going to see again. – You can’t give up that easy. – Freddy, you don’t understand. I’m tired of all the
appointments, all the bad news. I’ve accepted this now, really. – Merna, we gotta keep trying. – Look, even if we found
a doctor that can help me in some way, where are we
gonna get the money, huh? – I’ll handle that, you
don’t worry about it. – I’ve accepted the
fact that I’m blind, why can’t you!? (knocking) – I’m here to fix your sink. – Angelo, can I have
a refreshment, please? – [Angelo] Sure. – Did that dumb-ass give
you any trouble yesterday? – [Angelo] No, no Frankie. He knows what’s expected. – Look, I tell you,
he slips up again I’m not gonna be that generous. – He knows you’ve been generous. Come on, he knows he’s
in his eighth life, if you know what I mean. – Yeah, seventh
heaven, on cloud nine. – Freddy? – Yeah? – [Merna] You mind
closing the door? – Yeah, sure. Hey listen, I’m gonna
go out for a second. The plumber’s here to
fix the sink, alright? – [Merna] Okay, be careful. Bye. – Bye. (car horn honks) – [Merna] Hi, Alberto. – Hi, Merna. You look nice, as always. – You always say that. – No really, you
look quite beautiful. – Thank you. Come here. – What? – Just come here. I mean come closer. Alberto, I don’t bite. – I know. – You have nice features. You have a really nice body too. – I don’t think we
should be doing this. – What’s the rush,
where you going? – Look, your brother’s
gonna be home soon and if the job’s not done– – Don’t worry about him. – I don’t think
it’s a good idea. – I like it. It’s my idea. You don’t find me attractive. – No, yes I do. – Well then, get back here. (Merna giggles) Don’t stop. – I won’t. – Don’t stop. (punches thud) Freddy stop, it’s not his fault. – Shut up, Merna! – [Merna] Stop, please stop! Leave him alone! – I saw him with his
filthy hands all over you. I’ll fucking kill you. – Freddy! (Merna screams) Freddy, you can’t just
go beating people up. – You disrespect my
fucking house like this. – Stop it! Stop it, Freddy. Stop. – Hey, where the fuck is Vinny? – [Angelo] Vinny said he had
to take his old lady shopping. – Fucking Vinny. – Not for nothing, but he’s
a little tapped in his head, if you know what
I mean, you know. I mean he lets his
lady run his life. I mean that and haven’t
you guys ever noticed he’s a bit too
focused on his looks. I mean he looks like one of
them fucking metrosexuals. Always fucking worried
about grooming his nails, waxing his eyebrows. He’s fucking weird. – Okay, what happened? I know something’s wrong,
I can see it in your eyes. You’re both sitting here
like a couple of momo’s. One of you want to
tell me what happened? What, you’re a couple
of fucking mutes, now? – Angelo, the exterminator
been here this week? – [Angelo] Yeah he was here
yesterday, come to think of it. – Somebody whacked
our friends, Frankie. – What’re you talking about? – The bikers. – I fucking knew it. What do I tell you
guys about forming this kind of shit out. You stupid fucks. – [Nicky] Sorry
boss, we thought– – Hey look, you thought, that’s the trouble with you two, you’re always thinking,
you’re never doing. All you had to do was
hold on to that girl until her father
straightened out with us, but no, that wasn’t
good enough for you. You had to go find
two degenerates to
do your work for you. – [Nicky] We didn’t know that. – Look you dumb fuck, you
get paid to know that. You know what,
you, you’re lucky. You’re lucky you’re
my nephew, and you! Your luck’s running out. – We’ll clean this up,
don’t worry about it. – That’s it, from now on we
do our own work, you got it? – [Nicky] Yeah
Frankie, we got it. – No more forming any
of this shit out, right? – [Nicky] Yeah. – Okay, now look. Fucking amateurs. If that’s the way they
want to play it, fine. I’ll tell you what you do. You go right over
there and you whack that son of a bitch, Pedro. No, no. No I got a better idea. Angelo, you go push
the button on Pedro. I got something else in
mind for you two guys. Thank you. – Whatever you want done. – You on doing something
right for a change? I want you to go find
that fucking cocksucker, Johnny Melrose. I’ll tell you
exactly where he is. Right now he’s in Atlantic
City, at the casino, spending my money on
broads two at a time. He hasn’t invested a
dime of what we gave him. That son of a bitch is
gonna regret he ever met me when we get done with him. – Consider it done, Frankie. – I’ll consider it done
when I see his bloody body spread across the front
page of the Daily News. That’s when I’m gonna
consider it done. For now, would you
please do me a favor? Could you please get
the fuck outta here? Go someplace and do something. You know, I don’t believe
he’s related to me. He’s fucking stupid. You got this one? – [Angelo] Yeah, I got it. I’ll take Vinny with me too. – Yeah, and take Sonny too. I wanna really make sure
that this thing gets resolved once and for all. – [Angelo] Yeah sure,
just give a minute. I gotta take a piss. – Go ahead, go take
that ride with Sonny. – That’s what I’m talking
about right there. (group chatters) – Who want money,
who want money!? (group hoots and hollers) – Talking about the birds. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And because you
were extra special, I brought y’all some presents. – I don’t mind doing
work for lollipops. Suck on that, baby. – That’s good work
people, real good. Couple more jobs like
this and we can retire. Invest our money, and
let that shit work for us for a change. No more of this dirty shit. – Yeah, I’ve been thinking
