Driving Clean for Our Community

What we drive matters. In our community, burning gasoline and diesel cars, trucks and other vehicles, accounts for over half of all carbon emissions. This exhaust produces smog polluting the air we breathe and fouling the water we drink. A key is switching from fossil-fueled vehicles to clean low pollution cars, trucks and buses. In particular, our community has already shown a strong interest in electric vehicles, known as EVs, for personal transportation as Santa Clara County leads the state in EV adoption. These drivers know driving electric helps the environment and doesn’t require sacrificing comfort or performance. Rather than visiting gas stations, they typically charge their vehicles at home or at work. To meet the rapidly growing demand for EVs, homes and businesses need to be built with EV chargers. By amending the new building code, also known as enacting a reach code, we can ensure that new homes and buildings in our community can keep up with the demand for EVs. Installing EV charging during new construction, saves thousands of dollars per charger compared to adding them later after construction has finished. Taking action to prepare for the future now, makes it easier for everyone who wishes to eliminate their impact on air pollution and switch to an electric vehicle. Also, when powering your electric vehicle at home with carbon-free electricity, your commute, errands and carpools are fueled with energy powered by wind, sun, and water. Overall, adopting a reach code ensures that our homes and businesses are built with enough EV charging to meet the ever growing demand for electric vehicles in our region.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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