Fat People Are Lazy – Body Shaming And Why It Happens!

Fat people are just lazy now that’s
unfortunately a phrase that I’ve heard I can’t remember the amount of times when
I’ve been working through as a personal trainer and now there is an emotional
intelligence trainer and it’s a derogatory comments made by insecure
people to judge people for not being what they class as perfect so wanting to
make this video for anybody out there who is struggling emotionally with their
body weight and offer a few hints and tips of how you can strengthen yourself
up if you’re feeling judged or if you’re judging yourself so stay tuned hello and welcome this is Paul Ryder
from Mind Islands and as I say I wanted to make this video because he’s such a
sensitive topic for a millions of people all over the world there’s a lot of
people who are struggling with their weight that really take it on board and
guilt or shame and they’re embarrassed and they don’t feel comfortable with how
they are as a human being because they’re afraid of societal judgment so I
need to break this video down into three parts part number one is what is body
shaming and where is it coming from part number two is what are some of the
reasons that people may be experiencing body shape issues or gaining extra body
fat and point number three is what are a few hints and tips that you can do to
strengthen your support emotionally if you are feeling either judged by society
or judging yourself as you look in the mirror okay so point number one what is
body shaming well I just want to cut this down and it’s a very simple
straightforward answer body shaming is where one person is afraid and insecure
and then projecting that insecurity onto another person if you watch the other
video about the four different styles of emotional manipulation you’ll know that
this is the interrogator or the fault finder personality the person feels
insecure so they points it’s somebody who they can blame that isn’t perfect in
some way and that’s how they’re getting that so called self-esteem it needs met
but it’s really just the cover-up it’s proving that they are insecure now if
you look at a lot of media not all of it because there’s some great parts about
the media that are really supportive of people being overweight and struggling
with body weight issues but you can look at some of these trashy magazines where
they’ve got pictures of the front cover of a celebrity that was in this perfect
shape of what they define is perfection and then now look at them on the beach
they’re pathetic because they’ve gained weight and all that magazine is saying
is look were cowards we’re so afraid that we need to embarrass people we need
to shame people because we need to sell magazines we need to sell newspapers and
it’s a fault finder attitude it’s an interrogator attitude and all
doing is showing that those people have no respect for other people because they
are so insecure in themselves so one used to take that on board so if you’ve
ever been shamed by another person I want you to remember that another person
is only shaming you because they are massively insecure themselves and wanting to cover up their own insecurities by making somebody else the issue okay
point number two what are some of the reasons that people may be gaining body
fat well I’ve literally works with thousands
of people who have experiences themselves and I’m gonna go through some
of the reasons firstly it might be that someone just wants to live that way it
isn’t in the lazy it’s their life it’s their choice if they want to live that
way that’s fine I’ve got a friend of mine
he’s carrying a few extra pounds which is noticeable but when you talk to him
he’s got a wonderful family he’s got a wife who loves him he’s got kids who adore him he’s doing really well in his life he’s got his own house he’s happy and he
doesn’t care he’s living his life the way he wants to and his life he’s ideal
so if you told him that he’s lazy he’s like well I’m not I’m living my life the
way I want see another reason might be there look it’s a busy world and
sometimes people are absolutely run off the feet and unfortunately might not
have time to stop and eat because they’re pushing themselves too hard or
they might be on to achieve a dream or they might be trying to hold down two
jobs to look after the children because they’re really good parents so that’s
another reason all the reasons might be on a maybe and darker level if you will
then the body can sometimes reflects how we feel as a person so if a person’s
struggling with self-esteem that might be reflecting in how they look in their
body so they could say well I’m not worth anything anyway so my body’s going
to reflect that also another one and I’ve worked with a lot of people and
have had this is they’ve been abused when they’re in the past and let’s have
refined over letting people in because they don’t want to get hurt now this can
obviously happen some men and women because it can happen to both genders
especially with sexual abuse but it could be that a person feels so insecure
have been in with another person that they will make
their body into something that they are disgusted with or don’t like so they can
