FNC Civilization VI

FNC Civilization VI

Hi guys. I said, er… *clears throat* … sorry. I was too far away fae the mic there. Gerry was pushing this on me, mind, I was saying in an earlier – I mean, you watch all the Friday Night Consolevanias, mind, I was saying in that other Friday Night Consolevania that you’ve watched. Gerry was pushing this on me. Something you forget about PC games is that sometimes they’re fucked. And here, the cursor’s not working properly, so a restart was required. This is who I am. Peter. Big Peter. That’s Sean Bean. Could somebody tell me – the only reason I put this footage in is, er, could somebody tell me if my graphics card’s on the way out? ‘Cos that doesnae look right, does it? The game runs fine, but that cutscene’s… … it’s a shambles. I don’t know why they don’t make Sean Bean look like Sean Bean in the games, ‘cos we all know it’s Sean Bean. Back to Peter. And here we are. Ready? BOOM! St. Petersburg. I’m assuming you can name the cities, if you want. I don’t know how customizable it gets. You will see the adviser when I’m playing this. I’m not proud. I’ve not played a Civ game – get this – since 1996. Civilization II. So, the first thing that I want to get onto that I’m thoroughly, thoroughly impressed by is how… … how nice it is to play. Know what I mean? ‘Cos I don’t actually – I’m achieving all these things. That’s my people that are building this special… whatever that is. But, er, I don’t actually feel as if I know what I’m doing. It is telling me where to go, what to do. I mean, I can do – I don’t have to listen. Let’s stop for some gaming news. The people on the internet are saying that the Nintendo Switch might be getting the Xbox Game Pass. So that might be happening. Erm… It doesnae sound like something that would happen, but… people on the internet, talking about it. Gaming news. Yeah, it’s just really, really… You can do what you want, obviously. You can ramp up the difficulty and do what you want and get lost in it. There’s… There’s an impressive amount of layering going on. But I’m quite a surface-level player here, just now. Everything’s all new to me again. But it’s really nice, because it’s keeping track of everything. And when I played Civilization II… how many years ago was that? 23 years? Fuuuuuck… 23 – When I played Civilization II, 23 years ago (!), it didn’t keep track of, like, your units and stuff like that, or, or your production, or what you were… what your scientists were looking at. It didn’t keep track of everything very well. YOU had to do it. There was an awful lot of organization required from you. But with this, it’s just really, really… really ni- and it looks fucking great as well. That’s just scrolling in with the mouse wheel. Do I sound like an old guy talking about this? It’s just scrolling in and out with the mouse wheel, and look how lo – look at all they details! Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The upshot is, er, Gerry was right! Not only am I into this game, I’m into this game more than I’ve ever been into a Civilization game. Which isnae good news, ‘cos I’m actually quite busy right now. Because I went – actually, stupidly, astonishingly stupidly – went, “I’m gonnae play Civ VI for Friday Night Consolevania, I’ll just maybe stick two or three hours into it, get a feel for it and that’ll let me know.” And here I am… about twenty hours later… with a podcast running in the background, and I’m just watching all this eye candy. It’s very, very, very, very, very polished, is what Civilization VI is. Very immersive and very polished. I love the way the music in the early years of your civilization’s really basic, and then it builds and builds as your civilization grows. There’s a lot to like, guys! But it will eat your days. I don’t know if this is an unusual game of Civ VI, but there’s been nae major fallout. I think we’re… this footage is just 400 BC, I think I’m already into the ADs, but there’s not been any major conflicts. Nae hassle. One guy fell out with me because I wouldnae share my religion with him, but I wasnae being a dick, I just didnae know how to share my religion, so… I think I was meant to send my prophet to his city, but, er… but I didnae, so he fell out with me. There’s a lot going on. I love all the wee quotes as well, ‘cos I’m mad into philosophy and, and, er… know what I mean? Great thinkers. So… That’s an extra wee bit of spice on top for you there. I really like it, guys. I don’t know what else to tell you. I just really like it. It’s relaxing. It’s – it’s relaxing and it’s welcoming. I was not expecting Civ VI to be a welcoming game to play. What yous playing? Don’t answer. I cannae hear. Obviously, one major thing that’s changed in my tactics of playing a Civilization game is that I’m just trying to be pals with everybody. Whereas before I would just try and get the best army and wipe everybody out, but I’m not into that any more. It’s more interesting to try and keep everybody happy. And I’m sure that – that’s the guy that fell out with me. Look, he’s in a huff still! Religions are pish. What’s he angry about? So I’m gonnae wrap up, and I dunno how it – that wasnae very in-depth. But I’ve not played it very in-depth, is the thing. This is my first playthrough in one of the games, the adviser’s still turned on, but – my god! Very very impressive. VERY impressive. Unfortunately, for some reason, on Steam, it’s stupidly expensive We did actually get a code sent to us, we’re not sellouts. But I highly recommend it from what – I’ll come back to it, obviously. I’ll take you into the ADs and I’ll show you it, but this is what we’re aiming for here, in my religion. Feeding the world, and gurdwaras, and all that. Have a good Friday night. Peace. Peace… peace be on… on you? Peace be on you? Anyway, let’s get these barbarians fucking slaughtered.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. I went from 2 to 5. I kind of missed the misery, felt like they hadn’t taken all the book keeping out in that one, but hadn’t fully replaced the bits they moved. Still played it for basically 48hrs straight when I got it mind.

  2. I've put the most hours into 5 which looks quite abit uglier but I enjoyed more than 6. I imagine there has been no conflict in your game so far because of the difficulty

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