that I’m gonna build myself a mansion or a fortress. – Oh me too, papi. – How the hell you guys
gonna change your mind now? – Yeah, we’re supposed
to stick together. Like family? – That’s right, Hector. We all vote on it. You can’t back out now. – If you remember,
Freddy was the voicebox to all that investment shit. I just sat around and I
listened to that bullshit. – You didn’t disagree. Matter of fact, you didn’t
say shit either way. – Y’all fucking sellouts. – My man ain’t no
sellout, bitch. What the fuck you gonna do? – Shut up, shut up! – I ain’t your child.
– Yo, my nigga, just chill! – What the fuck? – Just chill the fuck
out and let me listen to what we got to
say, alright baby? – At least she
listen to somebody. – Better mind your business
or I slap the shit outta you. – Or what, or what? – Bitch. – Yo, I got your bitch. – Fuck you. – Melinda, I’m not
tell you again girl. – Yo, don’t talk to her. Talk to me. – Oooh! You’re making the rules now? Our vote don’t count no more? You and your girl, You do what you want? And fuck the crew? – Basically. Time for me to run my
own show, right baby? – That’s right, baby. – “That’s right, baby.” “I want to run my own show!” Now see, what we got here
is a failure to communicate. – Oh he’s a fucking
comedian now, huh? – Let’s handle this, man. – What you got in mind? – It’s simple bro. You win, you’re the lead man. You do what you want. I win, it means you keep your mouth
shut and we stick to the plan. – I’m with that shit. Hold that shit. – Let’s go. – I’ve been waiting
a long time for this. I’ll bust yo ass. You’re in some shit, right? You know that? – What’re you guys
doing, come on. – Handle your business, baby. – Yo, you really enjoying
this shit, ain’t you? – Listen, I don’t have to
believe anybody but my man. – Well he ain’t gonna
be able to do anything when Freddy knocks
the shit out of him. – You need to shut the fuck up! – Bring it, Bitch. – What’re you doing? It’s between them two,
cut that shit out! (punch thuds) – That’s the best you got? You’re a little bitch. – You know I’m here, brother. – Yeah, know this, bitch. Know that, motherfucker. What!? Know that! Quit while you’re ahead. Get up off that ground, I’m
gonna knock your ass out. Sit down, motherfucker. You get up, I’m gonna
knock that ass out. Oh, I see. I see you’re a
real soldier, huh. Let me end this real quick. Real quick. Ready, you ready for this? Watch the right,
watch the right. Fuck man, this is too easy. Damn, yo. I’ll get you and you, fuck! Shit, come with, come with! Yo, you better
stay down, Freddy. I told you, Freddy. Stay down, man. Yo, I’mma knock your ass
out, and then for fun, I’ll take it out on your sister. Huh, cabron? Me and your sister, what. Yo, don’t go making
some stupid ass choice trying to be the tough guy. Motherfucker, just stay down. – Come on, he’s
just a little bitch. Knock that shit off. – Yo, you shut up. – Shut the fuck up. You next, you next. When I’m done with
him, you next. – Come on Freddy, get up. – Fuck it yo, we out, we out. Come on baby, we outta here. – Yo Junior, I want the
money turned over tomorrow. I’ll decide what we do next. – Get the fuck outta here.
(Freddy whistles) – We ain’t done play yet, bro. – This motherfucker’s
got a death wish. Baby, I’ll see you. Let me end this
real fucking quick. You really want to
die today, right? You really wanna fucking
die today, right? Come on. Man, I will fucking kill you. Play time’s over. – That’s right, eat
the floor dammit. Eat the fucking floor. – Nobody every disrespects
me, you get what I’m saying? Look at me.
– Yes. – Look at me. You ever, ever disrespect
me in front of the crew I’ll fucking kill you. – I understand. I understand. – Get your boy. Get the fuck outta my face. – Yo, what’s up, player!? What’s happening? – You know. What’s up? – Damn, what happened to you? – Nothing man, it’s
just a misunderstanding between me and one of my people. We understand each other now. – I bet. – Yo, that job went
real smooth, man. Real smooth. No problems, we was in and out. – Good, that’s what
I like to hear. I got something,
something real big. If it’s done right, you’ll be
on easy street, real quick. – Easy street, I like
the way that sounds. Talk to me. – Diamonds. – Diamonds, girls best friend. – That’s right. Listen, I’ve been
checking out this dude on Diamond District for
a couple of months– – Whoa, whoa, whoa. Diamond District? Come on man, this don’t sound
like no easy street to me. You know how many cops are
staked out in that area? – I know that, just
hear me out on this. – Nah man, nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah. Nah, man. Shit, it’s a suicide mission
Billy, you know that. Might as well skip
all the drama, put the cuffs on my damn self. – Not even for a half a mil? – Now you didn’t say
all that, pardner. – You ain’t give me a chance. – Alright, what’s up. – Now here’s the deal. Every Tuesday this dude
drops off a bundle of cash and picks up a good
amount of diamonds. – Alright, I’m listening. – And after that, you and
your people, put ’em in place and roll on ’em. Sound like a plan? – Yeah, I’m with it. – Cool. – He’s moving. – Excuse me, do
you have the time? – I got the time for you– (man yells) – Come on, Johnny. How about you and I have a talk. – Papi, I forgot
something upstairs, okay? – Pedro! (gun fires) (Jewlish screams) Papi, somebody help me, please! Please! – I don’t know how you
pullin’ this off, Freddy, but you’re making
this shit real easy. You must run with one
