Aly: Hey everyone!! Welcome to our channel! Chey: Guess what we will do today? We want to explain more about our deaf culture We want all of you guys to understand What our deaf culture is like And we’ll explain more about what we don’t like And different things like our experiences “Rules” There will be many things we will do today Aly: Okay so we want to start first by talking about what? Languages Like for example, we have America English Spanish, French, Chinese That is the same goes for our sign language Chey: We have three official sign languages here in USA ASL – that is American Sign Language SEE – Sign Exact English PSE – mix of ASL and SEE Did you know there is over 300 languages in the whole world wide? That’s really cool, 300! Aly: Whoa, that’s pretty impressive, right? Chey: “How do hearing people communicate with deaf people?” We have different ways like for example Lip reading We want you all to know that Not all deaf people know how to lip read well Like for example, there is different skill levels Like for example, I can lip read But it’s not like I can catch the whole thing For example, I can’t understand the whole conversation I have to be slow and process to be able to understand what the person is saying Aly: Like for me, I can lip read pretty well I grew up orally Means that I can communicate with hearing people Chey: I don’t want all of you guys to “assume” That all of us deaf people can lip read well Not all Some deaf people can’t even understand a single word the person is saying Doesn’t mean how they tell words, just blah blah Aly: The difference between ASL and SEE is ASL is more VISUAL SEE is more like signs with exact words from a sentence Chey: What is ASL? 3-D language with gestures Like imagine looking at your signs in a 360 degrees view SEE is more like every exact word said while signing Feels like there’s no imagination ASL do have imagination so you get the idea what it looks like All deaf people tend to go through different experiences Some deaf people will grow up with a family full of deaf people Or some deaf people will grow up with a family that is a mix of deaf and hearing people Or some others will grow up a family full of hearing people with no knowledge of signing Like for example, I grew up in a hearing family So that’s why I was raised orally I learned SEE first actually I learned English, how to write proper grammar. It helped me learn better Until I first entered high school, all deaf people were only fully ASL and I didn’t understand So I had to pick up fast and learn ASL Then I learned that ASL is very visual So now my sign language is a mix of ASL and SEE Chey: I grew up with a deaf family, I’m the third generation But that doesn’t mean that I know a lot about ASL My mom used to be a student at Gallaudet University (deaf college) So her sign language is very strong ASL But mine is a mix of ASL and PSE, same with my dad It’s a very different experience compared to a deaf family and a hearing family It’s a huge difference, it’s not the same There’s one story about my mom when she was a little kid She had a sister, “my aunt” Both went trick and treat, they were very excited They were young, you know of course they would get candies So they went to one specific area and knocked on the house Then the old lady opened the door and greeted them Obviously my mom couldn’t hear what she was saying so she just nodded My aunt had to let the old lady know that she is deaf Then you know what the old woman said to my mom? The old lady freaked out and said, “Don’t touch me, GET OUT!” That made me feel shocked/disgusted and that’s just rude! That doesn’t mean it is contagious if we touch you. That won’t happen Aly: How is that even related? Chey: Exactly! Aly: Because deaf is only related to our hearing It’s not mental, it’s not a disease We’re not even cursed Chey: Some hearing people would judge deaf people and that makes me feel offended Because we’re all the same, we are human beings There’s really NO difference between us, it’s just only our hearing that’s all Aly: We all have the same feelings as you guys do We just want to make sure that you do understand that we’re just like you guys, human beings We have a lot of stuff in our deaf culture We have deaf colleges/universities like Gallaudet in Washington DC There’s so many different things That doesn’t mean that we are different from you guys Ok I think this is a stupid question When hearing people like you guys ask a question to a deaf person How do you become deaf? Aly: Like why? Chey: Not all deaf people aren’t born that actually become deaf There’s some diseases like for example, measles that would cause you to become deaf Like german measles, I mean Then you will eventually become deaf Or when you grow up older and then you get hearing loss And there’s some that are born deaf naturally There’s different ways to become deaf Aly: We need communication access So we notice around the whole world wide that there’s not much communication access for us Chey: There’s one thing that make me feel sick to my stomach since growing up Like let’s take a look at yourself You guys have LOTS of access like music, everything else that’s related to hearing You guys have so many RIGHTS/amendments and laws that can be added with no problem But then deaf people keep asking..asking..asking to add the rights for us For example, movie theaters used to provide captions on the screen But now, they took it away and changed it into something else And that made us feel offended and made us wonder where did our rights go? Like we only ask for very little. We’re not asking for something BIG Aly: EXACTLY Chey: But we just feel like it’s not fair that we deaf people let hearing people oppress us You guys have so many rights compared to us, we only have little bit. That’s not fair It would be really nice if you guys understand and let us get what we want and NEED Aly: We want to feel like we’re included with you guys, not excluded Not feel like removed. We just want to be same as you guys. BE EQUAL WITH YOU Chey: How do we, deaf people communicate with hearing people? Like she said before, we have interpreters We have videophone Some deaf people have videophone in their homes We will have interpreters in the internet and I can sign For example, I can give the phone number and the interpreter will call so I can communicate through with the interpreter and the person behind the call I think that’s pretty cool right? Another way is writing obviously. That’s the most common way to do We could use texting to communicate. There’s different ways to do Please don’t put a label on deaf people after you meet them Whatever remember they have been through a lot Really, you can’t blame them That’s how we feel in the hearing world. It’s hard to express our feelings because we kept being oppressed But if you’re going to be rude to our deaf culture, that’s a different story Aly: Exactly Like we do respect you guys so we want to feel respected the same way Chey: That’s our goal to see America to be the same like EQUAL We don’t want to be undivided For example, women and men’s pay rate could be equal That could be the same for deaf people for example Aly: That’s it for the video! We really hope that you guys liked the video Hopefully you guys learned a lot about our deaf culture and the exposure Chey: And understand how we feel. We will eventually explain more about deaf culture later in future videos! Aly: We will have more like ASL lessons so stay tuned for that! So don’t forget to subscribe and like our video! Comment what you think, we would appreciate your opinions! So stay tuned for our next video, see you guys later!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty


