Faith In Humanity, Saving an elephant from Plastic pollution

Faith In Humanity, Saving an elephant from Plastic pollution

This elephant has been like this for a few days. We have continued to treat this elephant despite the odds without giving up. This elephant has eaten a lot of trash and polythene. We have removed around 15 KGs of polythene from this elephants stomach. Now we have removed the easy load of polythene but now the parts remain. When an elephant reaches a state like this, it is very difficult to save them. It’s our goal to stop this garbage disposal system to avoid this situation in the first place. Elephants have a sensitive tongue like humans. When they taste human food and waste thrown out from hotels and restaurants, They change their food habits to these and continue to stay at the same location without exercises. They don’t remove polythene when they eat trash, so when they get collected inside their stomach, these kinds of situations occur.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  2. Did the elephant get up. You tend to a lot of people standing around waiting for something to happen how about cutting most of that out and show the elephant getting up and walking away, instead of leaving us what happens like this video and possible so English subtitles.

  3. This is so heart Breaking
    We as humans are wreckless and thoughtless
    I am so sad to see are humble giants suffering because of our selfish ways

  4. Leave it to “man” with his infinite wisdom! Supposedly the most intelligent go all animals, man. Man is destroying the planet, murdering all life on this planet, and could care less. Man will destroy mankind! Give him a few more years. It’s not far off!

  5. Thank you. I'm sorry I'm
    Not multicultural enough to understand what you are saying nor say thank you for how you treat these elephants myself.

    Anything to make humans beings a better species is appreciated and we need all we can get.

  6. Me mona aparadhayakde? Me sathun reka balaa ganima rajaye wagakimai. Salasmak nathiwa sathun elawa dama janapada pihituwana gong palakayanta sapa wewa. Minisuntath waha kawana paaharayo . Sathun gana kumana kathada? Mewa baladdi api thawAma prathamika yuge wage danenne. Mewani awasthaweladi african minisun itha dakshai. Owungen guruharukam ganne rajaye sahaya athiwa. Ali patiyek beraa gath wita duwanawa, ape minissuth hoo kiyamin dueanawA. Pita rata minisun hithanne api nodiyunu kottasayak kiyala. Bhashawa notherena nisa. Me athara obela hinawenna epa. Sathatath nigaruwak. Ehema videos dammath nodammath sathata aaderen, hadawathin prethikarma keranne. Obe siyaludenata aaderen meya kiyanne. Meyata sabhagi wu samatama pin.

  7. I see that animals have more brains than us they never do anyting to environment to ever hurt us but humans will all we have as brains an everything we do everything to hurt them

  8. Yet again these videos NEVER show ANY recovery or tell the whole story. Most of thew videos are just a buncnh of guys talking with each other while sttting up and loading syringes. NotONCE have I seen any videos that show an elewphant actually getting up and being able to walk away. Try thelling the WHOLE story and cutr down on the videos of the guys just talking. It tells and shows NOTHING of the actual elephant and whether they survived or died.

  9. I love these videos BUT it drives me nuts that there is never an ending.. These people are awesome for what they do and for taking the time to record so I don't wanna sound ungrateful or anything it's just I wish we could see what became of that particular Elephant

  10. There's no getting around it… India (and probably other populous 3rd world countries) has a TERRIBLE problem with pollution. Trash and garbage all over the place, especially plastic bags. I visited there a few years ago and it was appalling to see the amount of trash and litter everywhere, as if nobody cared how their surroundings looked. There was plastic trash along the roadways, plastic trash along the beaches, plastic trash all around the "heritage" areas like the Dutch Palace, etc. These countries need to face up to this issue and make an effort to tackle this problem, like western countries did in the 1970s

  11. How far up does it need to go? GEEZ…I know you guys are the professionals, but that hose looks so painful!! How about a Valium or two for the old girl??!!! Did she ever get up?

  12. Need for resources in countries where these giants live. Primitive methods of treatment often used. The world shd contribute as they belong to all.

  13. Fo those who are asking if the elephant survived or not, im sorry to say this but unfortunately the elephant did not survive 🙁

  14. Thumbs up for you but I have a question , why some people hunt these precious and innocent animals for the sake of getting luxury goods …

  15. Ap k channel Mai koi be video full nhi hai bhai bhuat Dil se dekhta hu lakin jaldi and ho jata hai

  16. I hope you didn't let it suffer …a few days seems to long to leave an animal in that condition. Did it survive…

  17. I am tired of watching your irresponsible channel, that's always incomplete and keeps me hanging off the unknown fate of the elephant. If you want people to donate money for your cause better complete the fate of the elephant video. Many elephant rescue videos based in Africa ask for a donation as well as the show the whole story behind the rescue.

  18. I will make sure to not watch another video from you guys since you never tell us the outcome and finish the video nor tell us if the elephant survived.

  19. Why do you keep cutting them videos short!?! I want to actually SEE them get up, recovering, after you help them!

  20. Каждая жизнь подарок от Аллаха и она конечно дорога!! Какие молодцы, стараются помочь! Аллах вам в помощь, сердце кровью обливается, когда такой гигант беспомощный!

  21. I just found out they have opened the ivory trade. Why would anyone allow this to happen? So many people died trying to stop this for good! If you want to get rid of the many warehouses full of old ivory they had seized, burn it to ashes and mix with fertilizer and spread it over the dry areas to help increase water retention. Just a thought. Very stiff penalties for all who harm them!!

  22. I am shocked that tourists leave plastic bags etc any where in jungles and in areas where there are animals. Please fine them if you witness this.

  23. These people forcibly take babies from their mothers ,tranquilize them ,then put them on IV line to show that they are treating something that is not there. The babies are in extreme distress. Probably to make money and commercial reasons. In this time and age when there is lot of info available how to take care of babies, they act so unprofessional and uncaring . You cannot care for babies if you are not compassionate on a personal level. They all seem so disinterested and all babies are malnourished due to depression. They should have one dedicated person who shows affection. I think all these babies would have perished, so they cannot show follow up videos

  24. your videos are incomplete…y u dnt let us knw wt hpnd at d end..hwz the elephant now…v vl b watchin d video with hopes n finger crossed but all your videos will end without any clue abt the outcome..this is so bad..take this feedback seriously and pls let us knw wt vl hpn at end atleast in all your upcoming videos..

  25. Given fluids by ear. Guy screams @13, as elephant leg pushed him. Animal has life end of video. plastic out of elephant W hose in rectum?

  26. I never subscribe your channel bcs u never show the end of video or what happened to elephants ..I mean does he/she gets well or not or what happened to him/her..

  27. That's not right! I never see the elephant well after help, only the suffering! No support for this !!!
    You only support when you see good results! Finish the video! The animal's suffering is bad to watch! Show what the result of your work is!

  28. I hope that guy is fine ✌🏻
    Please don’t get close to the animal
    It’s quite humid in such places
    Thank u 😊 for helping ❤️

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