hell of a crew, man. – Man, we business people. It’s all about the money, baby. It’s supply and demand, right? You demand it, I supply it. – I hear that. – Yeah, oh yeah. That’s what I’m talking about. For you. – Yeah. Now that’s what
I’m talking about. I’m telling you man, you keep bringing
me jobs like this, shit, I could retire early. – Billy, you ready? – Yeah, Oliva I want you
to meet a friend of mine. That’s Freddy. – Hi Freddy. How you doin’? – Me and Freddy
grew up together, living on the same block. – Your man over here is
like an older brother to me. Looked out for me
when I was growing up. – I guess you do
have a nice eye. – What can I say? Baby, you ready to go? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Check this out. I hear something,
I’ll give you a call on something real big. – Come find me, bro. – Hey Martha, give
him another one on me. – Bye Freddy. (phone rings) – Hello. Who dis? Jewlish, you what? Yeah, alright look, I’ll
meet you right there. I’m on my way. Alright. I love this place. I come here sometimes
to clear my head. The water, the sky. It’s peaceful. – I never would’ve
thought you were romantic. – I keep that part of
me wrapped up tight. I choose who I want
to share it with. – You know you were
supposed to leave today. We would go down to
Miami, spend a couple days with my uncle, and
then go on to PR. I just don’t know how
my father got involved with these mob people, man. I don’t understand. – Real sorry. You know if there’s
anything I can do, anything. – Just be my friend, okay? – Of course. Of course, you got that. I’m saying if you need
me to do anything. – I’ve never even had
any male friends before. My father was so
over-protective of me. No one was good enough
for his Jewlish. – He probably right. He’s just loving his baby girl, you can’t blame him for that. – I loved him back so much. – What you gonna do now? – I don’t know. I’ve never been alone
before, I’ve never had to plan for anything. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. – What about your
uncle in Miami. – Nope, his wife’s a bitch. She doesn’t like me and I
sure as hell don’t like her. She thinks I’m a spoiled brat,
so that’s not gonna happen. – Well look… I mean… Until you figure stuff out,
you need a place to crash, you’re welcome to stay with me. – I don’t know you. – What’s there to know. I told you, I like
the water, sky. – Pink lollipops? – How bad could I be? – Okay. – It’s gonna be alright. – Let’s hope so. – This the fucking place
you bring us to, Johnny? Nice. Shut the fuck up. Get that tape off his mouth. (Johnny yells) – Fuck! For Christ’s sake, why don’t
you just rip my face off? – Quit your whining, cocksucker. – Just show us where
the fucking money is and shut your fucking
trap before I bash your fucking face in! You hear me you rat bastard? You prick? – Take it easy. – And don’t fucking
try nothing stupid, go! – Could you loosen
the tape here, it’s kinda hard to walk. – Then fucking walk, move. – Where’s the fucking
money, Johnny? Don’t fuck with me. – It’s over there, over there. – Watch him. – Why? – Just fucking watch him. – Where the fuck is he gonna go? He walks like a fucking duck. (gun fires)
(Johnny yells) – Fuck. – What the fuck was
I supposed to do, the little prick
was getting away. – Do you ever think
before you do stupid shit? Now what the fuck
are we gonna do? – What the fuck was I
gonna do, let him go? I could just hear
your uncle now. “Gee Nicky, you fucked
this one up too. “Can’t you ever do
anything right?” – What’re we gonna do? We’re never gonna get
Frankie’s money back and he’s gonna be
crawling up my ass. – We’ll just tell
Frankie what happened. – Oh yeah, ’cause that’s gonna
go over well with Frankie. – [Merna] What’re
your planes for today? – I haven’t really
thought about that. – Well I have to get
some food for the house and run some other errands. You want to come along? – Sure. – Alright, well let me
finish getting ready and we’ll be on our way. – Alright, it’s party time. It’s payday, it’s payday, baby. – Who got the money? I want my money! (group chatter) – Where’s my money, baby? Where’s my money? That’s what I’m talking about. Where’s my money? (group chatter) – Where’s my money,
I want it right here. – You act like you’ve
never seen a C-note before. – I know you’ve seen
C-notes working the track and all your little hoes. Oh, I got you, right. – Not like that five spot
your broad be working. – Oh shit. – Oh no you didn’t. – Happy fucking
dysfunctional family. – You stupid. – It’s true. – Finally, finally. – What’s happening, beautiful? And for you, sexy. – That’s what I’m talking about. – Oh baby yeah, give
me some, give me some. – Yo, back up. I’m handling my
business, my man. Back up. – Uno, dos, tres,
quatro, cinco, seis. – And you can count. (Freddy speaks Spanish) – Yo, shut the fuck
up bro, you know that? Yo bro, this is my woman and
you’re talking like that. – This is like hitting
the lotto, bro. You keep bringing us work
like this job, primero, we set for life, baby. – Right, that’s what I’m saying. So we straight, right? 75 G’s a piece? And the other 50, we investing. – What’re you
talking about, daddy. When we gonna see the fruits
of our investments, man? – In time, in time. – That’s right, that’s right. – I’m getting a little
inpatient here, man. – It’s all good, man. – Party, my man! – Keep it warm for me
girl, keep it warm. (soft music) (flies buzz) – Turn that shit down,
turn that shit down. – What’s up man, what’s up? – There’s a dead
body over there. – Fuck it, you
gotta die sometime. – Let’s check it
out, go check it out. – Why you actin’ like you never