  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LTCw83X03YwBig like for the video hun . Great channel as well ! Hope you enjoy my music . Please keep in touch I promise to support you and be a true friend .

  2. What I realized is that sign language is spoken much quicker than spoken language. I read the CC out loud to simulate how it would be if that were to be spoken and had to speed up a lot more than what I was used to ^^ If you want i can help you guys turn the captions into audio, but i can understand if you think that defeats the purpose or is obsolete.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I am severely HOH and speak well and the only one among family and friends. I have ASL, SEE and PSE (depending who I sign to). I do not have Deaf friends around me today, for they live far from me. And I do feel left out of deaf culture. Like a person moved from another state, now have different accent and culture is different, and I do miss it. I am always ready to communicate to anyone within Deaf Culture. I do read lips well, and still get confused with rhyming words, “half a pound, have a pound” and etc. your video has helped me and encourage me as well. 🙂 Bruce (Philadelphia,Pa.)

  4. Столько эмоций)) порой стоишь в вакуумных наушниках, в которых окружающих не слышно, и смотришь, Как общаются люди. Так вот, по жестам и эмоциям намного легче понять, Как к вам относятся. Да и самого человека в целом: например, каков человек сам по себе))) язык жестов не знаю, но смотрю ее чисто ради эмоций)))

  5. We should definitely have subtitles in all movies. It's fucking stupid that hearing people would have a problem with it. I'm hearing but for some reason I always watch everything with subtitles it helps me focus

  6. Except the gender pay gap is a lie. I would think the internet is the ultimate advantage for deaf people on everyone else. It's access to all of humanity via text. If you were blind you'd be hoping technology gets better. The internet was deaf friendly from day 1. It even utterly negates the advantages speaking had, as people rarely speak online. Though I do know it can be difficult for deaf people to get great at writing sometimes because written English is another language. And without hearing words, wow, these letters are about as logical as 日本語. And I tried learning that. No pleasure.

  7. Learn a lot from your video! My first experience to this kind of video, I found that I focus more on what you express.

  8. I can hear very little. I dont know sighn and only read lips very little. I was born deaf and was tell the age of 5. Tinnitus is taking a toll on my hearing now and wear hearing aids in both ears. Honestly I'm very scared of my future anymore. Thanks for the smiles…………

  9. Cheyenna I have been seeing your videos and really loved how your explaining the amazing culture that you share. I would like to see some of your life style on daily basis vlog. Make some please.
    I had the topmost respect for you, if you ever come to India let me know I'll gave you the tour of my culture.
    Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Keep it up the spectacular work ❤😊

  10. I mean honestly we don't oppress you, we don't even have equality. How can we give you something we don't have? Anyway, love the video.

  11. hey, I loved the video! and i think it is something that is far to over looked and i wish i could get the chance to communicate with someone that is deaf and talk about the differences in our lives , cultures , and just makes some new friends that are different then myself and in the process learn more about the deaf community.

  12. I turned up the volume before I realized…Sorry…Oh man, the videos been playing the whole time I was writing this comment. I didn't hear.I wonder why. Maybe I'm deaf.

  13. I am not deaf, but when I immigrated to Canada, I had no experience with the language. I could not understand nor was I understood at school. I communicated through google translate, which was my interpreter, and I didn't like the experience of not being able to communicate freely. I am currently developping a gadget to translate sign language into speech. I'd really love to know if that would be useful to the deaf community. If interested, I have a facebook page for the project: https://www.facebook.com/DigivoxGadget/
    Thank you! And great job!

  14. That old woman you guys mentioned literally sounds like a crazy person. I can't imagine that someone in their right mind would think that being deaf is contagious anymore than being in a wheelchair is contagious. That's just so weird.

