27 thoughts on “Facebook Auto Group Posting Social Toolkit

  1. Hello , if i have many groups and i want post something only for few of them how i will do i see in the extension start from 1 to 100 so hoqw can i know the number of my groups???

  2. great, it is working as well, Thank you.
    but I have a question:
    in this case, we are using your license, are we safe? from hacking or something like this?
    because we are using your license in our FB account!!
    and great job, Thank you

  3. In my opinion, FollowingLike is the best social media bot https://t.co/sf9TVyvpyA to schedule and automatically post on Facebook group/page/wall/timeline in one click. Debido a que está especialmente diseñado para estos vendedores de redes sociales, puede automatizar casi las funciones en estos populares sitios de redes sociales.

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