seen a dead person before? – Oh shit! – You get used to it,
don’t worry about it. – Yo, from the looks of
this, this guy’s been dead for a while. – How you know that? – Rigor mortis already set in. – What you know about that
shit, you a doctor now? – Papi, it’s called television. I like watching them
autopsy shows and shit. – That’s morbid. – Anyway, rigor mortis
starts to set in around three hours or so. Just look at the pool of blood. This guy’s been dead
for a long time. – It’s a lotta blood. – Yo, it smells fucking nasty. – Help me turn him over. – Are you crazy? – Y’all ain’t got no
problem shooting these motherfuckers, it’s
just looking at ’em? – Yeah, that’s right. I just shoot ’em,
and then I leave. Who the hell stands vigil
over a damn dead body? – I got you. – One, two, three. (group groans) – What’s that, a
briefcase right there? – That thing’s got locks on it, like there’s something
important in there. Bet this guy got a cap for that. – By golly, you
cracked the case. – You know, you’re
getting on my last nerve. – Ooh. – Both of you just
grow up, dude. – Oh shit! – Come on, Freddy. – This the lotto? – Stop playing, man. What you got? – What you got, Freddy? – It ain’t nothing. Nah, you don’t wanna see it. You don’t wanna see this. It’s just like a
million in cash! – Oh, get the fuck outta here. – Thank you. – Oh, what do we got here? – Oh, looks like we
interrupted somebody’s party. – Guy’s, look at this man? – They leave the pistol here,
and the cash, and the music? – Nicky, grab the
other two, go upstairs, and search the area. They got to be around
here somewhere. Let’s go. – Hey, why don’t you
just come out and make it easy on yourself? We know you’re here. – Shit. Shh, shh, shh. You heard that? (intense music) (guns fire) – Oh fucker, fuck you! Fuck you! – Wow, cocksucker’s dead. – What a fucking jerk off. – Come on, let’s
get out of here. – Give that shit to my mother. – You’re gonna give that
shit to her yourself. – Just do me a favor. – What favor? Yo, Poppo? Poppo. Poppo! Don’t fucking die on me Poppo, don’t fucking die on me. Come on. Come on! – Nice. Fucking punk. Wait till Frankie
hears about this, this is gonna make
him real happy. – A library card. A punk who reads. Today’s full of suprises. – That’s it, and
he’s fucking dead. – Fuck him! – No fucking money. – Maybe he didn’t get to it. – And maybe he did and them
punks got our fucking money. – What do you think
about that, Paulie? – Well maybe– – Fuck maybe, Paulie. We’re gonna find them,
we’re gonna get our money, and we’re gonna end
this fucking soap opera that the two of you
fucking started, alright? Piece of shit. – Yo, what the fuck
did you do that for? – ‘Cause I can. – Yo Freddy, wait up. – Yo look, we need to split up. We’ll figure this
shit out later on. – Yeah, but I’m still
gonna get my money, right? – Yo Freddy, I want my money. (group argues) – Nobody gets shit, alright. Shut up. Look we’ll meet up later at
five o’clock at the park. Don’t be late. – Street punks? – Yeah, but we got one of them. – Oh well hey, I mean you win
some, you lose some, right? – Frankie, we almost
had ’em Frankie. We all emptied our
clips and we probably… We did what we had to do. – Do you want me
to give you a prize for what a great job you did? – Oh Frankie, he’s just
trying to, you know. – Oh please stop it, stop it. You know you’re hurting my ears. You know, you’re turning into
a real fuck-up, you know that? And you too. Look, I don’t care
what you gotta do. You go out there and
you bring back my money and the black
book, you got that? – Yeah, Frankie. – Let me try to
tell you something. This here, this is a
funny little club we got. It ain’t for
everybody, I know that. But you’re in it, and
here’s how it works. You get a job to do, and
you go right out there and you do it, or you don’t come back. And believe me, not coming
back is a lot better than coming back empty handed. Do you understand this job? – Yes. – Good. Just get the fuck out
before I change my mind. – Okay, Frankie. – Sonny, you keep
your eye on them. If they fuck this up,
take care of it for them and you bring ’em back here. But I don’t want to see them
again until it’s all handled. – Don’t worry Frankie, I got it. I’ll take care of it. You know Frankie, if you ever
needed me to do anything… – You’re alright, Angelo. Those two fucking yahoos are
gonna put me in the grave faster than it takes the feds
to make up phony charges. – I mean I was kinda thinking
I could take the lead on a few new work over on 47th. – You want your own work? – Yeah, I mean I think
I can do good things. – Alright, okay. But I’ll tell you right now. If you run into any
trouble, you go to Sonny. You don’t go to
them fucking yahoos. – You got it. – Alright. – [Angelo] Thanks
Frankie, I appreciate it. – No, I like you. You’re gonna do good things. – Thank you. – Those cubans that you grabbed. I know Frankie wanted
me to get them. – What am I gonna do? – What have you got? – Sonny, we got this. – That’s what you
said the last time. – How we supposed
to find these punks? I mean they all wear these
fucking baggy clothes. They all look alike. – We got their card. – What’re we gonna do? Hang at a library
like a bunch of dopes, hoping one of his
friends returns a book? – He’s a fucking punk
kid, there’s a library. He’s got to go to a
library around his house. All we gotta do is check
out the whole area, we’ll fucking find him. – Fucking Paulie, first
time you had a decent idea. – Yeah, fuck you. – What’re you taking,
smart pills now Paulie? – Fuck you too. – Take a double
