100 thoughts on “#Equality

  1. These silly MMA women thinking they can beat Professional male mma fighters LOL .
    Imagine the current female UFC World Heavyweight Champion fight The
    current Male UFC World Heavyweight Champion full blast No holds barred
    LOL You imagine Guys with equal strength oe stronger
    that Men like Brock Lesnar or Fedor Emiliianenko going full blast knees
    elbows kicks grappling leg locks on some silly Woman . And these silly
    bitches think they are equal hahahaha .

  2. Its OK understand the meaning but remember this is the first step not the whole story equality does not mean justice Google it

  3. Time trav: What year is it?

    Neel: it is 2016

    Time trav: Oh the year of the white massacre

    Neel: * plays that alien Area 51 tik tok music with that song that came from 2019 *

  4. Suddenly, after seeing a video criticizing the madness that we live in, i have regained some hope for a part of the humanity!

  5. This video is so relevant!!! It is sad that this is exactly what our society will look like very soon if we continue down this path of extreme political correctness and identity politics.

  6. Man this film makes sjw's and feminists look like crazy people! Man like this film this is funny and stupid. Stupid in a, good way!😅😂😀😊😨😎

  7. After 4 years why youtube is thinking to show his videos modern educayshun in recommendations
    Too scary but true

  8. I swear Caitlin Burley reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the movie Cruel Intentions. Those devilish expressions she makes with her face are spot on.

  9. What is truly scary about this video is how eerily similar it is to right now…..The S.J.W. faction of the millennial
    generation is like one giant blob of intolerance and hate. In fact, there was a 50's movie starring Steve McQueen
    called the blob and the underlying metaphor was the ugly danger of conformity and intolerance…..

  10. Thank you for criticizing identity politics and PC. Culture. We need to see more of this. #DiversityOfThought

  11. Equality huh sounds like communism as much as I like to make jokes and make fun of it. There’s actually 2 socialists in the presidential election or something (I forgot) and socialism most of the time causes communism.

  12. Equal opportunity per individual regardless of their group is great. But equal outcome per group is extremely unfair on individuals.

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