Engaged workplace cultures | Corporate wellness programs | Sustained success | LAMBERT

Engaged workplace cultures | Corporate wellness programs | Sustained success | LAMBERT

Hi everybody Wayne Lambert here. This
particular video is about engaged workplace cultures, so depending on how
close you are to actually getting started on your corporate wellness
journey you really need to know the answers to the following questions – for
example; ”Do you know what the culture of your organisation actually looks like?”
because if high performance is not top of the agenda for your staff, then your
organisation is not performing at its highest level. Another example; ”Do you
understand how to communicate expectations clearly?” Most of our past
clients, and some of our current clients ‘never’ or still ‘don’t’ provide the right
resources and materials for their staff – to actually do a good job.
”So if disengagement is common within your workplace, then is it time to
proactively plan for engagement excellence – addressing these areas?”
because disengaged employees are often stressed when they are asked to sustain
performance, without the right resources – which only translates into inevitable
turnover issues for you and your company. Some business owners that we have helped
in the past, were already engaged leaders that paid special attention to equipping
their workforce with the tools they needed – to actually fulfil executive
expectations. But if your responsibility as an employer is performance, then you
need to know whether every single employee is pulling their weight, day-in
day-out – and if you’ve given them the right resources to do that? You may or
may not know this, but the cost of disengagement can add up to well over
$500 billion dollars (in the USA alone per year) and that figure is just climbing higher and
higher. So the question remains; ”Do you want to
have employees that are going to take personal ownership and accountability?”
If that’s a yes, then and only then will you start to see an engaged workplace culture, this will then provide you with a workforce that is actively engaged to
take ownership – with employees who actually want to work with you. If you’re
ready to proactively plan for engagement excellence, and you are ready to improve
your workplace culture then email us right now at [email protected] If however you’re still sitting on the fence, and you still need more
information, then engage with us on all our platforms at LAMBERT Wellbeing– go to our
website www.lambertwellbeing.com and let us know your frustrations. Subscribe to our
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Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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