Don’t Be a Menace (5/12) Movie CLIP – The Man (1996) HD

Don’t Be a Menace (5/12) Movie CLIP – The Man (1996) HD

Hurry up and buy ! [ game sounds ]
break yourself ! [ ding ] Hey ! Hey !
Hey ! Hey ! You dropped something. Yeah !
Break yourself, fool !
[ clink ][ laughs ]
yeah ! Recognize.[ siren wailing ]
gimme my money back.Oh, word. Candy bars.
Hey ! Ms. Lady bitch. Hey. I’m talkin’ to you.
How much for this candy bar ? Five dollar. Better give me
some sucky-sucky with that
for five dollars. You don’t like;
you don’t buy. Hey. Look here. Just charge us for the chips
and the ice cream.
All right ? Shoot. Hey, let’s raise up
outta here ‘fore I loc up
on these people. Quit lickin’ that damn ice cream
like that ‘fore I put you on the
corner to make me some money ! I feel sorry
for your mother. What’d you say
about my mama ?
Hmm ? I don’t want trouble.
Just go ! Go home !
Don’t come back ! What’d you say
about my mama ?
Break yourself ! –No !
[ gunshot ]You break; you buy !
Soda, five dollar ! [ tray ]
loc, what are you doin’, man ?
Come on ! – [ man screams ]
– ah ! Pickles ! Ten dollar !
Come on, gimme money ! –Gimme money right now !
[ gunshot ]Right– shirt ! Nineteen ninety-five !
On sale ! Come on ! [ grunts ]
oh ! Yo, loc ! Are you crazy ?
What the hell did you do ? Hey, fool. It wasn’t me !
I ain’t hurt nobody !
[ man laughs ]Catch. [ together ]
the man !

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Menace (5/12) Movie CLIP – The Man (1996) HD

  1. Holy fuck it took me years to realize that same asian guy is the same guy who played the Karate Sensei/Coffee Shop on Drake & Josh

  2. Damn he said what you dping you crazy and he sid i disnt hurt anyone that part makes me laugh to dead😂😂😂😂

  3. Wow these satanist they just throw it in our face and put one of they're favorite number in background its priced $6.66… yall see that my the lord rebuke them!!!

  4. It's a much greater film when the asian immediately gets shot by "Marlan Wayne"'s character (silenced) because she truly theives items around the store and also possibly killed someone and was possibly going to be physically violent, sometimes clawing at "Marlon Wayne's" character.

  5. The symbolism I never noticed was "The Man" (the government) robbing the business owner and still gets Taxes handed to him afterwards.

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