dose, all of youse. – Let me get some of
those Cubans, come on. – Fuck you. – Come on. – Did you tell him
about the call? – No. – What call? – Some friend of yours. He needs to learn how to talk
to people with some respect. – Who was he? – Hector, he called
looking for you and I told him you weren’t home. – When was this? – I don’t know, Freddy. I wasn’t looking at the clock. – [Freddy] Ha, ha. What’d he say, Merna? – After he tried to find
out what I was doing, he said he’ll call back later. The guy’s weird. – I’ll talk to him. – Merna, you need
help in the kitchen? – No thanks. But make sure you keep my
brother out of trouble. – I’ll try. I will try. – You two got along, huh? – You are a lucky brother. – Hey listen, that guy
who killed your father, you ever know who
he looked like? – He looked like an Italian guy. I mean his hair was
slicked back, brownish. I only saw the back of
his head, so I don’t know. Why? Why you asking? – It’s nothing. I have to go handle
something real quick. – Where you going? – I’ll be back. Just help my sister in
the kitchen, alright? She needs all the
help she can get. Blake? That’s his name, Blake? Alright, alright cool. I’ll be in touch. – You want this baby? Melina, you want this? – Good look, good look. – I got you, papi. – Yo Freddy, I called
your house earlier today. Your sister picked up,
she started flipping out for no fucking reason. – Yo, do me a favor Hector. Don’t call my house. You want me, you
hit me on my cell. – The fuck is your problem? – My business is my business. Hector, don’t call my house. – Yo, you fucking tripping. You’re fucking up my high, man. – Somebody gonna tell him? – Tell me what? – The guys that killed Poppo? I thought, you know– – Just fucking tell him already. – Yo, will you fucking relax? – Spit that shit out! – Relax, bitch. – Melina? – I saw a picture
of him the other day in the newspaper. Coming out the courthouse. Freddy, he’s fucking mob. He’s a part of the
Salvati Family. – So we all know what
that means, right? We gotta lay low. – Yo, I don’t give
a fuck who he is, I’m still getting
my money, right? – Dude, you’re worried
about money when we got the biggest crime family
out looking for us? What is your problem!? – Bitch, am I talking to you? Do you know I’ll slap
the shit outta you? – Oh, you wanna slap me? You know the last guy– – You got a deathwish, bitch? – Oh you can get cut too. – Cut me! – Put the knife away. – You’re lucky! – Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up! – Is this what we want, huh? There, take your shit. Everybody gets their
share, but I’m only gonna say this once: Don’t go out there
doing nothing stupid. Don’t try to be all
fly again, all fancy, buying fancy jewelry and shit. We got to lay low. Hector? – I’m with it man, I’m
with it, I’m with it. We giving Boppo’s share of
the money to his family. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. Boppo was my man too,
but he’s fucking dead and I need his money. – Freddy, you know
Boppo’s family hated every single one of us, including you. You do know that? – We’re giving his share
of the money to his family. That’s what he wanted,
that’s what we’re gonna do. – Whatever you say
man, I’m with it. – Come on guys, we’ve been
together for a long-ass time. Man, you ain’t tough. And don’t be mad. Juvey! Fucking delinquents. – Yo, hit this. – That’s what’s up. – All you’d have to do
is go with this dude, say hour’s, tops. Make this quick
cheddar and we out. What’s so hard about that? – It’s that easy,
you lay up with him. I’ll collect the money. What do you think I am? – See, why you gotta
be coming all foul? I’m trying to get this
motherfucking paper, and you talking out
the side of your neck. – Whatever, Billy. I’m just not gonna be
disrespected by nobody, including you. – Who’s disrespecting you? This dude gonna pay you
two G’s for your time. What’s wrong with you? – Why don’t you find
some ho in the square? – ‘Cause you my
motherfucking ho. Now drink that drink and
get your ass out there. – Martha. – Look at you, long time. So what brings you this way. – I want you to meet a
couple of friends of mine. This is Paulie and Sonny. Me and Martha here
go back a long time. – How you doing? – So, what can I get you guys? – Can I get a Johnny
Black, on the rocks. – Bud light. – You know what, give me
a Hennessy, straight up. – [Martha] You got it. – Hey Martha, we got
a little problem. – [Martha] What’s up? – You from the neighborhood? – Whatever you need, baby. – This is the last time
you’re gonna ask me to do some sort of
bullshit like this. You hear me, Billy? – It’s fine, it ain’t
gonna happen again. – You part your lips with
this kind of shit again, I’m out. – I never stopped you before. – You know this kid? – Can’t say I do. – Hangs around here
with a few others. – Talk to him. He knows everything. – Call him over. – [Martha] Hey, Billy. Got a minute? – [Billy] What’s up? – [Martha] These guys
wanna talk to you. – Get up, let ’em sit down. – What’s up, fellas? Time is money and money is time. – This guy, you know him? Runs a little street
gang around here? – Nah, I don’t know him. – You listening to this hump? – I said I don’t know him. – Listen to me, what you do, you tell us who the guy
is and we’ll let you live, how’s that sound? – Who the fuck are you? – Who the fuck are we? – Many, you got me talking
to these sucker-ass– – What do you know now, huh? You know anything now? What do you know now
you fucking tough guy? Tell me what you know? – [Martha] Fellas,
watch the bar. I just waxed it the other day. – Fucking moolie, what the
