Don’t let society define you. A MUST WATCH!

Don’t let society define you. A MUST WATCH!

sometimes we find ourself in places that
seem to make us lose our identity or sense of belonging sometimes because of
the people that we hang around with we tend to leniently blend in just to feel
that we belong not knowing that we are actually losing ourselves, our values, and
everything we ever stood for. this is why it’s important for you to stay true to
yourself, your faith, and your values. it is important for you to be fearlessly
authentic; to be madly in love with the person that you are becoming. see the
world will pressure you to look like everyone else, to dress and behave like
every other person, but the people that actually love you will accept you for
who you are. for being beautiful in your truest self but for anyone to do these
you need to be brave enough embrace your uniqueness first; you need to acknowledge
and recognize that you are different, you are special, and you are one-of-a-kind.
“it takes nothing to join a crowd but it takes everything to stay alone”.
I remember how difficult it was at first for me to wear the hijab and loose outfits
in a place where this was a minority but I still put it on anyway.
I wore my hijab because it is simply something I believe in. I chose to be me!
trust me this is one of the hardest things that you can do. it takes courage,
it takes bravery and a great deal of honesty
to stay true to yourself and not let the world or anyone else direct you or
make you a person that you’re not. Be ready to be called names like your weird, or you’re kinda
kind of strange, they will even tell you that you are outdated, but it doesn’t matter
because you’re already in touch with yourself that negativity can’t affect.
you so I’ll leave you with this are you staying true to yourself? Are you
living true your to your values and your faith and everything that you ever
believed in

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. I'm touched☺Keep coming through…….. The video is beautiful and the message is genuine and deep🙌😍Thank You For This!

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