Find Your Connections: Europe For Culture

Find Your Connections: Europe For Culture

How does culture connect us?
Well… how about coffee? Espresso, cortado, einspanner…
Different, but the same. Look into your cup!
Do you see latte art or your fortune? Call it ritual, hocus pocus, magic even.
Superstitions cross generations Italian grannies get rid of bad luck like
this. Rockers took the same sign to the mosh pit
and made it something different Rock on! Peace out! Down with the system!
Our hands can say a lot But banners spell it out.
And even if the banners we march under are different,
how we make them is the same. And if we make something enough,
it becomes a tradition. That’s how a metro station becomes part of
our history. And as we go back, and back, and back again,
suddenly, everything is starting to connect. Even the things we think are new had to come
from somewhere. And so a Roman ruin turns into a rave.
Culture is the thing that makes us different. Can it be what connects us?
Find your connections for the European Year of Cultural Heritage
on Google Arts & Culture

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

8 thoughts on “Find Your Connections: Europe For Culture

  1. It’s funny how much racist and negativ people got to comment on beautiful things and then call it opinion and objectivity. Shout out to you guys. #trolls

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