fuck is wrong with you? Take him out the back. Get the fucking hat outta here. Paulie, grab this fucking punk. – Where’d Billy go? – He took a ride
with those guys. He said, “Go on without him.” – You not gonna
drink your drink. – I’m not thirsty. (man and woman speak Spanish) – Fulhaldo is my home! I have family I haven’t
seen for two years! – I can’t go? – No, you can’t go! (knocking) – Answer the door. – Can’t you see I’m reading? You get the door. – Answer the fucking door
before I throw your ass out! (man and woman argue in Spanish) – I’m looking for Blake. – He’s here, come in. – You Blake? – Ha ha, my man Freddy. Have a seat. Can I offer you
something to drink? So Billy tell me you got
problems with the mob and you need some steel. – What you got? – Now I got pistols,
revolver, semi-automatic. Automatic. This is what you’re looking for? Go ahead. I think he like,
I think he like. Pick it up man, pick it up. That solves all your problems. – I’ll take ’em both. – Big spender. – You like? – Billy told me, you and me
make good business together. These people you
got problems with, if you need help, you call me. You see one of them
owes me something. – Bye. – Bye? (man and women argue in Spanish) Lock the door! – Freddy? Freddy? – Shut up or you’re dead, bitch. Sit down. Where’s Freddy? – I don’t know. – Where’s Freddy. – I don’t know. – Paulie, go check
the place out. What’s your name? – Why? – Don’t play games with me. Now tell me your fucking name! – Merna. – Merna. – Don’t fucking touch me. – [Paulie] Hey, look who I
found hiding in a closet. – Oh wait a fucking minute… Wait a fucking minute,
do you see who that is? Oh, wait till Frankie
gets a load of this. He’s gonna laugh his ass off. – What’re you gonna tell him. – This one right here,
that’s Pedro’s daughter. At least she was until
we put a cap in his ass. (Jewlish yells) Somebody’s gotta tell
me where Freddy is. – I don’t know nothing. – You don’t tell me
what I need to know, I’ll get really angry? – I know nothing. – Is that how you
want to do this? Okay. Give me my revolver. – [Paulie] What’re you gonna– – Just give me the fucking gun
and stop with the questions! Now I know you’re probably
both a little bit nervous. So we’re gonna play a game. Kind of to break the ice. I think once you two get
to know me and Paulie, you’re gonna find out
we’re not really bad guys. The game is fun. Well it can be. But it’ll definitely get
your adrenaline pumping. – Well there’s nothing
you can do to scare me. – [Paulie] We got a
tough one here, Nicky. – That’s right. – I see, I see. Okay. Let’s see what you’re
made of, shall we? So here’s the game. I ask a question, and then
you answer the question. Now if I think you’re
not being truthful, I pull the trigger. Who knows. Maybe you live, maybe you
take a bullet to the head. So who’s ready to play? What’re you gonna tell me. – We don’t know where– – Ah, ah. It’s not your turn. I’ll get to you in a minute. Where’s Freddy? – I told you. – See, this is the point
where I don’t think you’re really being
truthful with me. Where’s Freddy. – I told you. (revolver clicks)
– Bang! (Nicky laughs) I like this game. Okay. Now it’s your turn. – [Merna] Jewlish, don’t
tell them anything. Don’t tell ’em anything. They’re gonna kill us anyway. Shut your mouth. – Do you need me to
repeat the question? It’s the same one. – Jewlish, shut your mouth. – I don’t know, I don’t know. – You got to give me something. – I don’t know, I don’t know. (revolver clicks) (Nicky laughs) – You know, you girls
are good at this game. Alright, Merna. It’s your turn again. – Well I ain’t scared of you. Get your fucking guns
or fuck your guns. They don’t break me down,
they’re not gonna break us down. – Nicky, come on. This game is sick that
we’re playing over here. We’ll put a bullet in
them both and we’re done. We’re done with it. – We’re almost done. (gun fires)
(Jewlish cries) Paulie, shut her up. (gun fires) I didn’t say to whack
her, you fucking idiot! – Well what’d you want me to do? You told me to shut her up? What was I supposed to do. – Come on, let’s get outta here. – We’re going for a ride. – I ain’t go no where with you. – Don’t make me use this. – What you gonna do with that? – Get off me! – Get this spic
inside the fucking– put the spic inside. Spic! – Hector! Hector, Hector! Hector! – Yo, Merna. – You find the other one? – No. – Well we left them a message. See what happens when you fuck
with the wrong people, huh? Your little piece of shit
world just crashed in down on you, just like that. – Fuck you. You don’t know who you’re
fucking dealing with. I’ll fucking kill all you
guinea fucking bastards. Fuck you, do it. Do it you bitch. – This fucking guy’s nuts. – Do it you fucking bitch, what. – Let’s get outta here,
this crazy bastard. – Fuck you, guinea. – You fucking mutt. How you like that? How’d that feel
you little bitch? – That the best you got? You hit like a little bitch. – Yeah, you motherfucker? – Shoot me, shoot me. – I’m gonna kill him, I’m gonna do him right now! – Kill me, kill me! – Yo, what’s going on. What’d you hear? – We gotta hide. Freddy called. Both Merna and Jewlish are dead. – Damn. – Melinda said Hector was
in the car with some guys. And he’s not answering
his cell phone. – What’re we gonna do? – We gotta hide. Somewhere, hotel, something. Freddy said he’d call us. – Come on, let’s go. – I ever tell you about
the time we went down to Atlantic City with
Sally Short Legs? – Sally Short Legs,
that fucking nut. – This fucking momo goes