  15. Its nice to know such people make a loud impact in our world…. Many a times I feel that the people who make changes in our world are those people with special needs. Helen Keller for example being deaf and blind was able to receive a formal education, Stephen Hawking despite his disabilities was able to find a way to communicate to the world about his interest for science ,
    Agatha Christe a writer did not know how to write , Leonardo Da Vinci who drew a model of a helicopter 400 years before it's invention did not know how to write the number 7 , he always used to write it upside down saying Hey, That looks like my uncle's nose… We need more people in this world…. We salute you deaf community..

  16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/214576192678543/

    Can you share and network with the people that you know for Deaf Community, please?

  17. Thank you so much for video! I worked as janitor for 4 years and met many customers who signed and they taught me and I was able to sign to them. It made me feel good as I’m autistic and don’t like lots of sounds. Please keep up good work on videos!!:)

  18. I'm tired of explaining my hearing disability every single day. I have profound hearing loss people have no regard for me. I can hear with beltone hearing aids but don't understand conversations. I've been operated on my ears 6 times nothing more they can do to much scar tissue im here today to ask for help don't no where else to turn. I don't have an education I have a GED I could explain that in private. I don't no sign .I work for the state of Tennessee at present welcome center Dyersburg. My boss is trying to get me fired .I had cancer last year lost part of my nose. Went to the Dr this July he recommended a biopsy again so I made all my appointments on my off days. My boss change my off days. I miss work to go for results. She wrote me up verbally. So I ask her to put everything in writing she pissed at me now because I text to communicate. She's says I'm being aggressive because I talk loud. I ask to talk to a superior . He came gave me an memorandum never heard of I look it up on line. He wouldn't listen I had schedule my appointments on my days off she change them
    I got records sences I was like 20 years old still not helping. I need help guys I'm 59 i need my job please please please if anyone can
    I really need help before I get canned. Thanks

  19. I'm hearing and currently in my third year of learning ASL. I look forward to becoming an interpreter. I've heard a lot of stories about how hearing people treat Deaf people and the Deaf community differently, but I've honestly never heard a story as disturbing as what happened to your mom. That's absolutely AWFUL! But, you guys are very inspiring. I feel like in order to get points across, like captioned movie theaters or just equal oppurtunities in general, the Deaf community needs more hearing advocates.

  20. Great video girls. I am "hearing". I was a special education teacher in Los Angeles and Israel 26 years. I learnt ASL, French sign language, and israeli sign language. I now volunteer in Israel at the "house of Hellen Keller". I will be waiting for other videos of yours. Keep doing them. They are great!

  21. I really learn a lot about the deaf community from your videos. I have lost hearing from working in refineries my whole career and I rely on subtitles when I am at home. When I worked in Brazil the cinemas featured the movies in English but the subtitles were in Portuguese which was a great way to learn the language in Brazil.
    I think they should subtitle ALL the movies in the US (in English) for everyone to use — including us folks who are hard of hearing or deaf.
    Great videos – – keep up the good work, ladies!!
    John Gray

  22. Wow! I never thought id see the day of hearing captions. Asl is my first language.
    I am only child coda of both deaf parents.
    Other than speaking for my parents , i was immersed in the deaf world.
    Its really cool to see this , i love it.

    I very much appreciate!

    😏( also, your captions help me to see on the flipside what sign words ive known forever but couldnt write…)

  23. I’m currently taking ASL 2, and I’m so happy I found your channel. My grandfather eventually became completely deaf, and although he did not sign, I am learning a lot about the culture and immersing myself in it.

    Thank you for your videos!

  24. I’ve been learning asl for a year now and I’m so happy I came across on your videos I honestly love your guys personalities and I can’t wait to learn more and have fun watching your videos keep up the amazing work !!

  25. This make me happy….😇 I was born deaf…but isn’t anymore I would love to learn sign language an this is helping me understand more

  26. you two are so precioussss💖
    i'm trying to learn asl so that i can communicate with the deaf siblings next to our house🤗 i really find them fun to be with🙈

  27. 9th grade I remember comming across a book named "Of Sound Mind" by Jean Ferris.. & idky but after, i fell in love with the idea of asl- I hope I could learn it one day,, Yet here I am struggling to keep my grades together haah.. Not to go on a rant but Over here in my school id have never thought 10th would have been so much more different than 9th wtff. And it just gets harder junior year¿¿? imma be dead

  28. Do you have any advice for me? I was born naturally hard of hearing. My dad went hard of hearing and everyone's telling me I need to keep up on my asl but I can learn it but who do I practice it with when nobody in my house is fluent except for my brother and his fiance who do not live with me

  29. Subtitles in cinemas should be there ALWAYS, it helps deaf people, people that are learning the languange, people that simply sucks at understanding every spoken sentence (that's me). I have been wishing for that since the time I learned to read. It's just so much better and inclusive.

  30. This is so wild because I’m used to looking people in the eyes when communicating with them, but obviously if I do that here, I miss the text at the bottom of the screen. But if I read the text and don’t look at the women’s faces, I feel like I’m being disrespectful to them (even though it’s just a video)? Idk, it’s weird. I really want to learn ASL one day so that I can communicate directly with my deaf patients better. It’s a shame that it isn’t taught mandatorily in schools.

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