say well nobody’s ever going to find me attractive anyway so this is going to be
the way I keep myself safe so there are just a handful of reasons there’s
obviously a lot more to consider but take into account their if your own body
is a certain shape it’s to look at why what might you be experiencing in your
life where you’re coming next everybody fine it could be that that’s just
genetic it could be that you’re eating the wrong foods and you don’t know it
could be that you’ve not been educated about it but for anybody out there who
does judge people you don’t know what a person is going through and when you
throw that judgmental comment all you’re saying about you is that you’re scared
and you’re projecting your insecurities onto another person because you can’t
cope so it’s a lose-lose situation okay so point number three is what could you
do right now to start yourself feeling less judged or insecure about other
people’s judgment well firstly take into account what I’ve mentioned through this
video another person will only judge you if they’re feeling insecure with
themselves the word still may hurt but look at the place where they’re coming
from it’s a position of insecurity they’re projecting their insecurities
onto you because they can’t cope take that on board first before you do
anything else then the next one will be just look in the mirror and look at how
you see yourself do you like the person that’s looking
back at you if you don’t that’s the first thing you need to work on because
if you do like yourself your opinion of other people’s opinions will reduce
dramatically see when we feel insecure we don’t like ourselves we look for
external validation or third people’s approval and that’s a reflection of how
we see ourselves and when we feel that we know that we’re a good person and
that were valuable we stop caring as much about other people but learning to
love yourself is a long process if you’re struggling with that right now
also take your stock of who the people you are around now this is a big area
that I looked up when I was working as a person trainer because a lot of people
who were struggling with their weight started to associate with everybody else who was struggling
with a weight and constantly struggle with a way now very often when people
spend time together you become a reflection of the people that you’re
around so if you’re around a lot of people who are saying well it’s a real
struggle I can’t lose weight or I’m cycled diets and I gain weight lose
weight gain weight lose weight then surprise surprise you might start
flowing into that same kind of energy be around people who say look I’m it this
body shape now but I’m going to get there no matter what and I’m going to do
whatever it takes to move forward it’s about that self belief so firstly three
tips is one look at the self-esteem levels of the people who are judging you
you’ll find that they’re insecure that can sometimes help ease the pressure all
the magazines that are projecting all their judgments of other people they’re
cowards that’s it it’s not a derogatory term common
cowards it’s a truth they are cowards they are selling shock and degrading
people so they can make money okay part number two is learning to love yourself
that’s a big area I know and it could be very very difficult to even start but go
on google look through all my other videos look at how you can really begin
that journey of when you look in the mirror
loving the person that you see now might bring up a lot of stuff but you’ve got
to start somewhere the more you love yourself the less you
will care about other people’s opinions of you and thirdly what are the social
group of people that you’re around are they supportive are they moving forward
are they achievers or are they struggling constantly and not making any
headway with anything that they’re doing because the more you around people like
that the more you will struggle somewhere down the line somebody’s got
to take action break free and say enough is enough I’m moving forward now I know
some of these techniques may be really hard to face but trust me I’ve worked
through a lot of people who’ve had this exact experience and I’ve seen a
phenomenal result and it never ceases to fill me full of absolute joy when I see
people turning their lives around so if you are struggling with your self-esteem
issues or feeling judged by other people in society trust me you’re not alone and
go through the tips on this video and stay strongest part
of all and they do wish you all the best on your journey you got any comments put
them in the comment section below because it will be great to hear and your
voice if you feel strong enough to put it out there I can give a lot of support
to other people who are struggling because millions of people are
struggling all over the world so my name is Paul Ryder from mind islands I really
do hope this video has been lots of help if you know somebody is struggling share
the video with them so we can help them as well if you’ve got any questions at
all let me know and I look forward to seeing you on the next video

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