up to this blonde chick sitting at the bar in
Trump’s Casino, right. This broad had a rack
on her that’d make Dolly Parton look flat-chested. – Get the fuck outta
here, you’re shitting me? – I kid you not, I kid you not. This broad’s tits were
so big it looked like she was carrying
two basketballs. – [Paulie] Ah, fuck you. – No, I’m not kidding. Anyway, Sal gets to follow
’em into the john, right? So I’m in there, taking a
piss, I got my cock in my hand. This jerkoff’s in the next
stall trying to get laid. Next thing I hear,
Sal’s got her bent over, he’s banging away, bing,
bang, bing, bing, bang. The stall door never
worked so much. I’m thinking, “This
lucky fuck,” right? All of a sudden I
hear Sal start yelling and screaming, “You fucking
cocksucker, I’m gonna kill you.” I see this thing come
running out of the stall, it had a cock, it looked like
a miniature baseball bat. – What, are you shitting me? – Sal Short Legs was banging
one of those tranvesos? – It’s transvestite. – You know you can be pretty
dumb sometimes, Angelo. – What the fuck you know? You’re a momo too. – I mean you’re telling
me that Sally was banging some homo drag queen? – Yeah. – [Frankie] Jesus Christ,
no wonder he’s so messed up in the head. – Who you telling? – Angelo, listen. Do me a favor please. Go downstairs and see
what the fuck is taking that prick Paulie so long, huh? – Yeah, yeah boss. – [Frankie] Thank you. What the hell’s he
doing down there? I mean what does it take
to get the information out of the guy. All you do is you just go
down, you get the information, come back with it. I mean days are
going by, I tell him. – Hey, Sonny. – Hello, Angelo. – What’s going on, kid? – Where you going? – Ah, I’m gonna go
check on Paulie. Yeah, where? Downstairs with that punk? – Yeah, with the fucking prick. – You know what, I’ll
take care of it, alright? – Yeah, alright. I’ll catch you upstairs. – You got it, kid. Paulie! Paul!? Where the fuck are you? Paulie? (gun cocks) – I’ll take that. Now we’re gonna play by
my rules, cocksucker. – You think you’re gonna
make it outta here alive. – Maybe, maybe not. But if I don’t, you can
kiss your ass goodbye. Now turn your ass around. – Take it easy you fucking punk. – Shut up, I’m
making the rules now. – [Nicky] When the dealer
wins, it always makes you wonder, don’t it? – What the fuck? – Put your hands back
on the table or I’ll put a hole in this motherfucker
faster than you can say cannoli. – Paulie’s dead. – Yeah, you tell ’em. You tell ’em so they
know I mean business. – Do you know who I am? – I don’t give a
fuck who you are!? Thing is your little Italian
community ain’t shit to me, and can’t do shit for me. So you know what? I don’t give a fuck who you are. – Take it easy. – Take it easy? Did you hear him? He said take it easy. You motherfuckers try
to kill my downstairs and then want me
to take it easy? – So what is it
that you do want? – What do I want!? What do I want? You know what I want? I’m gonna make your lives hell. So all you motherfuckers
are gonna wish you were back in the
motherlands stomping on grapes you guinea fucks! – Take that motherfucker
right back downstairs and you teach him some respect. Paulie, you just made
your bones with me, buddy. – Spic motherfucker. – Nobody moves until I move. We clear? Everybody knows
their spots, right? – Ya man. Let’s just do this. – Hey Frankie. Good to see you. – Good to see you too. – What’s going on? – Thank God you’re here. Listen, sit down. I need to talk to you. – This fucking shit
with that guy Pedro is completely out of control. Those people are a
menace to society. I want you to do
something for me. (phone rings) – You got it, whatever you need. – Excuse me just a second. Hello? – You want your money back? You let my boy go. – [Frankie] Who is this? – Who I am ain’t important. – Excuse me. This is that fucking
prick who’s got my money. – Motherfuckers. – Hello? Okay, you got my money, right? Alright, what can we work out? – The same place we
found your money. You bring Hector back
there, we make the exchange. Three o’clock. – Fine. This fucking knucklehead. Three o’clock, here’s
what I want you to do. You take the boys, all
of ’em, and go over to that freaking abandoned
warehouse and I want you to fucking whack
every one of those son of a bitch,
motherfucking street punks. You got that? – Frankie, it’s gonna be done. – Thank you very much. – [Freddy] That’s far enough. – We brought your friend. Just give us our fucking
money and we’ll be on our way. Shut the fuck up. You got that? – [Freddy] The briefcase is
in the room and your left. You see it? – Yeah, I see it. – [Freddy] So here’s
how it’s gonna go. You’re gonna tie Hector’s hands, he’s gonna go into the
room, open up the case, show you the money. He’s gonna close the case,
put it back on the floor. Once he gets outta that
room, you get your money. We clear? Is that anyway to treat
the man who’s gonna help you get your money back? – Listen, shut the fuck
up and show your face. – [Freddy] No, you listen to me. – No, no. You fucking listen to me. I’ll fucking plug him
right now, you hear me? You motherfucker!? You listen to me! Now what you wanna do now? You fucking punk! I’ll fucking shoot
him, right fucking now! Yeah? Show your face you motherfucker. I wanna see you or we
ain’t going nowhere. You got that? You want your boy,
you show me your face. Right now. – Uh, uh, uh. Don’t do anything
stupid, gentlemen. There might be some
unfriendly fire hiding out in these walls. Let him go. – Fucker. (guns fire) (gentle guitar music) (intense music)

