40 thoughts on “Emergence of a heart-based society – Heartmath institute, Howard Martin

  1. There are eastern heart based cultivation methods that see the body as having hearts all over the body as if every cell has a heart. This is the Soma or energy body. Different types of emotional impact can be stored in different parts of the body and when there is too much of a given negative emotion, this can even create physical pain and this can build. When we learn how to release it, pain like chronic neck pain, low back, headaches, etc… goes away.

  2. Thank you, Howard Martin! I was told many years ago that "…the heart is the hub of all places. Go there and roam." I didn't get it. Now, after all this time, you and science has helped me to get it. It's true. The heart really is the hub of all places and we should devote ourselves to getting to know all those places that are a part of our very being. Namaste!

  3. "how rude" doesn't feel very loving. I hope ignoring the elephant in the room isn't a habit of yours. This man has a medical issue. Rude is when you make people uncomfortable intentionally, like when you call some one fat. If doctor tells you your overweight do you call him rude?

  4. Lilou, thanks for this interview, and appreciate the information sharing! This information certainly was an affirmation ….. blessings, Deepthi

  5. This is so amazing and exciting for me to see. What a wonderful world we will all have to live in when the example of this video goes viral…………….weeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. … one dollar more for you – I am one of those women 😉
    THANK YOU LILOU again for your wonderful work!
    THANKS TO THE HEART MATH INSTITUTE!!!!!!!! you satified my left brain 😉
    NAMASTE <3 <3 <3

  7. The assumption that there is a positive shift in consciousness in the percentage of people on the planet is wishful thinking. It might appear that way when you live within a community of like minded people outside of a major city though.

  8. The UN is part of the conspiracy against us,  run by the filthy rich. These guys knowingly, intentionally and voluntarily start wars, indeed world wars, and kill many, many people (forestalling their bloodlines) for their filthy blood lucre.

    They continue to dispossess people of their place of shelter, via fraud and trickery.

    They have deliberately dumbed down the population, robbing us of our collective advances.  They have stolen over one hundred years of societies' advancement simply by one act of stymieing Tesla technology.

    They are artificially creating inflation through fractionalisation and thereby steal the real wealth of the people with money made from thin air (read birth certificates, and securitisation of signatures).

    They support MK Ultra research and application where children are near-drowned by those that the children trust and hold dear, to create personality splits and ruin their lives so as to have a control mechanism from afar for their nefarious ends.

    They have deliberated irradiated the planet with Fukushima.  They have polluted the planet by blocking free energy technology for their petrodollars.  They create "natural disasters" one after another with HAARP. They are destroying the life filled forests and mighty rivers of the planet.

    This list would take me all day, every day for weeks to define in its entirety, but, against even the backdrop provided, how is it that you think we are not to judge those who had their cake, and took everybody elses' cake and have already eaten it?

  9. Interesting cat but had trouble with his mouth/lip smacking between each sentence…not sure what's up with that but my issue though.

    On another note I'm glad to hear there's science to back what I've felt my whole life.

  10. I've thought the 2012 thing was the beginning of a change in consciousness too. I can see the changes in people now, five years later. They don't know what it is, or don't talk about it, but they feel like "the old way of domination isn't working anymore." There are many people trying to cling to that paradigm, yes, but I it's definitely changing. Thanks for the video.

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