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  1. Street people got their own brand of Justice. Even dee gangster criminals would fuck that guy up BAD for jacking a blind person. Even street low lifes ain't that low.

  2. Would like everyone to know who's watching these movies, that in the REAL world, the richest people have LEGAL ligitimate businesses. The jails are full of people who believe u get rich by applying the ideas in these movies.
    Makes for great entertainment though.

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  4. That's what I mean about these Italian Catholics. All that shit they do and then they come out with a statement like "Thank God". It's a pedifile organization.

  5. And then they all lived happily ever after. Amen!! Too bad the REAL mob is still up and running with FULL Washington DC approval!! And the public is STILL STUPID!!!

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    [ M O V I E ORIGINAL ]| 0000013 more credit »

  10. لمذا لم تترجم الى العربيه افلام حلوه ورائعه بس نقصها الترجمه العربيه فلم رائع


  12. Cheap independent trying to cash in on someone else's title. Not worth the bother to watch! Misleading crap.

  13. First rate acting and realistic gun fire. The fight scenes are some of the sharpest and most authentic you'll ever see onscreen. Smart editing and savvy directing. ty..

  14. The blind chick makes my wiener swell and throb. I was hoping that her brother was going to go all "Porn-Hub" on her.

  15. It had a little potential in the beginning just not very good acting that's all oh well hope they do better next time

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  17. …can someBody..TELL..Me .."""Who's..behind ..""Maverick-Movies-"""…i HEARD it was some ..WannaBe-'''…washed-up…""GangSter-""RAPPER-''..!…what''…

  18. Its not all the movie film making bad or good but its a moral lesson to those young teenage no bail for crime life is only one so love it…
    Stop writing bad comments.. !!! . As a human being respect this film movie coz they spent money to do this ..
    Kudaranai koto comento shinaide
    下らない こと
    コメント しないで
    Watching here in Japan
    I like this movie
    Its great ☝☝☝☝☝☝💓

  19. Why say it's a "full movie" when there are scenes that are missing from the movie? The full movie is a bit over 2 hours long. And now about the acting in this movie, it is bad, I would have thought the acting would be better and the story a better one with the subject matter, I'm a bit disappointed in this movie.

  20. I agree maverick sucks not to mention ,KINGS OF HORROR.totsly freaking garbage low grade low budget sorry ass movies

  21. The level of anger the sister came with to her manly brother, is plain stupid, and unjust. She should have hugged him and thanked him for what he did for the love and respect he has for her. She was crying on the sidewalk telling her brother all of her money was taken, asking him what is she going to do now. The money is returned and this is how she acts?. She needs to stop that shit. She knows the streets and how one must do what one must do to stay alive, and maintain respect.

  22. FUCKING U.S. American screaming! My neighbours knocked at my door. I had to explain it and turn down the FUCKING U.S. American volume – only to turn the volume up in the next minute because I could not understand a FUCKING single word of that U.S. American shit.(No, nothng wrong with my FUCKING ears!)

  23. ~Hector, HECT .-`"POW" `-. She's Get`n It. . .
    (She Put`m RIGHT OUT THERE, w/No Problem!)
    …A Scenario Like That, They Went In There Wrong, , , But Anyway. . .

  24. ~Get The F`k Outta Here,..!!!?
    They Got A STRANGER In The House, And She Decides To Shower At That Time, And
    Then, Put's On A Towel, And Then Put's Lotion On, All The While With The Door OPEN |._|

  25. ~Listen, I Stopped The Video, Don't Tell Me That He's REALLY GOING OUT,
    And Leaving His Blind Sister In The House With A Stranger, Come On… He
    Gotta Be Fak'n So He Can Spy/Lust On His Sister From In Her Room,Right?

  26. NO fair , i judge all films by the content of and sound of there drums , haha ! shit ! this means i have to watch this as i love the drum sound on this here vid heeeheee ..

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